Best Treadmills Review 2018 – Top Picks By Our Experts

The number one desire for peoples out in the world is to maintain fitness without compromising with their busy schedule. Exercising daily in itself is not an effortless task, it also requires a tremendous amount of willpower. Many people do have the desire to work hard and exercise regularly to maintain fitness. But, their efforts are hindered when going to the gym becomes difficult due to reasons like bad weather, traffic and busy work schedule.

This entire game changes when someone owns a gym in their house. When there is gym equipment like treadmill located within the house, it constantly reminds a person about his/her fitness. It is easier to force oneself to get on a treadmill at home than travel all the way to a gym.

In the luxury of one’s home, a person can customize his/her exercise experience. A person can talk on the phone or watch television while jogging on a treadmill. Multitasking is possible and exercise becomes more fun and appealing. Having a treadmill at home is a sure way to improve fitness and willpower.

Types of Treadmills

There are two different types of treadmills, manual treadmill and motorized treadmill.  A manual treadmill is a form of portable one, which could easily fit the storage and is inexpensive. But requires more effort from the user as one has to move on it to get it started and one can’t make changes to the incline.

Whereas motorized treadmills are mostly less-portable but more popular as compared to the the manual treadmills. Motorized treadmill lets the user adjust the speed of the device during the workout session. Nowadays people prefer to buy motorized treadmill than manual treadmill.

According to our basis of classification we have sub divided treadmills into three different categories which are as follow:

Budget Folding Treadmills

Budget Folding Treadmills are available at economical rate as well as they consume very less space. They can be folded and kept aside when not required and provide convenience to the households as they don’t come in way while cleaning. But, on the flip side, the consumer has to compromise on the quality and features of the product. As they don’t offer a chest strap heart-rate control monitor and are made up of lighter materials.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Less space consuming (Makes cleaning easier)..
  • Provides user with the basic facility of walking.


  • Inferior quality.
  • Very short life.
  • Less weight capacity.
  • Too short deck for runners.

Folding Treadmills

These models provide more features as compared to the budget folding models.  Along with the feature of getting into smaller size when not in use through folding. They also provide user with additional features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, heart rate monitor, large easy-to-read display, safety key feature, etc.


  • Less space consumption (Makes cleaning easier).
  • Cheaper as compared to non-folding treadmills.


  • Some models are less stable as compared to non-folding treadmills.

Non-Folding Treadmills

Non-Folding Treadmills are high quality treadmills and are more stable as compared to folding models. They come with numerous advance features along with sturdier deck and frame, a longer running belt and larger running surfaces. The weight sustainability of the non-folding models is also very high. The non-folding treadmills are usually used at places like gyms, hotels, club houses, etc.


  • A rough and tough choice for frequent runners.
  • High weight capacity.
  • More running space.
  • Have long warranty period.
  • Higher motor capacity.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Consumes Space.



Thus, looking at overall features of all the types of treadmills, Non-folding treadmills provide users with enhanced quality but due to higher price and more space consumption, they are not suitable for households. Folding treadmills are best suited for the households due to their compact size, price, features & light weight.

Finding Perfect Treadmill: Features to Consider

The task of finding the perfect treadmill to suit one’s need is a real challenge. Most people assume that finding a treadmill is an easy task, but this is far from the truth. In order to make this task of yours easier Treadmill Review Guru team has provided below certain points that one should consider while buying treadmill.

Large Running Surface: One should look for treadmill having a commodious deck length,  at least 60 inches longer and 35 inches wider. Which will help runner’s to keep their stride.

Weight Capacity: One should look for a portable treadmill with high weight capacity to not sacrifice the portability to hold a heavier user weight. Treadmill should have a minimum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

High-end features – While investing huge amount on treadmills, users should look for at least some of the high-end features to be present in the machines including health metrics display, heart rate monitoring, shock absorption, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, iPod docks, MP3 Player Compatibility, WiFi connection, Touchscreen panel etc. All these features undoubtedly in someway or another enhance the workout experience.

Along with these certain points which are usually common among the users, there are also some necessary points which one should always look upon while purchasing a treadmill. Which are as follows:

Manufactures History: The first and foremost thing a person should consider while buying a treadmill is the manufacturer’s history. While analyzing the treadmill manufacturer’s details, one must look at how long the company has been producing treadmills and what good things people have to say about their products.

Trade Value: The second thing to look out for when buying a treadmill is its trade in value. At some point in life, there may arise a situation where the treadmill needs to be sold. Maybe, the treadmill owner is moving out of his/her current location and doesn’t feel the need to take the treadmill along. Or maybe, he/she simply wants a newer and better model with latest features. Whatever maybe the case, the old treadmill will need to be sold/replaced.

So, when a treadmill is being bought, it needs to have a high trade in value so that at the time to replacement it can be sold by the owner for a decent amount. A high trade in value also indicates two extremely important things about a treadmill. It tells a buyer that the particular treadmill in question is highly sought after by many people and that it holds its value for a long time.

Durability: The last thing to consider during the treadmill purchase process is the durability of the machine. Analysis of how long the moving parts of treadmill last before being a victim of wear and tear is important. These parts will need replacement and if the parts of a treadmill need to be replaced frequently, then it is not worth buying the treadmill due to expenses of replacement. The cost of replacement must be added to the price of the treadmill to get a clear idea of how much money is going to be spent.

Keeping all these points mentioned above in mind, we have selected the top 10 treadmills of 2018 and have ranked them accordingly. You can checkout the detailed review of every machine highlighting the pros and cons along with the features provided by the machine.
Machine Name Weight Capacity Speed
Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk 350 lb 0.5-4 mph Check Price
Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill 375 lb 0.5-12 mph Check Price
ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill 325 lb 0.5-12 mph Check Price
3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill 350 lb 0.5-12 mph Check Price
Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill 275 lb 0.5-10 mph Check Price

Top 10 Treadmills Review 2018  – Best Picks By Our Experts

  1. Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

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Lifespan TR1200-DT5 treadmill desk is suitable for specifically office-goers as well as peoples with busy work schedule who wish to take care of their health without the productivity taking a toll. The 2.25 HP continuous-duty motor and 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks of the product ensure this stays as for your office use without affecting the productivity factor in the office. One usual concern that people have when it comes to a treadmill is its space occupancy. People complain that it takes a lot of space. But that is not the case here.

This treadmill comes with a solid desk providing everything you need to begin walking while you work. It is made up of high quality material which will last for decades. Along with all these features and specialties it comes with a lifetime frame warranty, a three-year motor warranty, two-year parts warranty, and one-year labor warranty.

Click here to read our detailed review of “Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk”.

  • Treadmill desk provides you with the facility to work while you walk or jog.
  • Smooth and quiet working.
  • Controls are easy to use and understand.
  • 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks.
  • Intelli-Guard safety feature which ensures the treadmill only operates when you are actively walking.
  • Built using high quality material.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Includes long warranty.

  • No Incline
  • It does not come assembled. Comes in five different pieces. it might be difficult for a not-so-handy person to set up.

  • Comes with a solid desk attached which enables one to exercise for long hours while working.
  • Less noise generation: Allowing the consumer to have a quiet workout.
  • Has health metrics display providing: step count, walking time, distance covered, calories burned and speed.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth feature than can be used to transfer your workout data to your smartphone or any other smart device.
  • Shock absorption: 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks.
  • Lifetime frame warranty, a three-year motor warranty, two-year parts warranty, and one-year labor warranty.
  • Motor: 2.25 HP.
  • Folding: NO.
  • Speed: 0.4-4 mph.
  • Running Area: 20″ W x 50″ L.
  • Assembled: 68.5″ D x 38″ W.
  • Desktop: 38″ W x 29″ D.
  • Step-Up Height: 4.6″.
  • Max. User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 119 lbs.
  • Desk Weight: 60 lbs.
There’s no doubt that this treadmill is the best solution for all of them who stay in front of the computer. If you are looking to have a rigorous workout while working, Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk is the one for you. Its unique features help this product to stand out in the market and is a popular choice of many fitness enthusiasts.
  1. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

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Sole F80 treadmill offers an amazing set of irresistible features that are difficult to ignore. It ensures that the runner has an amazing experience and stay satisfied with his/her workout sessions.

F80 treadmill by Sole promises industry-leading warranty and a proper cushion flexible whisper deck that ensures the pressure on joints remain stable. The 3.5 CHP continuous duty motor and the amazing speed range with addons like pulse grip and heart rate monitor make this product one of the preferred ones.

Click here to read our detailed review of “Sole Fitness F80 Treadmill”.

  • Folding treadmill.
  • Smooth and quiet working. Some treadmills make a lot of noise when used. But, Sole F80 lets the consumer have a noise free workout.
  • EasyAssist button to automatically fold and unfold the treadmill.
  • Automated 15% incline.
  • Equipped with CushionFlex Whisper Desk which reduces the impact on the joints by 40%.
  • Pulse grip and wireless chest strap heart monitoring options.
  • Comes with two bottle holders, Tablet holder and music player port to enhance the workout experience.
  • High weight capacity of 375 pounds.
  • Long warranty.

  • Sole F80 treadmill siderails are not as long as some runners would like.
  • Besides being easily foldable, Sole F80 treadmill is heavy machine and moving it requires excessive strength. So, it is not recommended to move treadmill from its position very often.
  • Assembling instructions are a bit hard to follow only because the diagrams included in the manual are not very big.

  • Can connect to fitness apps of your mobile phones.
  • MP3-compatible sound system.
  • Reversible deck to absorb the sound of each step and let the user have a noise free workout.
  • Comes with cooling fans and 7.5-inch LCD workout display.
  • Controls are provided right on the console arms and hence we can control the pace of our run with just a push.
  • Several inbuilt workout programs available including two heart programs. 
  • Motor: 3.5 CHP.
  • Incline: 0-to-15%.
  • Speed: 0.5-12 mph.
  • Dimensions: 80″ L x 35″ W x 58″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 22″ W x 60″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 375 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 265 lbs.
Sole F80 Treadmill has all the latest unique functions and speed range that is ideal for walking, jogging as well as running. Its worth owning this product because of its multiple advantageous features and user-friendliness. To those who wish for a device which can offer the benefits of different types of workouts and yet be comfortable to use, this product is the best choice.
  1. ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill

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ProForm Performance 600i treadmill is a performance oriented one that comes with a good number of advantages in affordable price range. In the list, the CoolAire workout fan and the iPod compatible audio are considerable addons. With its many preset workout programs, it is a good treadmill.

Thanks to the iFit technology that makes it possible and displays different routes in the monitor through Google Maps to provide user with the feeling of training in the real-world. It has amazing customer reviews and has become an instant hit among peoples. The product, in fact, comes with a lifetime frame and motor warranty.

Click here to read our detailed review of “ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill”.

  • Folding treadmill with EasyLift Assist.
  • It has 2.75 CHP continuous duty motor that operates fast and quietly.
  • Automated incline up to 12%.
  • iFit Technology.
  • It is equipped with four shock absorbers.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Many pre-installed workout programs.
  • CoolAire workout fan to ensure better workout experience. 
  • Good Warranty.

  • According to customers, customer service is slow.
  • Short arm rails.
  • Hard to assemble.

  • 22 built-in workout apps.
  • Comes with advanced iFit technology.
  • Incline up to 12 percent and top speed of 12 mph for better endurance and increased cardio.
  • It has weight capacity of 325 lb.
  • Lifetime frame and motor Warranty, along with  2-year parts Warranty and 1-Year Labor Warranty.
  • Motor: 2.75 HP.
  • Incline: 0-12%.
  • Speed: 0.5-12 mph.
  • Dimensions: 79.62″ L x 36.63″ W x 59.25″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 20″ W x 60″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 325 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 224 lbs.
If you are looking for a treadmill with high quality and specially for running that helps you have an intensive workout, go for ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill. It is quite versatile and affordable device that can come in handy to many people who want to walk, jog or run and can provide them with a healthy, fit and active lifestyle.
  1. 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

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3G Cardio Pro Runner is a best product for those who wish to be productive within a compact space. The product’s unique ability to save enough space without compromising on the quality is appreciable. 3G Cardio Pro Runner has a powerful 3.0 HP continuous duty motor, which provides a maximum speed of 12 mph and users can comfortably incline to 15% for a more challenging workout experience.

The product can be seen with a lifetime warranty for the motor and frame. With 50 years combined experience in the Health and Fitness industry, the owners of 3G Cardio have delivered another great treadmill into the lineup, being one of the top ranked treadmill with its amazing set of features.

Click here to read our detailed review of “3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill”.

  • Easily foldable with EasyLift Assist.
  • 3.0 HP continuous duty motor works quite fast and silently.
  • Automated Incline up to 15%.
  • Ortho Flex Shock suspension system.
  • Equipped with contact grip and wireless chest strap heart monitoring technology.
  • Many pre-installed workout programs.
  • Built using high quality material.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Long warranty.

  • Smaller running area.
  • It doesn’t have audio port or speakers.
  • Can’t transfer exercise data.
  • Small display screens.

  • Two water bottle holders.
  • Cooling fan.
  • A top speed of 12 mph.
  • Distance tracker.
  • Top notch heart rate sensors that closely monitor your heart rate during your workout sessions.
  • It is equipped with Ortho Flex Shock Suspension System which aims to lower the impact of training on joints so that no matter how hard you go on this treadmill in the end you will feel less pain.
  • Lifetime frame and motor Warranty, along with  5-year parts Warranty and 1-Year Labor Warranty.
  • Motor: 3.0 HP.
  • Incline: 0-to-15%.
  • Speed: 0.5-12 mph.
  • Dimensions: 74″ L x 35″ W x 58.5″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 20.5″ W x 58″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 216 lbs.
It may seem a bit pricey but it will surely give you what you are looking for, considering that it is well engineered treadmill that comes with one among the most advanced shock absorption system and has simple, easy to use console the fulfills the basic need of every user. It’s an instant hit among frequent runners because of the efficient workout experience that it provides is surely worth the price.
  1. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is very popular for its low price in the market. However, although it has a low cost, it does not mean that the makers of the product have reduced the feature set. Its low cost and amazing feature set is what makes this product unique.

This treadmill can fold up, be a space saver, can provide you with 6 personal trainer workouts and comfortable cushioning. Pulse rate and heart rate monitors stand as outstanding addons.

Click here to read our detailed review of “Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill”.

  • Low Price.
  • A folding treadmill.
  • 6 personal trainer workout programs installed. 
  • Comes with a heart rate monitor and comfortable cell cushioning feature at such an affordable price.
  • Strives to give an excellent experience to its customers.

  • Creates noise when set at above 5 mph.
  • Small running area.
  • Only meant for walking and not running (not made up of much high quality material).
  • Very short warranty.

  • Space saver design & can be moved easily.
  • Top speed of 10 mph.
  • 2-point inclination.
  • Can easily measure speed, time, distance and calories burnt.
  • Easy Pulse Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Comfort Cell Cushioning
  • Motor: 2.25 HP.
  • Incline: 2-position manual incline.
  • Speed: 0.5-10 mph.
  • Dimensions: 64″ L x 24″ W x 55″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 18″ W x 54″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 119 lbs.
If you are looking for an affordable treadmill for walking or jogging with all the necessary features, then Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is the one for you. Equipped with all the necessary amenities and features, it gives you a feeling of amazing workout and is definitely worth the investment.
  1. LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill

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LifeSpan TR3000i treadmill offers to be a heart pounding machine which saves space due to its ability to fold into a compact set and complements efficiency. The product has been built using high quality material to make it durable and also is able to endure marathon workload as the speed is altered within a certain range.

This ultimate running machine not only to helps you in achieving your fitness goals, but also to make you feel comfortable while working out. It comes with 8 shock absorbers, providing cushioning which makes it safe for the knee and other pressure points in the back and legs. The motor with which it has been built provides high quality running experience to the runner’s as well. It has been programmed with 21 self trainer modules which can be selected according to the preference of the trainer required to exercise muscles, burn calories and fat.

Lastly, it comes with iPod and MP3 compatible sound system to keep you entertained and is equipped with advanced features like EZfold, Intelli Step and Intelli Guard technology.

Click here to read our detailed review of “LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill”.

  • Folding treadmill with an EZ Fold technology.
  • 2.75 HP heavy duty motor which works without creating noise.
  • Offers Incline up to 15%.
  • Programmed with 21 trainer workout modules.
  • 8 impact-absorbing compression shocks.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • iPod and MP3 compatible sound system.
  • Provided with a 3-speed cooling fan.
  • Long warranty.

  • Small running belt (not suitable for taller runners).
  • Short handrails.

  • EZ Fold technology to assist when the treadmill is required to be folded and unfolded.
  • The Backlit LCD at the console provides with information related to time, speed, distance covered, burnt calories, heart rate and number of steps taken.
  • It Offers 15 incline levels and a speed range from 0.5 to 12 mph.
  • 8 compression shock absorbers to provide you with comfortable workout experience.
  • iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system to keep you entertained during workout.
  • High weight capacity, treadmill is able to withstand a weight of 350 pounds.
  • The frame and motor provided are of durable material, they come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Motor: 2.75 HP.
  • Incline: 0-to-15%.
  • Speed: 0.5-12 mph.
  • Dimensions: 71″ L x 33″ W x 56″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 20″ W x 56″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 220.5 lbs.
There are more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to LifeSpan TR3000i treadmill. It comes with numerous advantages and high-tech features which are really worth the price. While talking about disadvantages, they won’t really effect you unless you are very tall runner with long strides.
  1. Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill

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When a person has a little time to go to the gym to workout or is being limited from working out due to extreme weather conditions, this treadmill made by Merax is the perfect choice. It has all the crucial features required for an efficient workout to help a person stay in shape.

Merax JK1603E has a folding design making it compact for saving space at home. It is provided with an LCD which shows information in a clear manner about distance covered, time, speed, number of steps taken, calories burned and heart beat rate. Considering the safety features it comes with safety emergency stop key that will automatically turn off the treadmill in case of accident or any emergency for consumers safety.

Being available at such a cheap price, it offers three manually levels of incline and speed range from 0.62 to 6.2 mph. It also has pre-installed programmed trainer workout modules with an easy user interface for low intensity to high intensity cardio workout too.

Click here to read our detailed review of “Merax JK1603E Treadmill”.

  • Folding treadmill.
  • Low noise motor.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Safety emergency stop key.
  • Offers three manually levels of incline.
  • 3 built-in workout programs.
  • Transportation wheels for displacing the treadmill.
  • Cushioning which makes it safe for the knee and other pressure points in the back and legs.

  • Small running deck.
  • Low weight capacity 220 lb.

  • The folding design makes it perfect for small home or apartment and is provided with wheels to help in shifting the treadmill.
  • Low noise 1.5 HP motor of 500 watt power.
  • It has 3 manually positioned levels of incline for high intensity workout and speed range from 1-10 KM/H or 0.62-6.2 MPH.
  • Safety emergency stop key which ensures full safety, allowing one to workout safely without any fear of being imbalanced or tripping over.
  • Heart rate can be monitored through dual hand pulse grip sensors provided on handlebars.
  • The display is multi functional as it provides with information related to speed, time, distance covered, heart rate, calories burnt.
  • The weight capacity of the treadmill is 220 lbs.
  • Motor: 3.0 HP.
  • Incline: Three incline positions.
  • Speed: 0.62-6.2 mph.
  • Dimensions: 58″ L x 25″ W x 45″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 14″ W x 44″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 220 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 70 lbs.
Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric treadmill is cheap but incorporates all high level functionality as that of upper class treadmills. It provides consumer with features like LCD display screen, safety emergency stop key, heart rate monitoring and well cushioned deck at a nominal price. Plus, the size is compact and treadmill is lighter making it an ideal choice for you if you have an apartment or small home because it occupies less space and can easily be folded and stored after use.
  1. LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

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This another great running machine by LifeSpan has won multiple awards from professional treadmill reviewers and consumer groups. LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill exposes a great design finished with quality ends. This machine comes with a 2.5 HP continuous duty motor which is extremely durable provided with a lifetime warranty period, advanced sound system, hi-end safety features, a variety of built-in programs, two-ply running belt and option to save exercise data for easy tracking online.

It has backlit LCD display screen which provides consumer with visible information like time, speed, distance, calories burnt and reading of heart beat rate. Its handlebars are provided with toggle switches which work for speed assistance and incline level folder.

Click here to read our detailed review of “LifeSpan TR1200i Treadmill”.

  • This folding treadmill comes with an EZ folding technology.
  • It has a quiet and powerful 2.5 CHP motor.
  • Automated 15% incline and speed range from 0.5 – 11 mph.
  • Wide variety of built-in programs.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks.
  • iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system.
  • High weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Long warranty which includes lifetime warranty for motor & frame, parts – 5 years, labor – 1 year.

  • You need to pay 69$ to get LifeSpan club membership.
  • No cooling fan.

  • The folding mechanism follows EZ Folding technology.
  • 2.5 HP continuous duty motor which works quietly.
  • Treadmill comes with 15 incline levels and speed range from 0.5 – 11 mph.
  • Heart rate monitoring option through pulse grip sensors or wireless chest strap.
  • It has multicolor LCD to provide you with workout data such as: distance covered, calories burned, number of steps, speed, incline, time and heart rate.
  • It high quality spacious running belt.
  • Speed and incline buttons are provided on the handlebars.
  • It comes with advanced iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system.
  • It has maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Motor: 2.5 HP.
  • Incline: 0-15%.
  • Speed: 0.5-11 mph.
  • Dimensions: 70.25″ L x 33″ W x 55″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 20″ W x 56″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 197 lbs.
All in all, LifeSpan TR1200i has more advantages than disadvantages. This ultimate running machine is considered as the most compact and heavy duty treadmill for domestic purpose. It provides many of the high quality features you would expect to find on machines twice the price. To those who wish for a durable high quality treadmill with all advance features at nominal price, LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill is the best choice.
  1. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

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The ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill by ProForm has been made by keeping the advancement of technology in mind. It is designed to burn calories and also keeps a check of the heart beat rate effectively, provided with digital controls which help in quick inclination and speed changes.

It comes with advanced features like oversized backlit display, coolaire workout fan and compatible music port for iPod/ MP3 to keep consumer entertained during the workout, this machine is also provided with a wireless chest strap which reads the heart beat rate and is customized for the cardio endurance program installed in it.

Moreover the machine is compatible with iFit live technology which enables you to train around the world with workouts powered by Google Maps. Here you can draw your favorite courses and the Pro 2000 Treadmill automatically creates personalized workouts.

Click here to read our detailed review of “ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill”.

  • It has a powerful 3.5 CHP motor which works without creating noise.
  • Provides automated inclination -3% to 15% and speed range from 0.5 – 12 mph.
  • Programmed with 32 trainer workout modules.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • iFit Technology.
  • High quality spacious running belt.
  • ProShox Cushioning to lower the workout process painful effect.
  • Intermix Acoustics 3.0 Sound System with Compatible Music Port for iPod/ MP3.
  • 8″ Cooling fan with three speeds settings to enhance the workout experience.
  • High Weight Capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Includes Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty, a 5-Year Parts Warranty and a 2-Year Labor Warranty.

  • Slow costumer service.
  • Extra charge of $99 for iFit monitor.

  • The 3.5 CHP motor delivers high performance with a continuous duty and is highly durable, provided with high-end commercial bearings and brushes.
  • The console is provided with an 7” LCD backlit which provides information such as time spent, distance covered, speed, heart beat rate, calories burnt and pulse rate.
  • The speed of the conveyor belt ranges from 0.5 to 12 mph and it can easily be controlled using quick control buttons.
  • ProShox Cushioning which provides comfort while working out, comforting the pressure points of the back, legs and knees.
  • The iFit technology allows you to connect with Google Maps to provide you with the feeling of training in the real-world
  • High quality two-ply running belt which has a 60”x 20” surface area, making it suitable for users of all heights.
  • It comes with advanced iPod/ MP3 compatible sound system.
  • It has maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Motor: 3.5 CHP.
  • Incline: -3 – 15%.
  • Speed: 0.5 – 12 mph.
  • Dimensions: 80″ L x 39.5″ W x 63″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 20″ W x 60″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 291 lbs.
ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill comes with a technology inclined to produce high performance. It is the best treadmill possible you can get with a price less than $2000. This is can be seen by both features and reviews. It will give you what you are asking for, whether you are a beginner or a professional.
  1. NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill

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NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill is one among the most selling model in the C series. This treadmill is designed for professional continuous duty workout.  It’s loaded with several advanced features that aren’t normally found in economy-priced treadmills.

It comes with iFit technology which provides user with a feel of actually running somewhere outdoor. It has a 3.0 CPH powerful motor, iPod or MP3 compatible sound system, 32 built-in workout programs, 20″ x 60″ wide running belt, EasyLift Assist technology and much more.

Its console is provided with a 7” LCD Display which shows information related to time, distance covered, speed and calories burned. The treadmill can be inclined by 12% which helps in burning calories effectively. Heart rate monitoring through CardioGrip touch sensors or Bluetooth chest strap can be done and this machine is a foldable variety that can fit your storage. The maximum weight allowed here is 325 lb.

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  • Folding treadmill with EasyLift Assist feature.
  • It has a 3.0 CHP continuous duty motor which operates silently.
  • If offers 12 levels of incline and speed range from 0.5 to 12 mph.
  • 32-builtin programs for low to high intensity workouts.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • iFit Technology.
  • FlexSelect Cushioning.
  • iPod/ MP3 compatible Intermix Acoustics 3.0 Sound System.
  • It has a spacious running belt of area 20″ x 60″.
  • It has a high weight capacity of 325 lb.

  • You need to spend extra money for Bluetooth wireless chest strap.
  • Tablet holder not at the right eye level.

  • EasyLift Assist feature which itself lifts the deck with just an easy push.
  • The power of the motor providing an effective heavy duty workout is 3.0 CHP and it comes with a lifetime warranty period.
  • 7″ backlit LED, full-color touchscreen provides workout data such as time elapsed, distance covered, speed, incline, calories burned, heart rate and pace.
  • The treadmill can be automatically adjusted by inclining up to 12% in order to add intensity to your workout.
  • It comes with a quick control buttons for speed assistance and incline level folder.
  • The digitized console is programmed with 32 training workout modules.
  • iFit technology which provides user with a feel of actually running somewhere outdoor.
  • FlexSelect Cushioning to reduce stress on joints.
  • It comes with Intermix Acoustic Sound System which can connect with your iPod, MP3 players or other music device.
  • The conveyor belt of the treadmill is 20”x 60”, provides the natural experience of running.
  • Motor: 3.0 CHP.
  • Incline: 0-to-12%.
  • Speed: 0.5-12 mph.
  • Dimensions: 78.3″ L x 35.75″ W x 56.4″ H.
  • Folding: Yes.
  • Running Area: 22″ W x 60″ L.
  • Max. User Weight: 325 lbs.
  • Treadmill Weight: 260 lbs.
NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill is a high performance treadmill which is made with the technology advancement kept in mind. It’s perfect running machine with breathtaking features for starters as well as serious runners who are willing to pursue their fitness goals. 
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