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Ergatta versus C2


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I really like the look of the Ergatta, both in regards to its wood construction as well as the big screen with something more to look at than just basics stats.

But It's pretty clear the online community prefers the C2 over everything always and forever and don't even ask or else... 

But beyond the many C2 or nothing posts I'm still unclear on what is so much better over other machines such as the Ergattta.

My info:

I'm new too rowing. Last year I really got into running outside. Typically 7 days a week for 1.5 hours, and about half the days of the week I would do a second 1.5 run. 

Now it's raining and cold and while I love running I'm not that die hard. I just bought a house with a very nice finished half basement where I am building out an area for exercising. It's a nice space but at 6' 2" I don't have a lot of head clearance when considering treadmills. The low profile of rowing machines caught my eye and I do like the idea of a more whole body workout.

Which brings me back to my internal debate between the Egatta and the C2. My, knows nothing about rowers heart, really likes the Ergatta but I can't quit dismiss how strongly people with rowing experience prefer the C2. The Ergatta is not cheap. So I don't want to have buyers remorse. I know they have a return policy but I'm suspicious how difficult that might be to actually do.  


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Concept 2 has a dedicated following! As much as the C2 is a great rower, it does have some drawbacks. It is fantastic for quick sprints and intervals, but isn't as engaging for long rowing sessions. It's also loud. If you are new to rowing and looking for something to keep you engaged while you develop a love for the sport, the Ergatta is a fantastic option. My assumption is, all those C2 devotees haven't used the Ergatta, so while devoted, they are not fully informed. 

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