Matrix T75 Treadmill Review 2023

Sydney Kaiser

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Last Updated: April 3, 2023

From its powerful AC motor, which is typically found only in treadmills at your local gym, to its console that has more capabilities than my television, the Matrix T75 treadmill is impressive all around.

Runners and athletes will be impressed with the quick-response motor, as well as all the entertainment and workout choices. It’s up to you how you want to use it. You can subscribe to iFit and pay for the monthly subscription, or enjoy the onboard workouts and programs like Sprint 8 and Virtual Active.

Apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Facebook are also preloaded, plus there’s web browsing so you can watch or read whatever you want while getting in a serious sweat sesh. I’ll go over all your options as well as the solid, durable, and convenient design in this Matrix T75 treadmill review.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Review 2023

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Why You Should Trust Our Review Of Matrix T75 Treadmill

Our team of “gurus” test a wide variety of home treadmills that range in price, style, as well as content. When testing a new treadmill, we bring out brands/models that we think are most similar and see how they compare. This lets us get a really good feel for every treadmill we use so we can bring you the most helpful, in-depth reviews.

When testing the Matrix T75, we compared it to the NordicTrack X32i Incline Trainer, the Peloton Tread, the Life Fitness Run CX, and the Sole TT8. Throughout this review, I’ll go into how the Matrix T75 treadmill held up against these other contenders. You can also see how the T75 stacked up against other treadmills on our list of best treadmills.

Who The Matrix T75 Treadmill Is For:

  • Runners looking for a solid, powerful treadmill with a lot of entertainment options that can handle long-term use.
  • Larger users who want a stable and durable treadmill to run on.
  • Runners who want to train on a treadmill for long distance races and events.
  • Athletes who want a treadmill that adjusts quickly and is great for HIIT style workouts.
  • Users who want a treadmill that feels like one you’d find in the gym that doesn’t need to be moved around.
  • iFit members who are looking for a high-end treadmill that also lets you search the web and use other third-party apps.

Our Video Review of the Matrix T75 Treadmill

  • The large 22” touchscreen offers practically unlimited entertainment and workout options.
  • It’s durable and can handle heavy use which makes it great for training for events like marathons.
  • The powerful AC motor adjusts the speed/incline quickly and smoothly.
  • It’s iFit compatible but doesn’t require the subscription to use the other features. Virtual Active and Sprint 8 don’t require subscriptions and come integrated on the console.
  • The large weight capacity and running surface handles users of all sizes.
  • It comes with multiple console options when purchasing.
  • It doesn’t fold so it works best for users who have a designated space for it.
  • It is heavy and difficult to move because of the solid construction and durability.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Conversion Box

  • Many preloaded apps like Netflix, Instagram, Youtube, and Kindle Reader.
  • The web browsing app lets you search any website you want
  • iFit enabled and comes with a 30-day membership
  • HDMI input to plug in a streaming device or phone/tablet to watch whatever you want
  • Plenty of onboard workouts like rolling hills mode, heart rate training mode, manual mode, custom mode, and more
  • Bluetooth enabled to connect to compatible headphones and included chest strap
  • USB charging port
  • Does not fold
  • 22” HD Touchscreen on XUR Display
  • Motor: 3.0 HP Continuous-Duty AC Drive System
  • Footprint: 79”L x 36”W x 61”H
  • Running Surface: 22” x 60”
  • 2-Ply 2.2 mm Running Belt
  • Ultimate Deck System Cushioning
  • Treadmill Weight: 375 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Incline Range: 0%-15%
  • Speed Range: 0.5-12.5 mph
  • 2 Cupholders and Device Rack
  • 2 Pulse Grips
  • Included Chest Strap
  • 2 Transport Wheels
  • Warranty: Lifetime for frame, motor, and cushioning, 7-years for parts, and 2-years for labor

In-depth Review of Matrix T75 Treadmill

Preloaded Apps, Workout Content, And iFit

When purchasing the Matrix T75 you can choose between 4 different display options. We chose the XUR which is the premium option.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Review Console

The XUR display comes with a 22” HD touchscreen and plenty of choices to keep you busy while you work out.

Preloaded Apps

The XUR console has preloaded apps like Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, Youtube, and more. All you have to do is log into your accounts in each of these apps and start streaming or reading. There’s also a web browser app that lets you peruse the internet while you work out.

I really like all the app options on the Matrix T75. Plus, internet browsing and the HDMI input make your entertainment choices almost endless. You can hop onto any website you choose on the web browser app. Google is the default website, but you can change this in the machine settings.

The HDMI app lets you connect streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku. Once connected, you can point your remote at the treadmill’s screen and use it like a TV. While this is a cool feature, I prefer just using the apps since Netflix is a go-to of mine anyway. You can also connect your phone or tablet too.

I recommend creating a profile on the Matrix itself before diving into using the apps. This way, once you are on your profile your login information is saved in the apps so you can jump right in without having to input your usernames and passwords again.

Workout Content

What impresses me about the Matrix T75 is all of the workout options it comes with on the XUR console. The big green button on the bottom left side of the screen is where you can jump into manual mode and do your own thing.

There are also a few different modes to choose from that have custom and preset options. This is where the treadmill will automatically adjust for you. Here, you can do workouts like heart rate training, rolling hills, inclining intervals, as well as create your own. These can be found under the “Matrix Training Workouts”.

The programs Sprint 8 and Virtual Active are also integrated on the XUR console. Sprint 8 is a HIIT workout program where you can use the preset or custom routines and let the treadmill adjust your speed/incline for you. For more information about this program, you can choose to watch the video or listen to the audio from Sprint 8’s creator Phil Campbell. Sprint 8 is great if you’re looking to add HIIT into your workout routine and if you want a bit more structure with your workouts.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Review iFIT Content

I really like Virtual Active.

Virtual Active essentially lets you explore real outdoor trails while staying inside on your treadmill. A camera moves through the trails like you would if you were walking or running them, and there’s a surprisingly large number of trails to choose from. They explore two regions: the Northern Rockies and the American Northwest. If you start on a trail you don’t like, you can skip through until you find one you do like.

The default music and sound effects are a bit generic, but fine to listen to or mute completely. Another plus about all of these workout options is that if your internet goes out, you can still access them, even Sprint 8 and Virtual Active. Very cool and convenient, if you ask me.


Matrix recently partnered with iFit. While iFit is integrated into the XUR console, if you don’t want to be a member, you can still access all of the other content both for workouts and entertainment on the Matrix T75.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Review - 55.8 cm (22 in) class HD touchscreen

We really like that you can use iFit and also other programs while working out.

If you’re already an iFit member, you can log on and enjoy pretty much all of iFit’s features and classes. SmartAdjust and Active Pulse are both integrated into the machine, but we noticed that the leaderboard isn’t available as of yet. We’ll update this review if it becomes available in the future though.

For those not familiar with iFit, it’s a fitness app that requires a monthly subscription to use and has an extensive library of mainly trainer-led classes on and off the treadmill. I personally like taking iFit’s outdoor classes. They’re filmed all over the world and a trainer will guide you through the locations. The clear graphics and excellent videography is especially nice to enjoy on the T75’s large 22” touchscreen.

I really like that Matrix has included iFit on some of their consoles, but they don’t make it required and offer plenty of other choices as well. Brands like NordicTrack and ProForm that use iFit have very limited options outside of the app. Peloton is like this as well.


The XUR console is a favorite of mine personally. It is easy to navigate and the large screen makes taking an iFit class or watching a movie feel really engaging. Plus, the volume level goes up pretty high and the speakers are front-facing so they can be heard loud and clear. The console doesn’t shake, which is great as well.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Review User using console

I can reach this console easily, even when I’m typing into Google.

The XIR console on the Matrix TF30 treadmill is a little harder for me to reach, but I didn’t have that issue on the larger XUR display. I do have shorter arms, so users with longer arms shouldn’t have any problems.

The speed and incline buttons below the screen are also easy to reach. The speed ranges from 0.5 mph to 12.5 mph, similar to the Peloton Tread. The speed adjusts in increments of 0.1, but when you hold the button it will increase by 1.0 increments more quickly. To decrease speed more quickly you can hold the button and the speed will go all the way down.

The incline will go all the way up to 15% and is broken into increments of 0.5%. When you hold down the up and down arrows, you can adjust the incline more quickly than simply pressing the button. Both the speed and incline can be changed on the touchscreen, too.

The Matrix T75 treadmill adjusts almost simultaneously when you press a button, namely because of the motor which I will go into below. Because it adjusts so quickly, I do wish there were easier quick touch adjusting options like numbered buttons found on other machines. The NordicTrack x32i and Sole TT8 have these buttons that let you jump around with speeds/inclines levels efficiently. Paired with the quick responsiveness of the motor, I think the Matrix T75 would benefit from these added buttons.

Although, you can easily switch back to your previous speed and incline on the touchscreen. So, this lets you jump back and forth between two levels. You can also type which speed and incline level you want to change to, but this can be a little tricky to do while running at high speeds.

The Matrix T75 is also missing a fan, but I didn’t miss it on this machine. The overall console is rather sleek even though the screen is a bit thick, especially compared to the large screens on the Peloton Tread and NordicTrack x32i, and all of the storage options the T75 comes with. I have choices for where I want to put my phone. There’s a device tray below the screen to hold my phone which is nice, especially if I have it connected to the console.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Review Cup Holder

Matrix sneaks in a bit of added storage with these cupholders.

I can also place my phone in the added pockets next to the 2 cupholders. These could hold items like keys or a wallet as well. My 22oz water bottle was secure while running and didn’t rattle either.

Construction Quality / Durability

Apart from the console, the overall construction of the Matrix T75 feels like a treadmill you’d run on in the gym. It’s really sturdy and feels like it can handle heavy, long-term use.


Matrix T75 Treadmill Review Nonfolding Frame

Matrix refers to the frame as being “ultra-stable” and we agree.

The solid welded steel frame and steel uprights make the T75 feel really well-built and secure. From the frame, the uprights extend up and out below the handles. This helps keep the handles and console from shaking while running.

While I say handles, it really is one piece that connects in front of the console and extends on either side. I really like these handles because they have a lot of grip options and are pretty slim so I can wrap my hands around it. The pulse grips are on both sides and they’re easy to reach.


What makes the Matrix T75 stand apart from the other treadmills that we compared it to, is it’s motor. It has a 3.0 HP AC motor. The NordicTrack x32i, Peloton Tread, Life Fitness Run CX, and Sole TT8 all have DC motors which are commonly found in home treadmills. AC motors are usually found in commercial treadmills, so this makes the T75 a bit unique.

When in use, it feels really powerful and hearty. I noticed pretty quickly how responsive it is to adjustments. As soon as I press the button to increase speed, the belt increases the speed pretty much at the same. On other treadmills, you can expect at least a little bit of a lag when you change the speed and incline levels.

The noise output is fairly quiet for both the motor and incline motor. In general, treadmills make some amount of noise, but the T75 doesn’t make a large amount. The motor remains really consistent when the speed and incline is changed, too.

Treadmill Deck

The Matrix T75 treadmill has a nice-sized running surface of 22” x 60”. This is the same size as the Sole TT8 and Life Fitness Run CX. All of our reviewers find this width and length to be plenty large to run, sprint and perform all kinds of movements on.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Review Ultimate Deck System

The step-up height is pretty low at about 8”, making it easier to step up on and better for those with lower ceilings at home.

When running there is a little bit of foot noise, which is to be expected on treadmills. It isn’t particularly loud, however. I do think the Run CX has a lower foot noise, but not by much.

The “Ultimate Deck System” cushioning on the Matrix T75 is firm but still offers enough shock absorption to lessen the impact on the joints. I didn’t have any discomfort after running. The cushioning isn’t as soft as the NordicTrack x32i Incline Trainer, which is one of the softest cushioning we’ve tested. Instead, it feels closer to the Peloton Tread because it is firmer.

Performance & Functionality

Overall, the Matrix T75 treadmill with the XUR display performed really well for our team. We were able to enjoy all of its workout and entertainment features, and we were impressed with the commercial-style AC motor.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Review Walking Inclined

The incline function is quiet and efficient.

The T75 has a heavyweight capacity at 400 lbs, so larger users should be able to get in solid workouts on this treadmill. It also feels like it can handle heavy, long-term use. This weight capacity is the same as the Sole TT8 treadmill and Run CX from Life Fitness.

When using the Matrix T75, it feels really durable and that it will last. Also, based on the fact that it has an AC motor, we think that users who are training for long races and events can trust that this treadmill will handle that level of training with ease. Multi-user households could also benefit from the T75, especially if they plan to use the treadmill often.

Apart from the impressive motor, the Matrix T75 is pretty heavy at 375 lbs. It also doesn’t fold, so if you’re looking for a treadmill that you need to move around often or fold up, I would check out other options. This treadmill works best for users who have the designated space for it. There are 2 transportation wheels on the front, but with the weight we had a difficult time moving it.

Warranty & Customer Service

Matrix offers a great warranty on the T75. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and cushioning 7-years for parts, and 2-years for labor. Matrix also includes a white-glove delivery and setup, so you don’t have to assemble it yourself.

Matrix T75 Treadmill Conversion Box

Bottom Line Review: Matrix T75 Treadmill

The Matrix T75 is all around a great piece of equipment. The premium large XUR console is easy to navigate and comes with so many options, you’ll never get bored using it. I do like that Matrix has 4 different display choices to choose from depending on your preference and budget.

It also feels like a treadmill you’d find at your local gym not only because of its motor-type, but because it is a well-built, solid machine. Marathon runners and athletes will appreciate how quickly it adjusts the speed and incline and how it handles heavy use. For guided training, you have lots of options with the onboard workouts and programs like Sprint 8 as well as iFit’s library of classes if you’re a subscriber.

Because of its heavyweight capacity and the fact that it is heavy itself, it’s solid and feels durable, yet it’s hard to move and doesn’t fold up. Households that have a designated space for the T75 to stay won’t have a problem with this.

Users who are in the market for a high-end treadmill that is similar in quality to a commercial treadmill, but comes with practically unlimited entertainment and workout options should look no further than the Matrix T75 treadmill.