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  1. Hi treadmillreviewguru, I was wondering if you could review the new Nordictrack S27i and possibly make a comparison with it to the Peleton Bike+. Thanks!
  2. Even though I don’t have an exercise bike I am looking to buy one. By the looks of it I would say my favorite is the Peleton Bike+. They have great trainers and a beautiful screen.
  3. Hey there, I run around a 5:40 mile time and am interested in buying the Nordictrack 2950. Would you say this is better for me rather than the X32i? Thank you!
  4. Question, I am interested in purchasing the Nordictrack S27i. Would you say iFIT has better trainers than Peleton or not? Thanks!
  5. Hey there, would you prefer the Nordictrack S27i or Peleton Bike+
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