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Rower resistance- Water vs Air?

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Hi! Just found the YouTube channel recently…. I was wondering about the resistance settings for a water rower vs a “air rower”… I have admired the sound and esthetic of water towers for quite some time… however I have only used rowers at the local LA Fitness near me. The rowers I have used have, I believe, 10 different levels of resistance to select from. 
How does a water rower differ in this regard? Is it more of a increased resistance the harder you physically row? Thank you! Take care 

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Water rowers are unique in that the only way to adjust the resistance is by adding or removing water from the tank. The harder you pull, the more power you generate within the tank which increases your expended wattage - but it doesn't specifically mean there is more resistance. If you prefer heavy resistance, you can add more water initially and then regulate the power you put into each stroke to modify the intensity. I find I can get an excellent workout on a water rower simply by increasing my stroke rate and power - I don't need more resistance to make it challenging. 

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