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  1. Hi, I just purchased the XTERRA Fitness TRX3500 Treadmill on Target.com for $859.99. It has a lifetime warranty with one year of in-house service, a 3.5 HP motor, and carries up to 350 lbs. I have read posts that say treadmills under $1,000 may have quality issues. What do you think about this product? Have you heard of any issues with its quality or customer service? Thanks for your input.
  2. I had a ProForm Treadmill purchased in 2010 that lasted 12 years with regular belt adjustments and cleaning. It remained quiet even without lubrication, however I am just learning about that need and will perform that maintenance step on my next treadmill. The motor just burned out last week carrying a 325 lb. person who used it for 50 minutes daily during that past two months.
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