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That's a great question. My two personal favorites for beginners are the Hydrow rower and the Ergatta water rower. The Hydrow is a magnetic rower, so you can modify the resistance. It has an attached touchscreen and impressive video content led by professional rowing instructors right out on the water. If you enjoy beautiful scenery with guidance from rowing professionals, the Hydrow is your best option. The Ergatta, by comparison, is a water rower. It is a gorgeous cherry wood color and sits low to the floor. It also has an attached touchscreen. But rather than video content, it includes games and challenges. All content is digital - so there are no videos to watch. But I love the way the games keep me focused and involved. I find I stay engaged best on the Ergatta. The best one for you will depend on which type of rower (magnetic or water) and which type of content you prefer. They're both excellent for beginners. 

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