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Best treadmills for weight loss


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Honestly, you can lose weight using any treadmill. Weight loss occurs when energy expenditure is greater than energy intake. If you increase your calories burned by walking or running on a treadmill, while maintaining or slightly reducing your daily calories consumed, you'll be able to lose weight. However, some treadmills offer more features to stimulate calorie burn faster - if you walk on an incline it burns more calories than walking on a flat road for the same amount of time. One of my favorite treadmills is the Nordictrack x22i. It has steep incline options and lots of training content on iFit. You can easily replace a gym membership if you use all the features available through iFit on the x22i. The 22" touchscreen is great and I love the exceptional incline/decline options. The Sole F85 is another fun option that now includes a touchscreen as well. 

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