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Best treadmill for trail runner

C Lemansky

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Great question. I would look into the running surface size, especially the length of the deck. We recommend a 60" deck length for running, anything shorter tends to be harder to run on, especially for taller users. 60" is pretty standard for a lot of home treadmills. I would also look into how soft/firm the cushioning is as well depending on if you want a softer or firmer surface to run on. 

As far as specific treadmill models, I would check out the NordicTrack x32i and x22i Incline Trainers. They offer higher inclines/declines than most treadmills. They incline all the way up to 40% and decline to -6%. They really simulate running outside, but they do have a good amount of cushioning so they feel soft to run on. Just something to keep in mind. 

The NordicTrack 2950 also declines, which isn't very common on other home brands of treadmills. It declines to -3% and the cushioning can also be turned on and off. So, if you want to run on a firmer surface, similar to running outdoors, you have that option as well. 

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