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Budget treadmill?


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Nordictrack doesn't currently have any models on their website listed for under $1000. You can find some from private retailers, but if $1000 is your budget, we recommend looking at the ProForm treadmills. They are also made by ICON fitness and feature iFit content. The ProForm Carbon T10 is a great option - as part of ProForm's Plus program, you can get the treadmill free if you sign up for iFit for three years. The Carbon T7 is also a good budget option. It's priced right at $1000. The Sole F63 is also $1000 and one of their most popular models. Below $1000, you run into quality issues, so we don't recommend many treadmills below that price point. The ProForm City L6 is a compact folding option and the Horizon T101 is another budget option. But do lots of research on any treadmill priced under $1000 - it's murky waters in that price range. 

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