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  1. Thank you! We're happy to hear that you enjoy them and find them valuable. For running and that kind of use, the Sole F63 should work well for you. It has a longer deck than the T101. The running surface is 60" which is pretty standard on a lot of treadmills and also a good length for running/sprinting. The F63 is also a little faster than the T101, maxing out at 12 mph rather than 10 mph. 12 mph max is common for home automatic treadmills, and we've found that this max speed is sufficient for sprinting. The F63 also has a 3.0 HP motor which is a good size for running.
  2. Hi, thanks for your question! The max speed and inclines can vary on automatic treadmills. Typically, most go up to a max speed of 12mph and up to 15% grades when inclined. The NordicTrack x32i and x22i Incline Trainers incline up to 40%, which is the highest inclines we've seen.
  3. Hi, thanks for your question! We haven't tested the Echelon Stride-S yet but based on our experience with the Echelon Stride, it's reliable and handles light running. The Echelon Stride-S however has a longer running surface than the Echelon Stride at 22" x 60" and has a 3.0hp motor. This longer running surface size and this motor size tend to be good indications that it can handle running just fine.
  4. Thanks for your question! For knee and joint issues, you might want a treadmill with softer cushioning which will help minimize the impact on your joints when you run. The NordicTrack treadmills have some of the softest cushioning we've felt on home treadmills. The NordicTrack x32i and x22i incline trainers both have a lot of cushioning, so I'd check those out if you're looking to start running on a treadmill.
  5. Thanks for your question! We haven't tested out the Bowflex 10 yet, but here's our spec review with our thoughts based on the specs. Typically, a 3.0-4.0HP motor is going to be plenty sufficient to handle walking/jogging/running just fine. It also has a large weight capacity at 400lbs, which can be a good indication that it's pretty solid and sturdy. https://www.treadmillreviewguru.com/bowflex-treadmill-10-review
  6. The Sole F85 has a larger motor at 4.0HP compared with the 3.5HP motor on the F80. The Sole F85 also has an updated screen with preloaded external apps, so you can watch NetFlix, YouTube, and a handful of news stations. The Sole F80 has a standard LCD screen with preloaded programs but no option to watch 3rd party apps.
  7. iFit content is the same on all the treadmills from the EXP 7i up to the 2950. The 2450 includes all the great content you’ll find on more expensive models as well as basic programs. There are outdoor routes for running, walking, jogging, sightseeing, and even hiking. Indoor classes are fun as well. iFit also includes hybrid classes for strength training and cardio work, as well as yoga and other stretching classes.
  8. When folded, the Nordictrack 1750 is 36” wide, 72” high, and roughly 36” deep.
  9. a. The newer models of the s22i (2021+) have a much quieter incline motor that is nearly silent. The motor also adjusts the incline quickly. b. We don’t have data on motor longevity yet since it’s relatively new. As with any electronic part, there is always an increased risk of failure.
  10. The ProForm 9000 and Nordictrack 1750 are relatively comparable. The Pro 9000 has a larger touchscreen but less cushioning in the deck. The NT 1750 has a smaller screen but more comfortable cushioning. We recommend the Pro 9000 for walkers who appreciate a larger screen and the 1750 for runners who want more comfort and are fine with a smaller screen.
  11. Our favorite rower for those who may be new to rowing is the Hydrow. It is quiet, easy to use, and all classes are led by professional rowers who actually guide you through a rowing session on the water.
  12. Yes, Nautilus is the parent company of both Bowflex and Schwinn. The IC4 and C6 are essentially the same bike, just branded differently.
  13. Yes, the Peloton Bike+ has an inseam length of 41” from the top of the saddle to the lowest pedal angle. It should provide sufficient leg span for riders up to 6’5”.
  14. Yes the ProForm Pro 2000 is an excellent treadmill for walking. It has a smooth belt, comfortable deck and quiet motor.
  15. a. For users who run at or faster than 6mph for an average of an hour or more per day, we recommend looking at a treadmill with a minimum of 3.0HP. b. Our top treadmills usually have 3.0-4.0HP motors. c. For walkers, a treadmill with 2.0HP to 3.0HP is sufficient. Treadmills under 2.0HP may feel underpowered and we would be wary of these unless you do a fair amount of research and determine the motor is sufficient for your use.
  16. The Peloton Bike+ has very little functionality without a subscription. You can use manual mode at any time as the bike resistance always works and the screen will display your resistance level. But not free programming or onboard classes are available if you don’t use the subscription.
  17. iFit comes preloaded on the Nordictrack EXP 7i. If you opt not to use it, you will still have access to a limited number of programs - just not the full library. The number of programs changes with new ones and “daily features” available periodically. We estimate there are 20+ video programs along with manual mode and graph-based workouts.
  18. The Sole F80 and F85 both support Zwift so you can use the app in conjunction with the treadmill for synched data and metrics. You cannot, however, control the treadmill through the Zwift app. All functionality has to be managed via the treadmill console, but your data is streamlined.
  19. We hear negative comments about all the manufacturers. Unfortunately, those who have problems tend to be more vocal than buyers who are happy. Nordictrack makes more equipment than nearly any other company, so they have more products on the market, more customers, and therefore a higher number of complaints. But compared to the amount of equipment sold, Nordictrack’s customer service is on par with other manufacturers. In our experience, we’ve found NT to be quite responsive and provided repairs for equipment when needed. We buy our products just like you, so we receive the same customer service as any regular buyer.
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