Cybex 770TCybex 770T

Web Price: $7,499 | Sale Price: $7395

The 770T is a gargantuan machine that can literally withstand anything. With an extra wide treadmill belt and a weight capacity of 400 lbs, this treadmill is the perfect challenge for anyone.

Overall Rating From Treadmill Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

5.0 HP
60″ x 22″
400 lbs
12.4 mph

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Expert Reviews

“770T is the first treadmill to incorporate ARMZ in the mix. ARMZ are stabilizers that reach out beyond conventional support bars to provide an added level of safety and a feeling of confidence. Ergonomically designed stability bars ensure a safe, comfortable workout.”

“We can’t seem to identify any flaw with this treadmill, at least not up to the point we are writing this review. To conclude, the 770T is a machine built for users who like a good challenge, but also for those who are interested in plain jogging or walking. It costs almost as much as a brand new car, but luckily gyms appear like mushrooms once the rain is over, so you can benefit from this treadmill as fast and as much as you desire.”

User Reviews

“I use this machine almost daily at my local YMCA. I think the machine is very sweet but compared to other machines it seems that the speed at 6 mph differs from machine to machine. Id expect that this being a newer model that this one would be more accurate. Also the track is nice and wide.” -Bigmerk

“I ran on the Cybex 770t tonight at my gym and found it to run about me about 40 seconds longer per mile over a six mile run. This was compared to my Garmin forerunner 50 that I’ve used for three years and many races. My per mile pace according to my Garmin was approx 8:30 mile pace, after six miles & 53 minutes, I would’ve had to continue running for an additional 4 minutes to reach six miles on the treadmill.” -J. Owens


The Cybex 770T is a great, sturdy treadmill that you can count on to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, it’s about the same price as a brand new car.

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