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Interested in purchasing exercise bike


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iFit has more instructors than Peloton. They have over 180 and Peloton has about 50 or so. For me, iFit's classes all feel really different because they have so many instructors that have different teaching styles and energies. Plus, iFit films in so many different locations it makes the classes feel different too. Peloton's instructors are kind of like celebrities because they have pretty large followings and thus have pretty devoted members. Most of their classes are in a studio so each of Peloton's instructors' personalities come out a bit more I think. 

I have favorite instructors from each platform and all the instructors are knowledgeable, motivating, and give great workouts from both iFit and Peloton. One doesn't have better instructors than the other, it's more about what kind of classes you want to take. You'll have a lot more variety with iFit with both content and instructors, but if you love just taking studio cycling classes Peloton is a great option. I think it comes down to what you prefer with of trainer-led classes. 

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