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  1. Some of the best rowing machine brands out there will be Concept2, Hydrow and Assault Fitness. These are the best rowing machines we have tested.
  2. Yes you can adjust the handlebars in closer to you.
  3. Check out Sole, NordicTrack or Horizon treadmills. Sole and Horizon don't have many of the bells and whistles and have been extremely reliable treadmills for us.
  4. That's a great question. Some treadmills will come with a statement saying "maintenance free" but that's just gimmicky. Really all treadmills will need maintenance at some point whether that is lubricating the the deck or tightening the belt, or other maintenance. NordicTrack, Sole, ProForm, Horizon, and Bowflex are all very easy and simple to perform routine maintenance. Obviously it's still a task you're going to have to complete but all of these brands make it very simple to do those tasks. This is not something we currently talk about in our reviews but I appreciate your feedback and will see if we can incorporate it a little bit better, thanks!
  5. Do you have a specific budget in mind? That might help me answer your question a little bit better. NordicTrack and ProForm have some of the best tech features of any treadmill on the market. You can look at the Sole F85 with its new touchscreen and preloaded apps. Sole includes an impressive warranty on their machines. Other machines you can look at will be from brands like TechnoGym or Peloton but Peloton definitely lacks in warranty. Let us know what follow up questions you have.
  6. Great question, we can't put a specific number on years of life because every machine and every user is different. But we can say that Sole treadmills are some of the highest quality built treadmills on the market and in our experience have lasted a very long time and been great machines for us.
  7. That's a really good question. That's something that we have done a little bit in the past with the NordicTrack Grand Tour bikes. We can definitely start creating reviews for our website of these products but might not be something where we can create video reviews for all of them unfortunately. Are there any specific upright bikes you would like to see reviewed?
  8. Great question! The best and most reliable space saving treadmill we would recommend is the Echelon Stride. It's a little more expensive but it's reliable. Another option is the ProForm City L6 treadmill, this one is a little less powerful, but it has worked well for us and folds up and stores really well for saving space. The last one we've tested and would recommend is the Botorro R5, it's a nice middle ground between the Echelon and the ProForm.
  9. Most NordicTrack treadmills we test have decline. It's really nice to add that feature into your training to have the option to add variety to your training.
  10. I think that really depends on the user. Some treadmill only incline to 12-15% while others incline all the way up to 40%. It comes down to the user and what they are training for. We recommend higher incline treadmills for people preparing for hiking, backpacking, or even hunting trips. Or even for people that are only planning to walk and need incline to help increase the intensity of their training. I haven't been on a treadmill that inclines higher than 40% but I would say that's about my max, personally.
  11. Great question, treadmills aren't the lowest impact cardio machine to use but they will be great for walking for someone with lower back pain and possibly some light jogging. It is difficult to answer without understand the severity of the low back pain, we would recommend speaking with your health care provider and getting advice there before jumping into anything serious.
  12. Hi, we don't actually sell treadmills or fitness equipment. We just test and review products to help consumers make decisions when they're looking to buy them for their homes. A lot of fitness brands ship outside of the US though. Several companies we work with ship in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Mexico, France, and several other countries. If you have questions about any specific brands just let me know.
  13. Hey! Great questions. The new NordicTrack X22i for 2022 just released on their website on Monday (2/14), so you're right, it is different from our video reviews. Same as the 2450 which released around the middle of January. There is a little bit of a misconception with the internet connection on NordicTrack equipment. You do have to have an internet connect to stream any workouts from iFit, but if you do not have an internet connection you can still use the manual mode on the machines. So yes, the machines will work without the internet. NordicTrack's new equipment should respond very quickly, they made improvements to their motors in 2021 and I know the motors on the new 2022 equipment is getting even better so you shouldn't have to worry about response time on these new machines. Even the new Sole machines have improved there as well. For cushioning, the best you can get on any home treadmill will be the NordicTrack X22i or X32i, the next best will be one of NordicTrack's Commercial treadmills. The cushioning is great and really helps out with any joint pain or injury recovery while running or walking. We love the S22i bike as well, it would be a great machine to pair with either of the two treadmills you're looking at. Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help.
  14. We've been working on this with Tonal so we're hoping to bring that review to you soon! Is there anything specific you'd like to see?
  15. Great question. I'll jump in here and see if I can help a little bit. The Sole F63 is one of our top rated treadmills for the reasons you mentioned. It's quiet, it's sturdy and it's just a straight forward machine. Totally understand the handrails are a bit too low for you though. The X22i is a great option and one of my personal favorite treadmills. If you're putting the machine together yourself, it shouldn't be too difficult to get all of the pieces upstairs individually with some help before it is assembled. Another machine you might want to look at is the Bowflex Treadmill 22. It has 20% incline and higher handles, similar to the X22i. We haven't tested this treadmill though so we can't speak to how quiet it is, especially while it's inclining. The incline motor on Sole treadmills is the quietest of all of the treadmills brands we've tested. With NordicTrack's latest updates, they've also made their incline motors extremely quiet so that is also something to consider.
  16. I wouldn't say the Peloton Tread is better than other treadmills. There are some things that I really like about the Peloton Tread but other things that I don't like. One thing, for me, is that it shakes a ton when I run at any speed over 8 MPH, that's pretty frustrating. It's a good machine, it's quiet and the foot noise is minimal and it performs and functions well but I would still pick the NordicTrack X22i or AssaultRunner Elite over it. As we all know, Peloton really excels with their digital content and that's where the main benefit of Peloton lies.
  17. Great question. There might be a slight speed difference but it would be marginal and not very noticeable. It shouldn't effect interval workouts at all. Are you comparing two specific machines? Happy to share some insight if you'd like.
  18. Thanks for that insight. It's turned into one of my favorite treadmills in our studio for that very reason, it packs a punch. I feel like I get a much more efficient workout running on the AssaultRunner Elite compared to a regular treadmill. I still love using the NordicTrack X22i frequently but I like to switch it up with the AssaultRunner.
  19. Yes for sure, we hope to be able to review that type of equipment very soon. We actually have the NordicTrack Vault and ProForm Vue in our studio and have been testing them for some time now. Anything specific you want to see?
  20. Decline training changes up the variables so you can target different muscle groups on a treadmill. Working uphill targets the posterior muscles including the glutes, hamstrings and calves. Walking downhill engages more of the anterior muscles including quads, hip flexors, and knees. While it isn’t necessary to train for long distances downhill, decreasing the incline can break up the monotony of a routine, provide a nice recovery option, and strengthen the anterior muscles as well.
  21. These days, most treadmills are Bluetooth enabled. We recommend checking the model you are interested in specifically. However, if the treadmill features a touchscreen or subscription content, there’s a good chance it is Bluetooth enabled to sync with wireless headphones. Always verify with the manufacturer.
  22. Yes, simply by adjusting the speed or incline manually, you can override the automated feature. Speed and incline automation are programmed separately, so you can manually control the speed but leave the incline in automatic mode.
  23. There are several good options. A few of our favorites include the Sole SB700, SB900, Bowflex C6, and Schwinn IC4. These all feature a stable bike frame, comfortable geometry, and bike computer without an added touchscreen.
  24. We like the Sole F85 and Xterra 5500 treadmill. They both have a nice touchscreen but don’t require a subscription for classes or training content.
  25. We’d recommend the Nordictrack 1750 which has a 300lb weight capacity. It has the most cushioning and would support a user of this size with comfort. The Sole F85 or LifeSpan 5500i are also good options.
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