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AssaultRunner Elite

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I recently watched your review of the AssaultRunner Elite treadmill.  I hate to run just for runnings' sake. My gym has an AssaultRunner and a few days ago after lifting, then rowing, I decided to jump on it just to give it a whirl.  I actually kinda liked it.  I think I liked the idea of not being forced to "keep up" with a set speed that a belt is turning at, and I liked being able to control the machine just by the effort I was willing to put out.  Now again, I hate running, plus I was at the end of my workout, so I only lasted a couple minutes on the Assault.  But I miiiiight jump on it every so often now after trying it once and being pleasantly surprised, and watching your review on it.

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Thanks for that insight. It's turned into one of my favorite treadmills in our studio for that very reason, it packs a punch. I feel like I get a much more efficient workout running on the AssaultRunner Elite compared to a regular treadmill. I still love using the NordicTrack X22i frequently but I like to switch it up with the AssaultRunner.

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