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  2. Can I walk and chew gum? Yes. Can I walk and work? Not so sure. Does anyone have experience with under the desk treadmills and can share how doable it is to engage in both activities at once. Also, what ones would you recommend? I’m looking at the lifespan tr1200-dt3 currently.
  3. With my need for constant brain stimulation, the repetitive nature of cardio machines makes it difficult for me to stick out a new routine. I’ve been considering the Ergatta Rower for the way they incorporate games into the work outs. Does anyone else have experience with the Ergatta and has ADHD and can give me their review? Or maybe recommendations for other exercise equipment that is mentally engaging. Thanks!
  4. A few important factors to consider are how much space you have available and what your ceiling height is. Ellipticals are large and will lift you up off the floor 12-18". They also require a significant amount of space depending on which model you get. We recommend measuring your room to ensure you have enough space. When you have multiple users in your home, having adjustable foot pedals and multi-position handlebars is helpful. This makes it so the elliptical can be adjusted for people of different heights. Otherwise, the main factors are just whether it has the features and programming you want.
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  6. What do I need to consider when buying an elliptical? I want it to be comfortable for both me (5ft 4in) and my husband (6ft) to use.
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  8. All good questions. You are correct that the Concept 2 rower is built to withstand years of CrossFit abuse and is nearly indestructible. This is one of the main reasons it is found in commercial gyms and professional training facilities. Neither the Hydrow nor the Ergatta are designed to withstand the type of commercial environment that the C2 can handle. We don't have long-term durability data on the Hydrow, but we don't hear a significant amount of negative feedback either (believe me - we hear plenty of negative feedback about all types of equipment). The Hydrow feels and functions like a solid piece of home-fitness equipment. It may not be designed to challenge the top athletes at the CrossFit Games, but it will certainly provide smooth, consistent training with impressive content for those who wish to row at home. Water Rower as a brand has been around for a long time. The Ergatta has a few flaws that could be problematic over time. The nature of the pulley system under the seat could be cut, fray, or break, which would render the rower inoperable. This would only happen if someone (or a child) damaged the machine, but it is possible. The handle strap frays along the sides and this is something we've already noticed on our Ergatta and mentioned in our video review. Any wood furniture should be treated with care, set away from direct sunlight, and may require a coat of oil over time depending on your ambient temperature, humidity, sun exposure, etc. The water tank requires a chlorine tab every three months and the tank should be drained yearly or so. While none of this adds up to a significant amount of maintenance, it is certainly something to consider. While the Concept 2 rower is certainly durable - it also looks (and sounds) like commercial equipment. It's loud, looks industrial, and may not be the look or feel you want in home exercise equipment. None of these three rowers has significant issues that would cause us to hesitate recommending them. They are simply designed for varied uses in different environments.
  9. That's not an option. The Ergatta is designed to measure your wattage, stroke rate, and other metrics to provide detailed data that is then converted into a gaming interface. Simply attaching a screen wouldn't provide the same feedback.
  10. Water rowers require a bit more maintenance than air rowers. An air rower may get dust and lint in the fan which needs to be cleaned off occasionally, and if the air rower has a chain drive it may need periodic lubrication, which isn't difficult (it's like greasing a bike chain - super simple). Water rowers do typically require a chlorine tablet every three months or so to keep the water clear. If you plan to move your rower to a different location or store it for a long period of time, you'll need to drain the tank. Once per year, we make sure and drain all our rowers and refill them with fresh water. It isn't a terrible hassle - but it keeps the water fresh and clear.
  11. @bdwigginsWe keep all our equipment in a training facility. People walking by often assume it is a gym. However, it is reserved for Guru reviewers and isn't open to the public.
  12. Great question! We've heard chatter about a Peloton rower as well, but haven't seen anything concrete on that. There have been indications that Peloton has a rower in the works, but no official word from the company. You can read our blog about this topic here.
  13. That's a great question. Based on the fact that development for games is significantly different than filming an outdoor video, we don't foresee Ergatta adding videos anytime soon. It could happen, but right now they are making headway in the industry with their gaming interface. Hydrow, on the other hand, could easily incorporate some simple games into their programming. We'll have to see where they choose to go...
  14. We haven't tested First Degree Fitness rowers, but hopefully someone else can provide some insight!
  15. Just ordered this with their sale going on for the new year and excited to get it! Your review is what sold me—looks solid and high quality.
  16. Would love anyone's thoughts on their new rower that was just released! Or if we might potentially see an official review on here sometime soon? Been in the market for a rower and love the new look on this model—looks to come with Hydrow for sure. The rower in question: https://www.nordictrack.com/rowing-machines/rw900-rower-2022 Thanks! Josh
  17. I have a brother who is a big Peloton guy. I started rowing a couple years ago while in grad school. When I moved back home, my brother said I should get a Peloton to join rides with him, but I told him I was more interested in getting a rower like the Hydrow or the Ergatta. He said he had heard that Peloton was developing their version of a rower, but I haven't heard or read anything concrete on that. Anyone here know anything about it?
  18. Does anyone know if there is any talk of Hydrow implementing an Ergatta-type game style interface? Or Ergatta ever implementing an instructor-led class row? I think I'd like the game style of the Ergatta the most, but at the same time I think a class row could be enjoyable too, to switch things up from time to time. It would be awesome to have the best of both worlds.
  19. I don't own a rower yet, but just want to say I think the Ergatta looks stellar. I've seen posts on Reddit talk about how people think the Hydrow is the best looking rower, but nahhhh I think Ergatta wins that battle.
  20. I've been trying to do some research on rowers and these are the two that I had narrowed my search down to. I think the Ergatta game-type experience would be best for me because it seems like that format is what would keep me most engaged and focused.
  21. I'm definitely no expert, but I would think that any rower/rowing program that keeps you motivated and wanting to come back for more would be the best rower. Watching videos or having a coach or someone to help ensure proper form is important with any piece of exercise equipment. I just think you could buy a low-end rower and love it or hate it; you could buy a high-end rower and love it or hate it; you could buy one with built in programs and love it or hate it; you could buy one with guided classes and love it or hate it; or you could buy one with a game-type platform and love it or hate it. Whatever you're into and whatever keeps you motivated and looking forward to that next workout.
  22. I've heard that the Concept2 is built like a rock and can last years with minimal maintenance, while Hydrow longevity/durability isn't very well known because it's a pretty new machine. Ergatta gets the rower base from the brand water rower. How long have they been around and are they durable? What kind of maintenance is required? Water pills to keep the water clean? Does the water need to be periodically drained and the basin scrubbed? Does the wood need to be treated? Do the straps hold up well?
  23. DrMom, I had wondered the same thing. Not so much for wrist comfortability, but simply for different hand placement/positioning to try to engage other muscles/switch up the "feel" a bit from time to time. Let's develop it and make it! $$$ haha
  24. The concept of gamifying my cardio workout seems very appealing, which is why I'm leaning heavily towards the Ergatta. I had never tried rowing until about 2 years ago during grad school. It was a good way for me to kind of zone out while keeping my body moving while I re-listened to recorded school lectures. I noticed though, that I wasn't getting a really great workout bc I wasn't focused on the workout, but rather it was a way for me to just keep my HR up somewhat while focusing on lectures. The Ergatta game-type interface is something that I think would definitely keep my attention, keep me focused, and keep me interested in my workout.
  25. Is this a thing? Like could you just buy only the monitor and get someone to wire it up to a previously owned rower without the monitor?
  26. Having only used the rowers at the gym I go to, and only being 5'6" myself, I think having my feet closer together is nice (based off of videos I've watched and a little research it seems like the water rowers have about the same foot base width as the rower at my gym). I could imagine that a taller or heavier person might be disrupted by a narrow foot base, however.
  27. Also interested in this, as I am looking at Ergatta vs Hydrow. From what I understand, the Ergatta needs to have some chlorine pills added to the water every few months or something I think? I could be wrong though. And does the water ever need to be drained entirely and filled again?
  28. As a business, does you guys get equipment gifted to you by companies, or at a discounted rate? What do you do with equipment when it gets old?
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