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  1. The best option for you depends on your budget, space availability, and desired workouts. You can find a cheap treadmill under $1000, but it may not provide all the functionality you're looking for. What kind of training do you plan to do? Do you have space limitations (small room, shared space, need a folding treadmill, etc.)? What is your general budget? (<$1000, $1000-$1500, >$1500?) Let us know and we can list some suggestions! 🙂
  2. They are roughly equivalent - however, Sole does make updates yearly to most of their models, so you'll see a few more features and functions on more recent models. As far as functionality - they're pretty similar. The 2017 model may lack some Bluetooth and WiFi features, so maybe do some checking to make sure it has what you want.
  3. The Horizon T202 may be a good option. It is a budget treadmill, priced under $1000, but still features a 60" long deck. This is about the longest you'll find on most affordable treadmills. Incline trainers and other high-end treadmills will get up to 65" long, but this is unusual for a budget, folding treadmill. The T202 is good for walking and inclines to 12%.
  4. One of our favorite treadmills for cushioning is the Nordictrack 1750. It is a great all-around treadmill that offers cushioning, iFit content, and folds up. Nordictrack currently has it marked down for a Cyber Monday sale, but it's usually pretty reasonably priced. Another option would be the Horizon T101. It is typically priced under $1000 and features cushioning as well. It doesn't have the same functionality in the touchscreen, but it's a good budget option.
  5. The Peloton Tread is quieter than other treadmills in this price range. However, any treadmill creates a bit of foot noise. If you place your treadmill on carpet or a rubber mat it can help reduce the overall noise output. But treadmills tend to generate more noise than comparable equipment such as bikes, rowers, and ellipticals.
  6. Typically users burn more calories on a treadmill than an elliptical simply because you can run faster, harder, and longer on a treadmill. However, ellipticals engage more upper body muscles, they are low impact, and they tend to be quieter than treadmills, which may be a great option if you are a new mom. Either one will burn calories and contribute to weight loss - it all comes down to the nature of your workouts. I recommend utilizing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for maximum burn in a short period of time. You can incorporate this method on either a treadmill or elliptical. Good luck!
  7. The Echelon Stride or ProForm City L6 are both extremely compact treadmills and fold flat so they are ideal for apartments. We always recommend caution when moving a treadmill - even the smallest ones still weigh around 100+ lbs and can be damaged if they are dropped or bumped. But these are some of the better options for small spaces and/or moving frequently.
  8. We recommend the Nordictrack 2950 for marathon runners. It has the largest motor (4.25HP) of all the Nordictrack treadmills. It also has generous cushioning, but a supportive, stable deck. The x22i and x32i are great for other types of training, but we prefer the stability of the 2950 for marathon training and long distance running.
  9. No, unfortunately, iFit-enabled touchscreens on the Nordictrack treadmills don’t facilitate casting or mirroring.
  10. There is very little difference between the s22i and the s15i. The s22i has a larger touchscreen but lacks the peripheral screen buttons found on the bezel of the s15i. Either bike provides an excellent training experience.
  11. The Nordictrack 1750 includes manual mode and several basic training programs for those who don’t pay for iFit. There is often a featured workout of the day as well that you can access without an iFit subscription.
  12. a. A water rower feels more like you are rowing outdoors on the water. The soothing “swoosh” sound of the water as it moves through the tank reminds many rowing enthusiasts of the sound of the water while rowing outdoors on a lake or river. Water also generates a fluid, natural feel, and comfortable resistance. b. Air rowers are noticeably noisier with significantly more resistance during the drive with slightly less on the recovery. However, air rowers can generate unlimited resistance and are preferred by those who want maximum resistance while rowing.
  13. a. Magnetic resistance uses magnets that oppose the polarity in the flywheel. As the flywheel spins, the magnets create “drag” without any friction. As the magnets move closer to the flywheel, more resistance is created. b. Friction resistance is created by an adjustable lever and felt pad that presses against the flywheel to produce “drag.” As you increase resistance, the pad presses down harder against the flywheel. A few caveats with friction resistance include the fact that it can be noisy, isn’t precisely measurable - therefore you lack digital resistance levels, and the pad can wear out over time. It is typically less expensive however.
  14. In most cases, no. The Nordictrack 1750 has a larger 10” touchscreen, includes iFit content, has a larger motor and more cushioning in the deck. However, the Sole F80 is sturdy and well-built, and a top recommendation for users who don’t want to use a monthly subscription app.
  15. Yes. The Sole F63 has a 3.0HP motor so it will support distance running just fine. However, the deck is not as cushioned as other models, so while the motor will support that amount of use, you may find the impact becomes uncomfortable with extended time. The Sole F80 and F85 are both more cushioned and probably suited for distance running.
  16. Yes! The Horizon 7.8AT is excellent for HIIT training and was specifically designed to allow users to toggle quickly between two speeds. Horizon includes a few preloaded Sprint 8 programs that are HIIT-based. More are available with an additional subscription.
  17. The Sole treadmills, F63, F80, and F85 are excellent for those with limited hip mobility since the step-up height is only 8”. Another option is the new Echelon Stride or ProForm City L6, both of which sit close to the floor with minimal step-up height.
  18. a. Good question. The x32i and x22i offer more features than a standard treadmill. Both incline to 40%, decline to -6%, and have sled push handles and a 12mph max speed. This way you can kick your heart rate up for a challenging calorie burn without having to run faster (or at all). b. Incline also engages more posterior muscles, so you activate your glutes, hamstrings, and gastrocnemius more than when walking on a flat road or lower incline. Incline training allows you to target more muscle groups.
  19. No, the Tread will not fold. It has a slightly smaller belt that is 20” wide and 59” long. The total footprint is 68” L x 33” W x 62” H which is still good sized. But you can’t lift and fold the deck when you’re finished using it. Tread owners should make sure they have adequate space before investing in this treadmill.
  20. There are lots of good options. Our favorite walking treadmill is the Sole F63. It is priced right around $1000, has a 3.0HP motor and 15 levels of incline. It also has a low step up height of just 8” so it’s easy to get on and off. The Sole F63 console is simple and ideal for easy walking. It also includes a tablet holder so you can watch your favorite program while you walk.
  21. Prices change frequently. We usually offer a price range or refer to a product as “budget-friendly” or “premium” so buyers have a general idea of the price compared with other machines. This also makes it so the video is not incorrect when a manufacturer runs a deal or changes the price.
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