Epic T60Epic T60

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A 3.0 CHP motor and 60″ deck makes this treadmill suitable for just about any runner. It’s one of Epic’s best priced machines for this powerful of a motor, along with a built in 7″ television, all for only a little over $1,000.

Overall Rating From Treadmill Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

3.0 CHP
20″ x 60″
350 lbs
12 mph

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Expert Reviews

“Epic T60: 350 lbs. weight capacity and 3 HP motor need I say more!” -Treadmill Sensei who rated the T60 one of the top 5 strongest motor treadmills.

“One drawback with the T60 is Icon’s warranty service. The quality of their service can be erractic.” -Fred Waters

“The T60 was the first big notice we heard that signaled that Icon was serious about making better products. They still have a long way to go on their service but if they make more products like the T60, it makes the service aspect much less important since you don’t need it.” -Treadmill Doctor

“If you are looking to purchase one for your home gym, you can’t go wrong with one of the budget Epic home treadmills. They are one of the top selling brands and you can find excellent bargains on these machines. The sub-$1,000 Epic treadmills especially offer better value.” -Treadmill Talk

User Reviews

“I just bought an Epic T60. Works great, goes up to 12mph. I am 6′ and 185 pounds and spend most of my time between 6:40 and 5:40 pace and it has been handling quite well the pounding I have been putting on it.” -Numbers…

“The Epic T60 treadmill is a real beast. I don’t know what it weighs, but it took three hefty guys to get it in the house. After removing the packaging, my wife says “how come the walking belt is cattywampus on the platform?” I assured her that would be adjusted out later, but it wasn’t to be. After getting the belt centered at the rear, it’s still off by more than an inch on the front roller.” -Chickenman_26

“I never thought it would be this high a quality for as reasonable as it was in cost. This treadmill is easy to use and is nice and solid. It is huge – plenty of room for walking or running. The Treadmill is great and so much more of a bargain than I expected.” -Susiekabloozy

“I’ve run about 400 miles on mine over the course of a few years, with no serious problems. The tread is made from high quality rubber, the machine is very stable, the 60 inch tread length is great. The aluminum panel at the front end of the tread is flimsy. I stepped on it twice while running, almost destroying the panel on one occasion. I’ve learned to avoid it, which is easy when you have 60 inches to work with.” -Joshua Eisenberg


The Epic T60 comes equipped with a powerful 3.0 CHP motor, an extra-long 60″ deck, up to 12% incline and iFit compatibility to help motivate you and give you some of the toughest workouts. Another great feature is the built-in flat screen 7″ television to help entertain you along your runs. Although you may be able to find many other quality, popular brand treadmills with similar features for around this price range, I would still rate this one of Epic’s best bangs for your buck!

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