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  1. Yes - and yes. The Nordictrack 2950 was designed for runners. It has the most powerful motor of all the Nordictrack folding treadmills. You’ll find many great training features on the 2950 for marathons, triathletes, and other distances. iFit also includes bootcamp classes, strength training classes, and even yoga and stretching options. Since the screen is large and easy to see, you can use the wide variety of iFit classes to get a full-body workout at home.
  2. a. We recommend the Nordictrack x32i and x22i for those who have extra space and don’t need a treadmill that folds up. Make sure you have plenty of overhead clearance, however, as these treadmills incline to 40%.
  3. That depends on the construction of the building. There are several quiet treadmills such as the Peloton Tread, Sole F85, and LifeSpan 5500i; however, if the building is old or poorly insulated, any treadmill will be noisy for downstairs neighbors. If you live in an older building, we recommend looking at an exercise bike. They are much smaller and quieter and often contain the same instructors and varied training content. The Nordictrack s22i and Peloton Bike+ are our two favorite options.
  4. That’s hard to quantify since treadmill noise output varies depending on the floor it sits on and also the size and foot impact of the runner. Large, heavier runners with a heavy footstrike pattern will generate more noise than petite walkers. Also, a treadmill placed directly on a wood or linoleum floor will be noisier than a treadmill on a rubber mat or on carpet. The Sole F85 is quiet as is the Nordictrack 2950. The new Peloton Tread is also very quiet.
  5. Yes! The Hydrow is extremely quiet and would work well in an apartment. The only issue is space. You can store the Hydrow vertically if you purchase a wall-anchor kit which reduces floor space when not in use. But it doesn’t fold up like many other rowers and has a footprint of 86″L x 25″W x 47″H, so it’s rather long. While the noise won’t disturb your neighbors, it may be too large for some apartments.
  6. We love the new Hydrow rower. It combines quiet magnetic resistance with exceptional rowing content filmed outdoors on the water led by professional rowing instructors. Hydrow offers the best training content on a quiet indoor rower. It doesn’t fold up so be aware of space parameters.
  7. a. Typically, friction resistance generates higher maximum resistance than magnetic resistance. However, friction resistance is noisy and less specific so it does not have preset resistance levels. b. We had some professional outdoor cyclists test several indoor bikes and determined the Nordictrack s22i and Peloton Bike+ feature the highest maximum resistance.
  8. We recommend the Nordictrack 2450 or 2950 for marathoners. iFit also includes several marathons including the Boston Marathon, broken into stages, so you can train the actual route with automated incline.
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