Nordictrack R35 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 2024

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Last Updated: May 2, 2023

The latest in NordicTrack’s recumbent bike series, the R35 brings a massive 14” HD Smart Touchscreen and interactive workouts with a free one-month iFit membership to the table. The R35 boasts a high-grade steel frame and an oversized seat with lumbar support. A high-weight capacity means everyone in your family can enjoy this bike. NordicTrack brings solid engineering with a 25-pound inertia-enhanced flywheel and 26 resistance levels. One leap of technology the bike brings over others is the lumbar supported, oversized saddle. It makes exercise almost as comfortable as sitting in your office chair. With this review, we dig into the details to see what it’s all about.

NordicTrack Commercial R35 Recumbent Bike Review 2024

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Exercise Bike Award: Best Overall Recumbent Bike 2024

The NordicTrack R35 has received the overall award for the best recumbent bike of 2024. The tech features along with the solid build quality and high functionality give this bike the bragging rights for the overall best recumbent bike for 2024. Check out all of the details about why we love this bike below.

Who It’s For: People who want a low-impact and interactive fitness experience on a commercial quality recumbent bike.

The R35 is designed for users who are:

  • Larger riders needing oversized seating and weigh up to 350 pounds.
  • People wanting lumbar support.
  • Love interactive fitness and enjoy a large screen.
  • Large 14” HD Smart touchscreen for integrated workouts
  • Attached, automated cooling fan
  • Water bottle holder/storage
  • 25 lb flywheel for a smooth ride
  • Easy one-touch controls
  • Silent magnetic resistance makes for a quiet workout
  • Oversized seat and ergonomic pedals mean this is comfortable for all shapes and sizes
  • Bluetooth audio
  • More resistance levels than other bikes
  • Larger footprint that can take up some space
  • Heavier than most exercise bikes make it a little more difficult to move

NordicTrack Commercial R35 Recumbent Bike

FeaturesBike Specs
  • Large 14” High Definition Smart Touch Screen
    • You won’t need to squint to view your stats or appreciate the virtual terrain when viewing the 14” smart touchscreen display. This is a big screen when you compare it to most recumbent bikes in the market, whose screens are usually between 5″ and 10″. You can easily track your progress and adjust accordingly.
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
    • With traditional stationary bikes, to get an effective and varied workout, you need to adjust the pedal resistance, but that causes friction and comes with varying noise levels. The NordicTrack R35 features game-changing SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, which negates that noise.
  • Oversized Seat with Lumbar Support
    • With the R35 you will not find yourself complaining about comfort. NordicTrack makes comfort a priority with their recumbent bike seats, sending each out with high backs similar to the feel of a comfortable office chair.
  • High Capacity
    • Accommodating most riders, the R35 boasts a user weight capacity of 350 pounds. This speaks to the solid design and durable materials used in the bike’s construction.
  • Professional Trainer-led Instruction
    • Suppose you’d like a little extra motivation or simply like following a variety of workouts. In that case, you will be excited to use the onboard iFit Family membership, which comes complimentary for the first 30 days. This membership gives you access to many fitness-related benefits: fitness plans tailored just for you, simulated training around the globe using Google Maps, stats organized and easy to evaluate, and any extra help you might need.
  • Workout Library
    • There is an ever-expanding library of workouts to choose from with iFit. With so many to choose from, it’ll be easy to find the right trainer and training to motivate you!
  • Daily Challenges
    • They say variety is the spice of life, and that certainly goes for workouts as well. Spice up your time on the R35 by participating in daily workouts streamed right to your bike.
  • Google Maps
    • Thanks to the amazing onboard Google Maps™ workout technology, you can cycle in France one day and be riding trails in Brazil the next…or even during the same workout.
  • Stat Management
    • As you cycle, you’ll be able to track, adjust, and challenge every one of the many stats available on the iFit interface. The screen is within reach and can be navigated easily.
  • Self Adjusting Fan
    • No need to set up a fan nearby to stay cool while you ride. The R35 comes with a smart piece of technology, the AutoBreeze workout fan. This fan will automatically increase its flow as you increase your workout intensity. If you prefer a steady level of air on you, you can also set it and forget it, anywhere from low to high.
  • Multiple Users/Multiple Machines
    • The R35 involves the entire family since a single iFit membership includes up to 5 profiles on your new recumbent bike.
  • Extra perks
    • Transport Wheels: The front-mounted transport wheels make it easy to move the R35 when storing it is necessary.
    • Personal Touch: You will receive exercise, activity, nutrition, and sleep coaching so that you can reach your goals across a variety of health and wellness areas.


  • 25 Lb Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Commercial Grade Steel Construction
  • Oversized Levelers
  • 26 Digital Resistance Levels
  • 350 Lb User Capacity
  • One Touch® Controls


  • 14” HD Smart Touchscreen
  • 1 Month iFit® Membership Included
  • Automatic Trainer Control
  • Bluetooth® Audio Capabilities3
  • Two 2” Digitally Amplified Speakers


  • Oversized, Lumbar Support Seat
  • Horizontal Seat Adjustment
  • Ergonomic, Extra Wide Foot Pedals
  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Front-Mounted Transport Wheels
  • 192 Lb In Box Product Weight
  • 68.22” L x 23.69” W x 53.42” H Footprint


  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty

In-depth Review of NordicTrack R35 Bike



High-grade steel construction frame. The footprint is 68.22” L x 23.69” W x 53.42” H. The boxed weight is 192 pounds and is a little heavier than comparable bikes. It may be a little difficult to move for one person.


Recumbent bikes like the R35 have grips on the sides for your comfort.


An oversized saddle with lumbar support feels more like sitting in a comfortable office chair. NordicTrack’s “easy glide” technology makes adjustment smooth and easy. Along with the oversized, ergonomic pedals, this bike makes workouts particularly easy on the joints.

NordicTrack R35 Console/Controls


The 14” HD Smart Touchscreen display will help immerse you into virtual environments you’ll find while riding the R35. This is a larger screen than you will find on most recumbent bikes in the market, whose screens are usually between 5″ and 10″. Tracking your statistics and enjoying the view has never been easier.

Console Layout

While the 14” HD Smart Touchscreen is the center of attention when facing the console, the other important controls are laid out in an easy use fashion. The speakers are above the touchscreen putting them as close to ear level as possible.

The other controls are below the screen with the volume on the lower left, fan control in the middle, and resistance control on the right—the multi-speed fan rounds out the bottom of the console.


The images on your HD screen look great, so the audio should sound great as well. The two digitally amplified speakers allow the audio signal to remain in its true digital form, from the digital file or broadcast right to your ears.

This gives you a truly enhanced listening experience to go along with those crystal-clear images. The speakers are located above the screen, placing you in the best spot possible to appreciate their clarity.


Two water bottle holders are easy to reach on either side of the seat.

R35 Functionality

Benefits of Recumbent Riding

Often recumbent bikes are viewed as less challenging than upright bikes. However, when in a recumbent position, riders are working for several essential muscle groups.

  • Strengthen Heart and Lungs (Cardiovascular system): The heart is a muscle, so any exercise that increases heart rate strengthens the heart. Aerobic exercise also improves lung capacity, which can decrease heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Develop Balanced Leg Muscles: The four large muscles that make up the front of your thigh are called “quadriceps.” (Quad meaning four.) These muscles are important in knee flexion and extension. Recumbent riding engages and strengthens the quads gently without creating tension or pressure on the knee joint. Hamstring muscles line the back of the thigh and work in conjunction with the front of the leg to make a full pedal stroke. Calf and shin muscles are also engaged and help with the motion and stability of the ankle.

Noise Level

Thanks to the SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, your R35 recumbent bike will not disturb others in your household unless you are cranking up the onboard speakers with music!

The NordicTrack R35 features game-changing SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, which negates that noise. The frictionless magnetic resistance removes the once annoying steady and increasing/decreasing hum as resistance levels change.


The R35 is an ideal size for most homes. Measuring 68.22″ x 23.69″ x 53.42″, this bike is equipped with two transport wheels at the front and can be wheeled wherever necessary in the home. It’s a little on the heavy side, so two people may be required to move it.

NordicTrack Commercial R35 Recumbent Bike

Bottom Line Review: NordicTrack R35 Recumbent Bike

The NordicTrack R35 recumbent bike is worth looking at if you need a low-impact, comfortable, joint-friendly workout. We like the oversized seat and pedals so that all sizes of riders can fit comfortably. With up to 4 user profiles being saved, the sturdy R35 bike is one your entire family can use and enjoy.

The 14” HD Smart Touchscreen is one place where NordicTrack made this bike stand out. Along with the crystal clear images on the screen, the digitally enhanced dual speakers means the sound will be just as good.

If you have back issues, the lumbar saddle and ergonomic pedals mean you can still get a challenging and calorie-burning workout without back pain and joint problems. The 350 pound weight capacity is excellent for taller or bigger users.

NordicTrack manufactures sturdy, high-quality exercise equipment, and the R35 recumbent bike seems to fit the mold.