Image 15.5 SImage 15.5 S

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Small treadmill good for those with tight budgets and don’t plan on using it that often. Note that this treadmill is no longer available online. Your best bet will be to find it used.

Overall Rating From Treadmill Review Guru: 3.0 / 5.0

2.5 HP
17″ x 50″
250 lbs
10 MPH

Expert Reviews

This treadmill gets below average ratings from most experts online mainly because it is pretty low quality and the treadbelt is now tiny.

“Not a bad choice if you have a very limited budget and plan to baby it. This is really only a walker’s treadmill and you must take good care of it for the treadmill to last.” -Treadmill Doctor

“Only if your budge is very limited, and you plan to take good care of it should you go for this one. This should be almost strictly a walkers treadmill.”

User Reviews

Here are what some of the users of this treadmill are saying. One thing these reviews lack is time. Most of the user reviews you read online are from users that have only had the product for a short while. The one weakness with this treadmill is that it was not built to last. So take these reviews with a grain of salt.

“I’ve had this treadmill for approx. a month now and I’m very impressed with it, I’m over the weight limit some and it still runs pretty good, like another consumer wrote it does bounce somewhat but it still works really well. The preset programs work great, what a fat burner. The incline is great, the fan is noisy but works good. Would definetly recommend this to anyone! Putting it together took a about 2 hrs for me, its a bit tricky. Just follow the directions and lay the pieces out first. Its a good deal for the money.”

“i bought this treadmill in walmart store for 367.00.
this is very gud and meets my expectation.
the only thing i didnt like is the noise.It is very noisy in place like apartment.
I use this everyday and so far its doing good.
i tried to compare this with one in GYM.the treadmill in gym was 80 % quiter then this.the sound mostly comes from the belt when one walk or run on the treadmill.
the shocks are very comfortable and very soft on knee joints.
i use it in a apartment 2nd floor.and didnt get any complaints from neighbours so far.i use it only for walking so i can recommend this to any one who is wants to use it for walking at home.”

“I used to own the older model of this treadmill model. They are basically the same except for some cosmetic differences. As with my previous model, the fan does not cool at all. It’s loud, but other than that provides no cooling benefits. Some say the motor is loud, but most treadmills are loud. I don’t think it’s that bad though. Usually I watch tv or listen to the radio anyways. Other than the fan, this model works great! It is perfect for adjusting your speed for future challenges. The programs are great (haven’t gotten to the highest one yet). I used my other one everyday and plan to use this one the same. For the price it’s a great buy!”

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The Image 15.5 S is an affordable treadmill at best. Even if you’re in love with the pricetag, you’re going to hate the small treadbelt. And if you’re looking to buy this treadmill chances are you’re looking at a used one. My advice: save your money and go with a 700 dollar treadmill or a different brand at least. An Image 15.5S used is not going to be kicking for much longer.

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