LifeSpan TR5000 Under Desk Treadmill Review 2024

May 4, 2023

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Last Updated: May 4, 2023

Lifespan TR5000-DT3 is a heavy-duty walking treadmill that is designed to slide underneath your existing standing desk. It includes a console that sits on your desk to control the speed of the treadmill. It utilizes a 3HP continuous duty motor that will go up to 4mph. The TR5000 incorporates LifeSpan’s Intelli-Step technology that automatically turns off the treadmill whenever you step off it. It is also Bluetooth enabled so you can sync your workout activity on the LifeSpan Active Track fitness app. The TR5000 is a fantastic option for office environments where you spend a large portion of your day in front of a desk. Instead of sitting for hours on end, which introduces a host of postural and inactivity issues, the TR5000 allows you to continue to move and walk throughout your workday.

Lifespan TR5000 DT3 Under Desk Treadmill Review 2024

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Who It’s For: The TR5000 is a great under desk treadmill for those who want to stay active while working at a standing desk

This under desk treadmill is a great option for those who want a treadmill that:

  • Has a 3.0 horsepower motor that is quiet and subtle
  • Works great for home or office environments
  • Is a great option for full time or several part time users
  • Will not disturb those around you
  • Affordable price point
  • Works with any standing desk
  • Subtle black styling pairs well with any color desk or workstation
  • Is a great option for those who want to walk instead of sit at a desk

Our LifeSpan TR5000 Under Desk Treadmill Video Review

  • Nearly silent when in use — the belt markings have been added so users can see belt motion since it is so quiet under your desk
  • Intelli-Guard feature makes it so if you step away briefly, the treadmill will automatically stop and not keep running when not in use
  • Resume feature restarts the treadmill at the same setting you left off
  • Active tracking of calories, distance, speed and steps taken
  • Has a low profile of just 4.6” so it slides nicely under most standing desks
  • Can be used by different people throughout the day if you have several part time workers at a workstation
  • Safe for home office with children or pets since the belt will not run once you step off it
  • Does not include a standing desk – you can use your own or pair it with one of LifeSpan’s desk options
  • Console is slightly large and not embedded in desk so you have to make room for it

  • Belt size: 20” W x 50” L
    • This is a nice size walking belt with plenty of lateral width and length for a full walking stride.
  • 3HP Continuous Duty DC Motor
    • The motor will support a steady walking speed throughout your day
  • 6 Independent Shocks for deck support
    • Shock absorption under the deck mitigates any impact discomfort and is gentle on your knees and joints
  • Max User weight: 400lb, Treadmill weight: 119lbs
    • The treadmill only weighs 119lbs but will support up to 400lbs of user weight
  • Console metrics: Distance, calories, time, step count, belt speed
    • Console is easy to read and adjust with multiple settings and display options
  • Intelli-Step and Intelli-Guard
    • Intelli-Step counts your daily steps while the Intelli-Guard system stops the belt whenever you step off for safe
  • 0.4 – 4mph walking speed
    • You can select a max walking speed of either 2mph or 4mph
  • Belt markings for safety
    • Belt markings help users see the speed and motion of the belt. Since it is so quiet, the belt markings are very helpful
  • Extremely quiet when in use
    • This treadmill will not disturb those around you even if you share an office
  • All metrics can be synced with the LifeSpan Active Track Fitness app
    • Keep track of your daily steps, calories burned, distance walked and time spent on the treadmill in the Active Track fitness app from LifeSpan
  • Frame: Lifetime Warranty
    • LifeSpan backs up the TR5000 with an impressive full lifetime warranty


  • Step up height to side rails: 5.25”
  • Step up height to belt: 4.6”
  • Belt size: 20” W x 50” L
  • Belt type: Maintenance free Habasit
  • Deck construction: 1” Phenolic with Brace
  • Side Rails: Black Anodized Aluminum
  • 3HP Continuous Duty DC Motor
  • 6 Independent Shocks for deck support
  • 2 Front Mounted Wheels for transport
  • Max User weight: 400lb
  • Average Amp Draw: 1.8amps
  • Treadmill weight: 119lbs


  • Console weight: 3lbs
  • Red LED Display with mode button to toggle through displays
  • Sits on your current desk
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Can be moved around as needed
  • Has multiple display options
  • Console metrics: Distance, calories, time, step count, belt speed
  • Settings: Select max speed of either 2.0 or 4.0mph, silence beeps and alerts
  • Intelli-Step feature tracks your steps throughout the day
  • USB Charging port
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • Intelli-Step counts your steps throughout the day
  • Intelli-Guard technology turns off belt whenever you step off
  • 0.4 – 4mph walking speed
  • No incline or decline
  • Belt markings for safety
  • Extremely quiet when in use
  • All metrics can be synced with the LifeSpan Active Track Fitness app
  • Pairs easily with any standing desk or workstation
  • Black color is subtle and stylish


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: 3 Years
  • Parts: 2 Years
  • Labor: 1 Year

In-depth Review of the LifeSpan TR5000 DT3 Under Desk Treadmill



Lifespan TR5000 Frame

Lifespan TR5000-DT3 features a heavy duty treadmill base, console and maintenance free walking belt to provide a reliable and long-lasting usage. Its low-profile design helps it to fit even under tight spaces with ease. It is designed to suit its use in the most demanding office environment and you can use it for thousands of hours without worrying about its functionality.

The 3 HP continuous duty commercial grade motor of TR5000-DT3 works quietly with utmost efficiency. It can be operated between the speed range of 0.4 – 4.0 mph. The operation of the motor is so quiet that LifeSpan had to add belt markings to let the users know that it is moving.

What makes this treadmill superior from other LifeSpan office treadmills is the high-quality construction, heavy duty motor with longer running time, high weight capacity, 1” thick reversible walking deck and high mileage maintenance free Habasit walking belt that doesn’t require any maintenance or lubrication.

There is no incline or decline on the TR5000. Walking at an incline while working on a desk is not advised and can negatively impact your posture. The level deck keeps you properly positioned in front of your workstation for ergonomic posture and performance.


Lifespan TR5000 Deck

  • Cushioning/Feel: The TR5000 has six shock absorbers under the deck to add joint support and cushioning while you walk. Since many office users may wear business shoes with less cushioning and support than athletic shoes, the TR5000 deck is designed to be supportive and comfortable as you walk throughout your day. You can hide a pair of easily removable athletic shoes under your desk as well to enhance your walking experience.
  • Length/Width:
    Lifespan TR5000 Length and Width

    The full footprint of the TR5000 is 63” long, 28.5” wide and 7.2” high. The actual walking belt is 20” wide and 50” long, which provides plenty of space for a comfortable walking stride. A low-profile motor hood on the front end keeps the motor quiet and protected and doesn’t impede your stride.

  • Belt and Side Rails: The treadmill has a 1” thick walking belt, black aluminum side rails, and heavy duty cushioned deck all powered by a 3.0hp motor. The side rails are slightly higher than the belt which keeps your feet from sliding off while walking. There is also plenty of forward and aft space for a nice stride and the TR5000 will support walkers of most heights.


Lifespan TR5000 Motor

  • 3.0HP motor: The hearty motor is designed to support users up to 400lb and will provide hours of walking motion. This works great for full time or multiple part time users. If you have a home office, the TR5000 is a fantastic option you can use continuously or on and off throughout your day.


Console Features
Lifespan TR5000 Console

  • LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 console sits subtly on the desk without occupying any considerable space.
  • In addition, a USB charging port is also present on the console to let you charge mobile devices.
  • LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 includes integrated step counting that comes with the onboard Intelli-Step technology. Even if you step on and off the treadmill throughout the day, the Intelli-Step feature will keep track of your total steps which sync with the LifeSpan app.
  • The Intelli-Guard technology present ensures a safe work environment and makes sure the treadmill operates only when you are actively walking on it. Moreover, it is Bluetooth enabled that allows you to sync your workout activity and track your progress over time with the LifeSpan Active Track fitness app.


  • The red LED displays your walking belt speed, distance traveled, calories burned, time elapsed and step count.
  • Various adjustments allow you to turn control beeps on or off; adjust maximum walking speed, or display miles per hour or kilometers per hour.



Lifepspan TR5000 performance

  • The TR5000 is a whisper quiet treadmill that makes it easy to convert your current stand-up desk into a walking treadmill unit. The TR5000-DT3’s compact dimensions make it easy to place under your standing desk, so you can stay active while you work. There are documented advantages of walking as opposed to sitting and since most office workers spend large amounts of time at their desk, an under desk treadmill is a great way to counteract any ill effects from sitting and inactivity. Sitting can exacerbate existing postural deviations that may lead to back and neck pain, tight hip flexors and a forward thrust to the chin. Walking naturally alleviates these issues by stimulating a healthy walking posture that strengthens the legs and core and keeps the head upright rather than leaning forward.
    The TR5000 is designed to work for hours at a time and it will not disturb those around you, so it is a great option if you work at home or in a shared office environment. The Intelli-Step feature tracks your steps for you and Intelli-Guard safety mechanism turns off the belt whenever you step off it. This allows you to walk away from your desk without having to manually turn off the treadmill — and when you return, you won’t accidentally step on a moving belt. This is also a great safety feature if you work at home with children or pets around.

Noise Level

  • The TR5000 is extremely quiet — in fact, the belt markings are there to help users see the motion and speed since it is so quiet when tucked under your desk. You won’t disturb those around you when working and walking.


  • The TR5000 has levelers on the side so you can adjust it to match any uneven spots on your floor. There are also front mounted transport wheels so you can gently lift and roll the treadmill out of the way when needed. The TR5000 only weighs 119 pounds.

Desk Options:

The TR5000 does not include a desk. This is a walking treadmill that is designed to slide under your existing standing desk. It will not work with a seated desk, so make sure you select a desk option that allows you to stand upright on the treadmill and reach the top of the desk without leaning over. LifeSpan includes several desk options. The DT3 model includes the console but not a desk.

DT3 Console:

If you already own a standing desk, the DT3 is the best option. The small, portable DT3 console sits on your desktop putting you in control of all the treadmill’s functions at your walking workstation.

  • Pairs with any standing desk
  • Console is portable
  • USB charging port
  • Bluetooth enabled

DT5 Manual Desk:

The DT5 is a great standing desk if you don’t plan on making frequent height adjustments. This sturdy desk includes padded armrests and a conveniently located console that doesn’t occupy any of the desk space.

  • Electric-height adjustment
  • Two-stage telescoping legs
  • Internal cable management
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 38”, 48”, 60” & 72” desktop options
  • Multiple desktop color options

LifeSpan TR5000 Under Desk Treadmill Conclusion:

Regardless of which standing desk you use, the TR5000 is an excellent under desk treadmill that will allow you to walk for hours and stay active while you stay productive. This quiet treadmill does not create unruly background noise, so it won’t disturb those around you. In fact, the treadmill is so quiet, several safety features are included to help you use it appropriately. The belt markings and console indicate belt speed and motion while the Intelli-Guard feature stops the belt whenever you step off it. LifeSpan under desk treadmills are used world-wide by government agencies, universities, health centers, and businesses who have adopted an active-office lifestyle. Like most of the LifeSpan office treadmills, the TR5000 absorbs impact at six points and comes fully assembled out of the box so that you can start with waking right away. It also features an impressive lifetime frame warranty, with a 3-year warranty on the motor, 2-years on parts, and 1-year on labor. We are impressed by the LifeSpan TR5000 and recommend it as part of your healthy office work environment.