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  1. Hey krystal_km, I use the rowers at my local gym and I also really like doing workouts with a fitness app. In addition to what Sydney said, Apple Fitness has workout videos that they release every other day or so. It's what I prefer doing when I row. They range from 10 minute rows to 30 minute rows, similar to like a Peleton-type class with an instructor motivating and coaching during the class.
  2. Like you said, some people may use their arms more than their legs or vice versa. But when done correctly, the American Fitness Professionals Association states that rowing should be about 65-75% legs and 25-35% upper body.
  3. I recently watched your review of the AssaultRunner Elite treadmill. I hate to run just for runnings' sake. My gym has an AssaultRunner and a few days ago after lifting, then rowing, I decided to jump on it just to give it a whirl. I actually kinda liked it. I think I liked the idea of not being forced to "keep up" with a set speed that a belt is turning at, and I liked being able to control the machine just by the effort I was willing to put out. Now again, I hate running, plus I was at the end of my workout, so I only lasted a couple minutes on the Assault. But I miiiiight jump on it every so often now after trying it once and being pleasantly surprised, and watching your review on it.
  4. SHEBEBES, I think this is an interesting question that gets asked a lot. Not just specifically for the use of rowers, but regarding fitness in general. I recently heard an analogy that I liked, regarding fitness and seeing "results"... What is the recommendation for brushing our teeth? At least two times a day, EVERY DAY, right? If we abide by that principle, when we go to the dentist every 6 months, what can/should we expect? Hopefully (with a little flossing mixed in here and there) zero cavities, zero root canals... relatively healthy teeth and gums. Now, what about the person who decides he doesn't want to brush his teeth every day, two times a day? What if he brushes his teeth really good, maybe for 10 minutes, two times a day for two or three weeks, then falls off the wagon and doesn't brush them again for another four months? Should he expect the same results when he goes to the dentist? Nope. He'll likely have some pretty gross teeth. Our muscles and our cardiovascular health can be viewed in that same light. Progress and the "results" that we want to see are going to come only with consistency. Consistency in our eating habits, consistency in our sleep habits, consistency in working out, and consistency with pushing our bodies further and further and harder and harder until one day you come across a picture of yourself 6 months ago or maybe 2 years ago and realize what consistency has done for your progress and results. There's no other way.
  5. JustAddCoffee, I wonder if you could get anywhere on this by simply contacting the company directly. I feel like most companies are willing to work with a customer a bit if you take the initiative to contact them and try to barter with them a little bit. They may offer a few months of iFit, or even a year; or they might take some money off the treadmill itself as a type of compensation for no longer running the free year promo..... or I could be completely wrong about all of this! haha good luck! 🙂
  6. I second what Kristen said. While I'm not much of a treadmill person, my dad is. My parents have a tiny little Maltipoo dog, and he injured his paw on my dad's treadmill while he was walking on it. Take care to prevent the little ones (pets and kiddos alike!) from hurting themselves on exercise equipment or weights! Another side story, I work in the medical field, and a former coworker of mine had worked for a while in a pediatric emergency department. She said that one night a couple brought in their little kid (not sure the age), after he was in the garage with dad while dad was working out. Dad wasn't paying close enough attention, and the little kid had tipped over a dumbbell or a weight plate (can't remember which it was), and it crushed the poor kid's toes. So sad, but valuable lesson that exercise equipment is not for anyone who doesn't know how to handle it properly.
  7. Would you guys ever consider reviewing other equipment that isn't necessarily "cardio" equipment? Like the Tonal, FightCamp, Mirror, and Tempo type products?
  8. What makes the Peloton Tread better than other treadmills?
  9. Thanks Kristen, great article with lots of information there! Granted, I know a lot of it is speculation, but much more information than I had previously read anywhere else. Thanks for that.
  10. Thanks Kristen for the in depth response!
  11. I'm curious, have you ever tried a cardio machine where there is a tv attached? Would that hold your focus? Or maybe a stationary bike while reading a book? I'm just curious what your experience has been in the past with being able to/not being able to stay engaged with a workout.
  12. That looks nice! Seems like more Hydro-esque rowers are coming out, all competing with one another. Hopefully as more of these are released with same/similar features, the prices get a little more competitive and drop a bit too!
  13. I have a brother who is a big Peloton guy. I started rowing a couple years ago while in grad school. When I moved back home, my brother said I should get a Peloton to join rides with him, but I told him I was more interested in getting a rower like the Hydrow or the Ergatta. He said he had heard that Peloton was developing their version of a rower, but I haven't heard or read anything concrete on that. Anyone here know anything about it?
  14. Does anyone know if there is any talk of Hydrow implementing an Ergatta-type game style interface? Or Ergatta ever implementing an instructor-led class row? I think I'd like the game style of the Ergatta the most, but at the same time I think a class row could be enjoyable too, to switch things up from time to time. It would be awesome to have the best of both worlds.
  15. I don't own a rower yet, but just want to say I think the Ergatta looks stellar. I've seen posts on Reddit talk about how people think the Hydrow is the best looking rower, but nahhhh I think Ergatta wins that battle.
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