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  1. There are a lot of treadmills that incline to this level. What other things were you looking for in a treadmill? Do you want to use it for running or just walking? How often were you planning on using it? Do you need one that folds up to save space? Do you want a treadmill with an attached touch screen to stream subscription content or just a simple console with preprogrammed workouts? With a little bit more information I can suggest a specific model that inclines up to 15%.
  2. I would check the user's manual or check with Sole directly for the lubricant they recommend. Often, manufacturers will include and/or sell their own lubricants. I'm pretty sure Sole sells their own lubricant.
  3. For interval training, I would check out the Horizon 7.8 AT. It has built-in programming for interval training and quick touch buttons to jump around with your speed and incline levels quickly. It's also one of the fastest adjusting treadmills that we've tested.
  4. Thanks for your question. With a little bit more information I can suggest a specific model for all of you. What kind of use would you all be doing on the treadmill? Walking, jogging, and/or running? Do you want a treadmill that just has built-in workouts, or one with a touch screen to stream subscription workouts from, or to stream Netflix? Do you have a space where the treadmill could just stay, or do you need one that has a foldable deck to save space when it's not in use?
  5. Great question. I would check out the Life Fitness Run CX, it can handle heavy use and multiple users. It has a pretty simple console that has built-in programs and the ability to save multiple profiles, or you can just press start and go. It doesn't fold up and is pretty heavy. Another option is the Sole F80, as it does fold and can be moved around if needed. It can handle multiple users, has preprogrammed workouts, and an easy manual mode to jump into. Both of these treadmills have device holders for you to use your phone or tablet so if someone in the family wants to watch content from their device they can. If you want a little bit more entertainment options on a treadmill that's still simple to use, then the Sole F85 is a really hearty, durable treadmill that can handle use from the whole family, too. It folds and has preprogrammed workouts, an easy manual mode to do your own thing, as well as preloaded apps like Netflix to stream from. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. The only treadmill I'm inclined to recommend that's really compact and close to that price point is the ProForm City L6. It's $599 right now and one of the most inexpensive treadmills we've tested. Going under $500 for a treadmill gets tricky because we've found the quality and durability decrease significantly, and they just don't hold up to others priced in the $500 - $1000 range. Another great compact option is the Botorro R5, but it's a little more at $899 right now. Both of these treadmills are really compact and fold down flat to save space.
  7. I would check out the Life Span TR2000e treadmill. It has an electric folding system so the belt folds up and unfolds with the press of a button, it can be moved around easily, and the handles are nice for balance. It's best for walking and light jogging. What kind of use were you hoping to do with the treadmill? Walking, jogging, running etc?
  8. I would check out the Life Fitness Run CX and the Sole F85 treadmills. These both have 400 lb weight capacities. For exercise bikes, we typically just see up to 350 lb weight capacities.
  9. The Rebound Pro cushioning is the shock absorption in the deck so when you run on it it will help absorb some of the impact on your joints. This makes it feel softer to run on as opposed to running on concrete which has no shock absorption. The ProForm Pro 9000 has a moderate level of cushioning that we've found to be sufficient for minimizing discomfort in the joints and legs that can come from running.
  10. The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill's footprint is: 76.5" L x 36" W x 59" H. It also folds up when not in use to 41" L x 36" W x 70" H
  11. We are working on getting both of these reviews out soon!
  12. iFit has more instructors than Peloton. They have over 180 and Peloton has about 50 or so. For me, iFit's classes all feel really different because they have so many instructors that have different teaching styles and energies. Plus, iFit films in so many different locations it makes the classes feel different too. Peloton's instructors are kind of like celebrities because they have pretty large followings and thus have pretty devoted members. Most of their classes are in a studio so each of Peloton's instructors' personalities come out a bit more I think. I have favorite instructors from each platform and all the instructors are knowledgeable, motivating, and give great workouts from both iFit and Peloton. One doesn't have better instructors than the other, it's more about what kind of classes you want to take. You'll have a lot more variety with iFit with both content and instructors, but if you love just taking studio cycling classes Peloton is a great option. I think it comes down to what you prefer with of trainer-led classes.
  13. Personally, I prefer the NordicTrack S27i because it has more capabilities than the Peloton Bike+, the screen is larger and it inclines and declines. I do love Peloton's content and instructors. The Bike+ is a nice bike, but I really like the added features of the S27i. Plus, iFit has a lot of outdoor rides filmed all over the world, whereas Peloton primarily has indoor classes filmed in a studio setting. I'd say if you're a die-hard for Peloton, go with the Bike+ so you can use their subscription, but if you want the bike to do a bit more and have more class options to choose from then go with the S27i.
  14. Great question. Both treadmills are good choices for running. It depends on if you want to train with more incline and decline. The 2950 goes up to 15% incline and -3% decline versus the X32i goes up to a 40% incline and -6% decline. The X32i does have a little bit softer cushioning too, but it can feel slightly bouncy at higher speeds. I don't mind it, it's just something to be aware of. Unfortunately, the 2950 isn't currently available at NordicTrack, so if you wanted to buy directly from them, I'd check out the 2450.
  15. Some treadmills can last upwards of 10 years, maybe more. On top of regular maintenance, proper care, and level of use, build quality is a factor as well. Most likely, a cheap treadmill under $500 from Amazon probably won't last as long as a treadmill from a reputable brand that costs more.
  16. Unfortunately, I'm unable to watch the video you added so I can't hear the sound. It might be that the belt is misaligned and/or needs lubricating. If this doesn't fix it, it might be something with the motor. The warranty should cover this if realigning/lubricating/tightening the belt doesn't fix it.
  17. Thanks for checking back with us and letting us know! We're happy to hear you're enjoying your ProForm and iFit!
  18. No, the class will start from the beginning again if it is stopped before completing. If the class is in a series, the next class in the series will show up on your home page as a suggestion to start next though.
  19. A rubber gym floor mat should work well.
  20. Thanks for your question, and I'm glad you've found our site to be helpful! There's a switch to power off/reset the treadmill on the front of the hood by where the cable plugs into the treadmill. Switch that off and then unplug the treadmill to properly turn it off
  21. You can place your treadmill on concrete, but you might want a mat to help keep it in place.
  22. Hi Scott. I think that either the 7.0 or the 7.4 would be a great fit. The 3.0 CHP motor should handle that amount of running and use, although the 7.0 doesn't come with the Sprint 8 program. I hope this helps!
  23. Hi Denise. Thanks for your question. Peloton and iFit are definitely comparable. Peloton is great if you like taking indoor studio classes. iFit is great if you like taking outdoor classes that are filmed all around the world. iFit also has plenty of studio classes. Peloton just started adding outdoor content, so their library isn't as vast as iFit's. As far as the treadmills, the Peloton Tread is a solid choice and we recommend it if you want to go with their membership so you can have full functionality of the touch screen. However, NordicTrack has more options for treadmills. They have treadmills that fold up and ones that decline, while the Peloton Tread doesn't have these features. They also have incline trainers that incline up to 40% and decline to -6%. Both fitness platforms and brands are solid choices. We like iFit and NordicTrack because they have more versatility and features.
  24. Hi thanks for your question. You would have to change out the handle with a compatible one that attaches to the belt. Water rower, which is the brand of the body of Ergatta's rower, sells an upgraded handle but it's actually an inch shorter than the one on the Ergatta. The footbase can't be changed for a wider one.
  25. Hi. Ergatta offers a month free on their membership when you buy an annual membership for the first year.
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