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Treadmill set up


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Great question! Before Covid, NordicTrack offered optional white glove or threshold delivery and to our knowledge they are starting to get back into rolling that out, but only in certain zip codes. We're hoping to see this rolled out more and more but things are still very unpredictable right now.

Currently when a treadmill gets delivered, if you can't get the delivery team to bring it into your home. The treadmill will be put at your door step or driveway. You will then need to bring it into your home as a whole or open the packaging and bring it in piece by piece. One thing that is a silver lining here is that you don't have to bring all of the packaging into your home. Our recommendation is to have one or two people there to help you when the treadmill is delivered so they can help bring it into your home. Another option is finding a local services that can come and put the treadmill together for you. This can be a very helpful option.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about this process, thanks!

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