Putting Treadmill In a Cold Garage? – Read This Before!

As gasoline or petrol costs to get to the gym are rising so high these days, getting your own personal treadmill is becoming a very tempting option for many fitness enthusiasts nowadays. However, ‘finding the perfect spot inside your home’ for your new treadmill remains an important issue. With only very limited space available inside most common homes, most people opt to put this huge piece of equipment in their garage instead.

Let us first consider the pros and cons of storing your treadmill in your cold garage. Here we have also outlined some short tips, quick fixes, or solutions to some of the common issues people face while storing treadmill garage.

  • One huge advantage of putting the treadmill in your garage is that you get to stay away from the noise that this type of equipment generates over time. You do not have to worry about waking the kids up with the noise every time you are in the mood for hopping on to this innovative piece of exercise equipment.
  • You still get to keep your exercise/running routine inside your garage even if it’s raining or snowing outside and the roads are all filled with snow.
  • Since treadmills don’t always match your home’s decor, you get to avoid ruining your home’s interior design (if that’s such a big deal with you.).
  • The garage is the perfect place to keep this huge piece of equipment out of your already busy house.
  • If you have small kids and tiny tots at home, then it’s definitely much wiser for you and safer for them to have your treadmill stationed and locked inside your garage instead. Teeny tots could get their hands caught in the belts of the treadmill.
  • Some people who say that their treadmill has already been living in their garage for years also say that it’s much better to run in the garage as it is much cooler there, which makes running more comfortable. Thus, you will have more energy, motivation, and time to spend for your running exercise.
  • Most of all, you don’t have to worry anymore about your house ending up stinking like a gym after your every workout.


  • Aside from the cold during winter and the heat during summer, the moisture might cause problems to your equipment too. Other people who have their treadmills stored in their garage have been using groundsheet or plastic cover to put over treadmills when not in use in order to stop the cold/damp/moisture from getting to the treadmills too much.
  • Treadmills are not the best exercise equipment type that were built to function in cold weather. In fact, treadmill manufacturers strongly advise against storing your treadmill in your garage, especially the cold, unheated garage. This could void your warranty. Set a space heater next to the treadmill to get it warmed up a bit before running on it. To loosen up the lubricants, turn on the heater and let it run for a few minutes before hopping onto your treadmill. Your treadmill’s mechanical and electronic components, LCD screen, and belt are the ones that are affected the most by the unpleasant low temperatures. The electronic components, such as the incline function, could also freeze up and stop working. The cold can cause the hardening and cracking of the belt as well, causing premature wear. If the console’s liquid crystal display screen freezes, it may crack too.
  • For some people, running on a treadmill can be boring. There’s a solution to this though, and that is setting up a small entertainment system in your garage, such as setting up some quiet or upbeat music or a small TV to watch your favorite TV shows or movies at the same time while running. Studies have shown that listening to your favorite music or watching TV and movies while exercising can certainly increase the amount of time you spend doing exercise.

Dust and Dirt Cause Problems

Garage is usually not the cleanest room in a house. It’s a place where dust, dirt, grass, and leaves collect over time. The dirt and dust build up in the garage get into the parts and into the grooves of your treadmill and possibly into the motor and ruin it.

If you place your treadmill in your garage, it would be even more challenging to maintain this sensitive piece of equipment with the presence of too much dust, dirt, and grime which accumulate there over time and which can cause a much faster wear and tear to the motor and belt.

Additional Treadmill Safety Tips and Precautions

Aside from the temperature, dust, and dirt issues, safety is also one of the most important factors to consider first before deciding to store your treadmill in the garage. We may all be aware of the fact that when set at a high speed and you make even the slightest mistake while running like when you lost your footing, you can terribly hit the floor. What’s worse than that, depending on the speed that you set it to, is that a treadmill is also very much capable of throwing you forcefully to whatever is behind your treadmill and you absolutely have no control where you will land.

So as a safety precaution, choose a room/location that has ample space to protect you from unpleasant injuries, such as slamming your body or bumping into the wall or some other very hard objects or worse get thrown into some sharp exercise equipment behind the treadmill.

A standard requirement for treadmill locations is that there should always be a minimum of five to six feet of open space behind the treadmill. Garages come in different sizes, layout, and spaces, so if you don’t have that enough space for your treadmill in your garage, you might as well place it instead inside your living room, bedroom, porch, or any other places inside your house that have more space. This crucial step can possibly save your life. Also choose only full-sized treadmills that have side handrails.


Despite what common sense tells us to be the right things to do with our treadmills and despite the many warnings from treadmill manufacturers, many people still choose to store their treadmills in their cold garage, mainly because of lack of space inside their house. Those who claim that their treadmills have been living in their garage for like nearly 2 years already say that their treadmill is still going strong, that is, it is still fully functional. However, we don’t just take their word for it.

If you want to buy a new treadmill and have no place to store it, except in your garage, just follow the tips that we gave you above to somehow protect your investment, this expensive piece of equipment.

For more practical reasons, you may also choose to buy a second hand or reconditioned treadmill instead, as it is far cheaper and with just a regular weekly, monthly cleaning and maintenance, after every use, your less expensive treadmill has a better chance of functioning smoothly for years, just like the more expensive brands.