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Indoor cycle feel

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After reviewing and trying out the LifeFitness CX bike and Sole cycling bike what or how does the difference in a lighter flywheel feel using added resistance on both? Also does the Life Fitness bike put you in more of a aerodynamic position than the Sole?How high will the handle bars go up?(max)

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Since the Life Fitness Ride CX has a light flywheel, it is a bit easier to use when you first start pedaling and getting the flywheel moving. Lighter flywheels like this one are considered to be gentler on the joints because it takes less effort to move the flywheel. This bike and the ones from Sole all feel smooth when you use them though. It is really when you first get on and start pedaling that you can notice a difference in the flywheel weights. Once you get the flywheels moving and start adding and changing the resistance on all of these bikes, they all feel stable. I don't really notice a difference in the flywheels once I start adding on resistance and continue pedaling.

The biggest difference between the Life Fitness Ride CX versus Sole's bikes is the placement of the flywheel. Since the Ride CX has a rear flywheel it is less prone to corrosion, because it is less likely to get sweat and water on it while you're using it. The Ride CX doesn't necessarily put you in more of an aerodynamic position than the Sole, but the drop handlebars on the Ride CX could help encourage more of that positioning since they offer a lower grip option. All of these bikes' handles go up plenty high enough for our tallest reviewer who is 6'5" to get a comfortable bike fit. 

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