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Magnetic Vs. Water


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Hi! I don't think one is better than the other, I think it comes down to personal preference. Do you want a more realistic feel when you row? Do you want to be able to adjust your resistance? Magnetic rowers typically have an adjustable resistance, while water rowers feel more like rowing outdoors. Also, what kind of content do you like? Do you just want to row on your own, or follow along with an instructor? Both of these kinds of rowers come with different content options depending on the brand. 

Water rowers can require more maintenance than magnetic because they need to be filled with water in their initial set up and the water might need to be changed occasionally to keep it clean. A lot of rowers come with tablets that keep the water clean though, so maintenance isn't a big issue with these. 

Here's our post that goes into a bit more of the pros and cons of each type of rower. https://www.treadmillreviewguru.com/different-types-of-rowing-machines Hope this helps you narrow your search for a rower! 

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