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Rower Comparison Review


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Thanks for your question! The Ergatta, Hydrow, and NordicTrack rowers are all well built and solid machines. What really sets them apart is the type of resistance they use and their content, so it comes down to personal preference with those. The Ergatta is a water rower which provides soothing sounds of water sloshing when you row that I personally like, although they can require a little bit more maintenance than other types of rowers. It has gamified content which we found to be surprisingly motivating. It's also great if you're competitive and don't want to take classes led by an instructor. The Hydrow uses magnetic resistance which is pretty quiet and this type of resistance has different levels so it can be adjusted and you can see what level of resistance that you're at. Hydrow has live and on-demand classes that are filmed outdoors and led by an instructor. It's great if you want some guidance while rowing and their content is impressive.

Rowers from NordicTrack, like the RW600 and RW900, are hybrid rowers that use both magnetic and air resistance which gives you 2 ways to adjust and add more resistance. They use iFit which has thousands of trainer-led classes filmed all around the world. iFit is great if you want to be led by an instructor and if you want to train off of the rower as well since they have a wide variety of classes. I hope this helps you narrow your search, and you can check out our best rowers page to learn more about these rowers too. 

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