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  1. After reviewing and trying out the LifeFitness CX bike and Sole cycling bike what or how does the difference in a lighter flywheel feel using added resistance on both? Also does the Life Fitness bike put you in more of a aerodynamic position than the Sole?How high will the handle bars go up?(max)
  2. Do you have to reach further to the handle bars with the Schwinn Ic4 bike compared to the Sole sb700??
  3. I can’t really tell by the videos available on their site but can you tell which one would not be so far of a reach from the seat to handle bars even after bringing them to the closest adjustment?
  4. For someone who is not interested in a magnetic resistance bike which one would you recommend??
  5. When using the manual mode on the Nordic Track S22i bike what should a typical total mile or speed that I should be aiming for?
  6. On the YouTube video review for this bike will the handle bars move in any closer to the rider than what the lady riding it has it at ?? Thanks
  7. Lifefitness,Matrix,Precor,Techno Gym and StarTrac.I have noticed that you can buy them for home use recently.This would most definitely help to distinguish the differences between the brands and programs on the consoles. Thank You So Much!!
  8. Do you think you could do reviews on upright bikes that are not spin bikes but have a computer console that have programs already built into them like the Nordic track upright stationary bikes,life fitness bikes ,matrix home bikes etc?? ; so that someone interested in purchasing a bike for home does not feel as though they must choose only different brands of spin bikes? Thanks
  9. I wanted to know if the results after cycling on a spin bike displayed on the computer are accurate as if One rode outside for the same distance and time??I’m pretty confident when using a treadmill with walking but not so sure with a bike.
  10. I wanted to know why just cycling at home for distance and time is not considered working out; and having to measure watts and rpm’s is part of the equation.Why does it all seem to have become so complicated recently??
  11. I noticed that in all your reviews you ask who is this piece of equipment for.Could you also add an age specific category??I feel like some workout equipment may be suited for certain age specific or goal oriented groups of people.
  12. I like use the name brand upright commercial bikes at the gym (precor/Life fitness brands for example).I would like to know if It would be better to just purchase one like at the gym or get a Nordic track S22i bike for home.I am more interested in just burning off calories more than high intensity interval based watt and rpm training.Why does everyone lately seem to make exercise something difficult to choose??I am an middle aged person wanting to stay in shape and occasionally drop a few pounds.Want something reliable and made to last.I was also looking at a wahoo kicker bike but I am not or will not want to be a pro cyclist.I am trying to avoid being swayed into something that may just be a current trend or fad.All this new technology makes choosing so difficult.Sorry so long.Just tired of overthinking and would like to set up something soon. Thank You
  13. I want to know what piece of equipment and brand you use at home and what made you decide on that particular brand/ model.I think it feel like it would help me to feel more confident in my decision. Thanks!!!
  14. I have not ridden an outdoor bike since childhood and am not interested going that route.But would like to know what brand and model of indoor bike a professional cyclist would buy that jus just wants to pedal more for endurance and mileage purposes.I do not see myself taking the typical spin class with push ups on a bike or tap backs.I personally don’t feel like that is what the original purpose of bike was created for. Just my opinion.Oh and how accurate do you think the computers on certain bikes are in measuring the speed and distance travel. Thank you
  15. Wanted to know what the best way would be to get rid of a treadmill that I want to replace with a newer model.There is not anything wrong with it.I have tried to sell it on Craigslist and eBay but have been unlucky so far and for so long.Please help!! It is taking up too much space in my room. Thanks
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