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I second what Kristen said. While I'm not much of a treadmill person, my dad is. My parents have a tiny little Maltipoo dog, and he injured his paw on my dad's treadmill while he was walking on it. Take care to prevent the little ones (pets and kiddos alike!) from hurting themselves on exercise equipment or weights! Another side story, I work in the medical field, and a former coworker of mine had worked for a while in a pediatric emergency department. She said that one night a couple brought in their little kid (not sure the age), after he was in the garage with dad while dad was working out. Dad wasn't paying close enough attention, and the little kid had tipped over a dumbbell or a weight plate (can't remember which it was), and it crushed the poor kid's toes. So sad, but valuable lesson that exercise equipment is not for anyone who doesn't know how to handle it properly.

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