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Treadmills question

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Thanks for your question. With a little bit more information I can suggest a specific model for all of you. What kind of use would you all be doing on the treadmill? Walking, jogging, and/or running? Do you want a treadmill that just has built-in workouts, or one with a touch screen to stream subscription workouts from, or to stream Netflix? Do you have a space where the treadmill could just stay, or do you need one that has a foldable deck to save space when it's not in use? 

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It depends on what kind of sprints you're doing. If you're doing short sprints, like Tabata, then hopping onto the side rails in between each set will be more efficient than dropping the speed. If you're doing longer intervals, you'll probably want to adjust the speed up and down throughout. It can be a little dangerous to hop on and off the side rails in between sprints especially if the treadmill is at a high speed, so I always make sure to use the handles for balance during these when I'm getting on and off the belt. 

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