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What style of bike to choose for home/too many choices


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I like use the  name brand upright commercial bikes at the gym (precor/Life fitness brands for example).I would like to know if It would be better to just purchase one like at the gym or get a Nordic track S22i bike for home.I am  more interested in just burning off calories more than high intensity interval based watt and rpm training.Why does everyone lately seem to make exercise something difficult to choose??I am an middle aged person wanting to stay in shape and occasionally drop a few pounds.Want something reliable and made to last.I was also looking at a wahoo kicker bike but I am not or will not want to be a pro cyclist.I am trying to avoid being swayed into something that may just be a current trend or fad.All this new technology makes choosing so difficult.Sorry so long.Just tired of overthinking and would like to set up something soon.


Thank You

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