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I like the idea of Hydrow's Magnetic Resistance rower, it looks clean and should be the quietest tech, but I think Ergatta's Game type interface might be more motivating for me.

I recall many years ago mt gym had LifeFitness rowers that used a simple 8-bit race simulation that I found very motivational, after a while I discovered that it "cheated" and came up with a strategy to defeat the cheat, all of which kept me very motivated. I'm curious which approach would be more motivating today as Omnicron is forcing me out of my local gym

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If you enjoy games and challenges the Ergatta is a great option. It also generates roughly the same noise as the Hydrow. The Hydrow is more of a low-mechanical sound while the Ergatta is the sound of swishing water. Neither is very loud. The Hydrow content is impressively professional and well-done but I find the Ergatta is better at keeping me focused on what I'm doing. You can't 'zone out' on the Ergatta - every stroke counts so I get more out of the session. 

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The concept of gamifying my cardio workout seems very appealing, which is why I'm leaning heavily towards the Ergatta. I had never tried rowing until about 2 years ago during grad school. It was a good way for me to kind of zone out while keeping my body moving while I re-listened to recorded school lectures. I noticed though, that I wasn't getting a really great workout bc I wasn't focused on the workout, but rather it was a way for me to just keep my HR up somewhat while focusing on lectures. The Ergatta game-type interface is something that I think would definitely keep my attention, keep me focused, and keep me interested in my workout.

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