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T101 vs. F63. Some sprints.


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So I’m a moderate pace runner who mostly trains for one marathon each fall.  My longer runs all come in the nice weather months so no problem being outdoors.  And even in winter I’ll do my longer runs outdoors. I want a treadmill just for winter to do 3-5 mile runs at about 10 minute / mile pace about 4 days a week. Not fast. 
However.  I do like to incorporate sprints in my workouts.  To me they’re fast but we’re still talking just one minute intervals at maybe 6-7 ? minute per mile pace.  (I never check what my actual sprint pace is so that’s a guess). 

Will either, neither, or both of these treadmills work for me? 

Note. I’m just 5’5” and about 150lbs.  

Many thanks for all your great reviews and the excellent format.  I wish more YouTube reviewers of all product types could learn to communicate in as good of a manner as you do. 

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Thank you! We're happy to hear that you enjoy them and find them valuable.

For running and that kind of use, the Sole F63 should work well for you. It has a longer deck than the T101. The running surface is 60" which is pretty standard on a lot of treadmills and also a good length for running/sprinting. The F63 is also a little faster than the T101, maxing out at 12 mph rather than 10 mph. 12 mph max is common for home automatic treadmills, and we've found that this max speed is sufficient for sprinting. 

The F63 also has a 3.0 HP motor which is a good size for running. 

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