Reebok 910Reebok 910

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $999

Overall decent machine with appealing features and specs for a mid-priced treadmill. Great for beginners and intermediate. The user reviews seem rather skeptical, which draws a little concern for this company and this model in particular.

Overall Rating From Treadmill Review Guru: 3.0 / 5.0

3.0 CHP
20″ x 60″
350 lbs
12 mph

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Expert Reviews

There are currently no expert reviews for this model. Check back in the future and there may be some posted here.

User Reviews

These user reviews come from The first user review is from a satisfied customer, the second one is a dissatisfied costumer. The second review is a rather long review, because it is a long story of a man’s terrible experience with this company. If you’d really like to know about this machine’s company and what you might be getting yourself into, take a moment and read his story.

“Overall I’m pleased with the quality and features of this treadmill. Assembly took roughly 2 hours by myself. Be sure to keep the wire twisted to the posts when unpackaging. They will later be used to fish the control panel wiring harness through the posts.” -Sum Dum Guy

“If that treadmill arm EVER arrives I’ll be happy to review the treadmill as it works. But right now I am rather aghast and can only review the service as my running shoes are empty and I can’t imagine how aghast I’d be had I spent hundreds and had to wait this long without so much as a peep that it has been shipped and they do have all of my contact information.” -Chandler


The Reebok 910 is a decent priced and equally appealing machine. There is nothing too outstanding other than the 30 built-in workout programs and the iFit Compatible Console. The motor and tread belt length are pretty basic among this price range in treadmills. The incline of 15% is nice though, and that will contribute to a challenging workout experience. One negative thing to say about the Reebok 910 is that it did not receive many positive opinions among users. In fact, they were rather negative and informative. It’s difficult to tell if this machine is really what its cracked up to be, because there are no experts reviewing it and not even many users. I’d say if you’re considering to buy this machine to try it out at a local store first and make sure all the parts are there with it.

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