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Is a peloton Tread really worth it?

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I have been really contemplating getting a Peloton Tread because I love my peloton bike and all of Peloton's classes so much. Let's be real I want it for the tread boot-camps because I cannot get enough of Jess Sims, Adrian and Daniel.

I was wondering for those of you who've the peloton tread how much do you love it? I think my concern is I used to be a big time half marathon runner, and hated running on the treadmill, I also hated running in general but really liked the runner's high,simply like it. I had to stop running because of knee pain. I also ran a couple time outdoors recently and feel like I can start running again.

With all that being said, do you think a peloton tread is really worth it?

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