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  1. I received an email from Michael saying I have not joined the forum for the contest but it won't let me use my school email here to sign up. So I used my other email account. But I have done everything to sign up for the contest!
  2. I tried to link this to my email that I used to enter the contest which was [email protected] but it would not link. So, I used [email protected] which immediately worked. Both are my accounts. I do not have instagram nor facebook ( I know rare these days). Anyway, my question to the forum pertains to: Which treadmills have the best sound quality when it comes down to music? I also would love to know when looking at cheap affordable treadmills ($300-$600) which ones are the best for someone who will do a light sprint? I look forward to watching more videos since I have subscribed to your Youtube channel! Good luck everyone!
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