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The True PS300 would be my personal recommendation for anyone wanting a True treadmill. It is still more expensive than treadmills of other brands, but it is the best “value” that True Fitness has to offer. The PS300 features the True Soft System, and this model comes with an orthopedic belt. True is definitely a brand that I would pay a little extra to get the orthopedic belt, because their upgraded belts are superior to most of the competition.

Overall Rating From Treadmill Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

3.0 HP
60″ x 21″
350 lbs
12 mph

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Expert Reviews

The PS300 is a very good treadmill, just like the PS100. The only changes between the two are that the PS300 has an orthopedic belt, and it is only 21″ wide. But that is still plenty of running space, and the orthopedic system set in place by True is well worth the extra money for this upgrade. The online experts all agree, though some feel that it is still an overpriced machine for the limited programming options that it comes with.

“Although the handgrip heart rate monitors are reportedly slow to respond, the PS300 also offers wireless heart rate monitoring and a “cruise control” setting, so the treadmill automatically adjusts to keep you in your target heart rate range… Its lifetime frame warranty and seven years of parts coverage are encouraging, and the 30-year motor warranty is very good, although many treadmills in this price range come with a lifetime motor warranty.” -Consumer Search

“True does the best job with orthopedic belts and the PS300 is no exception to this rule. If you are looking for an affordable True that has a 60” belt, this is your best option.” -Treadmill Doctor

“For safe and comfortable running routines, you will never go wrong with the True PS300. Equipped with an orthopedic belt and other safety features, you can easily achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your safety. For those that can afford it, the True PS300 treadmill is definitely recommended.” -Treadmill Tips

“The True PS300 gets most of its attention from the orthopedic tread belt. The quality of this belt has some experts claiming this is treadmill of the year, but we are not so easily convinced. The motor has 3.0 HP which is fairly strong, but a bit underpowered for what the cost of this machine is. The tread belt is 21″ x 60″ which again, is good, but not at this price range. You can expect more from current manufacturers like NordicTrack or ProForm.”

User Reviews

Consumer Reports has two user reviews for the PS300 on their website. Here is what these two happy customers had to say about their treadmills.

“Bought it for my wife as a gift. She runs about 5-10 miles a day depending on her schedule and absolutely loves it. The gym we are a member of carries Precor and this is a good if not better. Owning your own treadmill sure saves money and time going back and forth to the gym.” -Travis from Deming, NM

“This treadmill feels as sturdy as the ones at the Gym. Compared side by side with the Pacemaster, there is no comparison, The PS300 is a much better machine.” -Jack the Jogger from Houston, TX

Another user left a review on that can be viewed here. This is what she had to say:

“True treadmills are by far the best and over the top. Sturdy, solid and industrial strength. I would not use any other brand after owning this sweet treadmill! Love it! Rate A all the way!” -Merry Walker from Edmonds, WA


The True PS300 is a good treadmill with a great belt and cushioning system. However, keep in mind that it costs more than the average user would like to spend. If you want a user interface that has a lot of programming options, you would probably be better off going with another brand, and you could probably get it cheaper than the PS300. But if you are looking for a quality machine that is sturdy and stable, think about adding the PS300 to your home.

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