Ergatta Lite Rower Review 2024

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Last Updated: March 18, 2024

The Ergatta Lite brings gaming to rowing on the compact, wooden design.

Ergatta Rower Lite Review 2024

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Star Rating: 4.3
MSRP: $1,799
Overall Rating: 85
Workout Experience 7
Specs / Features 8
Dimensions / Storability 8
On-Board Workouts & Apps 8
Build Quality 7

This water rower is comfortable, quiet, and stores upright when you’re done.

Summary Ergatta Lite Rower Review: The Bottom Line

The Ergatta Lite Rower is a new compact and affordable version of the original Ergatta Rower. Even though it’s lower in price, Ergatta didn’t sacrifice quality in the Lite. In fact, the Lite is another WaterRower with a 17.3” touch screen, like the OG Ergatta, it just isn’t as heavy or long. While you won’t notice the weight difference between the two Ergatta Rowers as much, the biggest differences are the weight limit and rail lengths. The Ergatta Lite only handles up to 320 lbs and is best for folks 6’4” and under.

Along with the oak wood design that makes you feel like you’re rowing outdoors due to the construction and water tank, the Ergatta Lite is fun. The gamified workouts manage to make it feel like you’re not working out. With set targets designed to keep you at specific paces and strokes per minute, Ergatta captures the essence of outdoor rowing while making it as fun as possible indoors.

You’ll need a subscription to access the content on the touch screen, but it is absolutely worth it if you’re looking for a unique way to crush your fitness goals. Oh – and if you’re new to rowing, or just want to perfect your form, you can with the new Coach AI feature!

Editor’s Note, 3/18/2024: Our Ergatta Lite review was created after spending extensive time testing this cardio machine.

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What We Like
  • The gaming content keeps you engaged while providing great rowing workouts.
  • This water rower is quiet for most homes and feels more like rowing outdoors on water.
  • There are video tutorials on the touch screen and Coach AI on the Ergatta App to encourage proper rowing form.
  • This is an uncomplicated rower with a comfortable seat.
  • The games focus on pacing and strokes per minute for total body endurance workouts.
  • Although more compact and affordable, the Lite maintains the same quality as the premium Ergatta Rower.
Areas for Improvement
  • The screen is hard to collapse and lock into place when storing the rower upright.
  • The shorter rail and lower weight limit make it not best for larger users. The original Ergatta is the better option here.

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Water Rowing Inside For Years

Although none of us were rowers at USC, we’ve been testing rowing machines for years, so we know a thing or two about these cardio machines. We’ve tested dozens of models from various brands like Concept 2, Aviron, NordicTrack, Hydrow, and Ergatta. From air and water rowers to magnetic and hybrid, we’ve used all types. We also are very familiar with subscription training content, because it comes enabled on pretty much every cardio machine, nowadays. We’ve been testing and reviewing equipment for well over a decade and we love to help you find exercise machines that fit your home, lifestyle, and goals.

Ergatta Lite Rower Review Video

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In-depth Ergatta Lite Rower Review: Testing & Analysis

Workout Experience

*Editors Note: *Editors Note: We will be adding a workout video that highlights what it is actually like to use the Ergatta Lite. In the meantime, feel free to comment below with any questions.

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Rowing machines, in general, are long machines that require a pretty significant amount of floor space to use. The Ergatta Lite was designed to be more compact and better for smaller spaces than the original Ergatta Rower. The Lite is smaller, but it only shaves off 4” of required room, from the Ergatta. Its dimensions are 82” long, 23” wide, and 38” tall.

Ergatta Rower Lite profile

I appreciate that Ergatta has included another rower and I’m glad it is priced lower than the original, but the Lite still requires a good amount of room to use.

You need to factor in these dimensions plus a few feet surrounding the rails and at the rear for getting on and off, as well as your rowing position in the finish.

It is a little lighter at just 40 lbs without water and around 72 lbs with water, but this doesn’t seem to make it any easier to move or store upright than the original. When you lift the back end of the rail, the front wheels engage to move it around.

Ergatta Rower Lite action moving

We didn’t find it any easier to move, especially because the wheels are pretty small on the Lite.

My biggest qualm is when it comes to folding down the touch screen and storing the Ergatta Lite upright. First, if you want to do this, you’ll need to make sure your ceiling height is at least 7 feet high. Next, you’ll need to make sure the screen is properly folded down before tipping the rower upright.

Ergatta Rower Lite action folding console

There are two small plastic pieces that the wood piece holding the touch screen rests on to keep the screen up and visible when you’re rowing.

These need to be folded inward to collapse the wooden beam holding the screen onto the belt from the drive system. Before doing this, you’ll adjust the screen by flipping it back to face the rear of the rower. Once you push the wooden beam down onto the belt, you need to make sure that it snaps to the magnetics.

Once the wooden beam and screen are secured flat, you can then lift the back of the rower and push it to stand on the two small pegs behind the water tank, upright. The big aspect to pay attention to here is making sure the magnets are connected properly, otherwise, the screen could fall forward when you lift the back of the rower to move it or store it upright.

Considering I failed to do this the first time, I have to say the touch screen is pretty durable and didn’t crack when it hit the floor. This is a plus, but don’t be like me and make sure the screen is properly collapsed downward before moving and storing the Ergatta Lite upright.

Onboard Workouts & Apps

The Ergatta Lite comes enabled with Ergatta’s membership and content on the touch screen. The membership isn’t required, but it is a big reason why this rower and the original Ergatta are so fun to use. Instead of featuring trainer-led content like platforms such as Hydrow, iFIT, and Peloton, the Ergatta has games.

Here’s what you can expect with the membership.

Ergatta Membership

The Ergatta Membership is $29 per month. It includes single and multiplayer games that are both live and on-demand. There are games structured around different types of workouts like HIIT, conditioning, recovery, and endurance.

There are 3 different categories of gamified workouts. Push Programs, Interval Workouts, and Races. Push Programs feature different workout programs with specific training goals. There are several programs that are constantly being added to the library. Each program consists of different workouts to take. They’re meant to be taken in order so you unlock each one as you go. This way, you can work on progressing your fitness and achieving the goal(s) of the Push Program. Each workout in this category is structured like a complete workout.

Ergatta Rower Lite Pulse Game

The Interval Workouts are structured for you to hit targets or stay within certain targets during different portions of each game.

These are set just like regular interval workouts. Your intensity varies during each portion or interval. These are available as single-player games.

The Competitive Workouts category is where you can race and compete against other members. These are multiplayer games where you compete against other Ergatta members. You can race against them, or collect more points than your opponents by utilizing power in your strokes.

The games are split into 5 different types: Pulse, Meteor, Echo, Race, and Vortex. Race and Vortex are for multiple players and competing. These are found in the Competitive Workouts category. There are also some Push Programs that utilize these game types.

The other three game types are for single players. These are found in Push Programs and the Interval Workouts. The Pulse games have you hit and stay in targets by maintaining different paces throughout the workout. The Meteor games feature a shooting star-type icon that you must keep in specific areas as it flies across the screen.

Ergatta Rower Lite  Echo Game

The Echo games are newer and my new favorite.

These focus on your strokes per minute. As long horizontal bars come toward you on the screen, you must time your stroke so you’re in the drive as the bar hits the target. These games are to help you match the rhythm(s) that is established, so you can focus on keeping specific paces.

The Races are pretty self-explanatory. You compete against other members all by racing down lanes. The Vortex games require you to collect points as you row; the stronger you row, the more points you earn.

Although you’re technically playing games, Ergatta does a wonderful job of making each game an actual workout. It doesn’t feel like you’re rowing and doing cardio, which is a big plus. The games do a great job of focusing on strokes per minute and pacing, which are important aspects of rowing. Another plus is that you can search for specific game workouts and filter your search by things like game type and length. Some workouts are just a few minutes long and some are 60 minutes long. There’s plenty in between these lengths to choose from, too.

You can also filter workouts by difficulty, workout categories such as recovery or endurance, and game type.

When you don’t want to focus on hitting specific targets while rowing, then there is the Just Row feature. This is where you can select Free Row to do your own thing or customize your workout by setting a length or creating your own intervals. During this feature, you can have Ergatta’s default metrics screen shown or select from different outdoor-filmed scenes. These feature a camera that films from a rowing shell on water in various places like rivers in Thailand and lakes in Portugal.

Ergatta Rower Lite  Free Row

They lack a little bit in film quality, but they’re nice to have as something on the screen when you just want to do your own thing on the Ergatta Lite.

Ergatta has more recently started implementing ways to improve your form and learn to row if you’re new to the exercise. They have training videos you can watch to gain insight into proper rowing form. Rowing is a very technical exercise. I am constantly working on improving my form, which is far from perfect. These videos are a step in the right direction to help you row correctly.

Another HUGE step in the right direction for helping its users row with proper form is the new Coach AI. At the time of writing this, this feature is still in beta testing and it is only available for Apple phones. It should hopefully be available for Androids soon.

Coach AI is a feature you can access through the Ergatta App with the Ergatta membership. This feature utilizes the camera on your phone to analyze your rowing. Once you set up your phone so you and the Ergatta are within view, with the camera ideally at the height of the touchscreen, the Coach AI will assess your form. It doesn’t record and save your video, but it tracks your positioning by highlighting and tracking your limbs with white dots and lines.

Once you row while using this feature for at least a minute, the Coach AI rates your form and provides feedback on where you can improve. There is a tutorial on how to set up this feature to use on your phone in the App.

I’m really impressed with the Coach AI. All of the recommendations and areas of improvement it gave me, have helped me with my form. Along with written feedback, Coach AI shares one of the training videos with you that specifically explains how to correct certain aspects of your stroke.

For instance, I sometimes collapse my upper body in the catch. Coach AI included a video titled, “Sitting Up Tall” to help me correct this.

From the first time I used Coach AI, I’ve worked on implementing the feedback on my form. After this, when getting my form analyzed through the Ergatta App, I improved. The Coach AI feature was able to pick up on the ways I improved my form, along with all of my body movements in general. Overall this is a very cool feature that is helpful not only for beginners but for most rowers. Coach AI is included with the Ergatta Membership.

Onboard Workouts

The Ergatta Lite Rower can be used with a membership. Without Ergatta’s membership, you can use the Just Row feature, connect with Strava, save your workout history, connect Bluetooth headphones, and a heart rate monitor, and access Ergatta’s music feature.

Here’s more information about these features, below.


The console consists entirely of the 17.3” touch screen. This is where you access the membership. The Ergatta Lite is a water rower, so there are no resistance levels or a damper to adjust. The only settings you’ll need to adjust are the Bluetooth settings and speaker volume.

The speaker’s volume is a little underpowered. I wish it increased louder. Ergatta now has music that you can choose to play in the background of the games. I can hear it fine, even over the water while rowing because it isn’t loud, but I would like the range to increase more.

The music features different genre stations, kind of like radio stations, with preset playlists of songs. There are stations like Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Country, and Top 40, to name a few. You pick which station you want to listen to before you start your workout. Unfortunately, you can’t change stations during your workout or change the volume of the speakers. This all has to be done beforehand.

Also before your workout, you can connect to a heart rate monitor and Bluetooth headphones. The Ergatta Lite connects to Polar, Garmin, Apple Watch, Whoop, Wahoo Tickr, and more heart rate monitors through Bluetooth, too. The Ergatta also connects to Strava.

Ergatta Rower Lite console

The screen overall is easy to use.

I do have to unstrap at least one of my feet from the pedals to lean forward to reach the screen. I’m not the most flexible, so I might be the problem here. I’m also short at just 5’1”. If you’re taller and/or more flexible you’ll probably be able to reach the screen without unstrapping your feet.

The screen does angle up and down so you can better view it for your height, too. Other than the screen, there isn’t any storage. You’ll need to set your phone, water, and whatever other item(s) you want on the floor or a table nearby.

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Build Quality

The overall build quality performs similarly to the higher-end Ergatta Rower. Even though it’s lighter and more compact, the Ergatta Lite doesn’t lack overall stability and performance.

It is made with oak wood and it’s manufactured in the United States. Like the original rower, Ergatta has partnered with WaterRower to use their rowing machines with Ergatta’s touch screen and subscription membership. The Lite is another rower from the brand WaterRower.

Ergatta Rower Lite logo

The WaterRower branding is on the rower.


Ergatta Rower Lite Frame

The wooden frame is traditional for water rowers.

It sits very low to the ground and under the seat is a dual-rail system. Because of this design, users with mobility issues that prevent them from sitting on or close to the floor might need a rower with a taller seat and rail, like the Aviron Strong Series Rower.

The rails are easy to step over, but sitting down and standing up from the seat might be hard for some people. The rail is just 5” high off the ground. It’s a little harder to get on and off than other rowers like the Concept2 RowErg.

The Ergatta Lite also might not be best for larger users. It has a 320 lb weight limit, and Ergatta claims the height limit is 6’4” or a 38” inseam. Matt, who is 6’5”, can comfortably fit on the Lite. I’m not going to claim that it can handle people up to 6’8”, like the original rower, but if you are a little taller than 6’4”, you could still probably use the Lite.

Ergatta Rower Lite rails stoppers

One thing I did notice is that the rails have stoppers on the front and back to stop the seat from rolling all the way into the footboard and off the back end of the rower.

The original Ergatta has these as well. When measured from these stoppers, the rails are 38” long.

For some reason, the front stoppers are placed further back than the OG rower. I’m our shortest testing expert at only 5’1” (with shoes on), and I noticed the seat would hit this stopper before I was fully in the catch sometimes. If you’re short like me, this might be something to keep in mind. It only happens to be occasionally, but I still wish the stoppers weren’t placed as far back as they are. It would be helpful if the seat could travel a little further forward.


  • Dimensions: 82“ L x 23” W x 38” H
  • Stored Upright: 21” L x 23” W x 82” H
  • Pedal Footboards: 16” L x 9.5“ W
  • Dual Rail: 38” L x 5” H
  • Seat: 12” W x 10” D x 11” H
  • Belt Drive: 18” from where the belt appears from the flywheel

Footboard & Pedals

The footboard is just one piece of wood under the pedals. Like most water rowers, the pedals are close to one another. This placement makes the Ergatta Lite more similar to rowing outdoors. The pedals or foot-stretchers require a narrow stance. Some people, such as beginners and/or larger folks might feel a little cramped with this design.

Ergatta Rower Lite footboard

The foot stretchers are easy to adjust.

They’re compatible with athletic shoes and the length adjusts for most shoe sizes. They adjust by sliding them up and down and matching the pegs into the holes at a length that is right for you.

A good rule of thumb is to place the straps over the balls of your feet. This will allow you to firmly push off from the wooden footboard in the drive. The nylon straps adjust over your feet. They aren’t as easy to use as velcro foot straps, but they work just fine and keep your feet secured while rowing. The clips for your heels hold your feet in place, too.


The handle is the same as the original rower’s. It is oval and textured to keep your hands from slipping. The handle isn’t my favorite, but this is a personal preference. I prefer rounded handles and a smoother texture. The Ergatta Lite’s handle is molded to keep your hands and wrists in alignment as you row.

Ergatta Rower Lite action handle

The handle sits up above the handles, so it’s well within reach to grab when you’re ready to row.


The seat has been updated on the Lite. It is larger with better padding. It is 10” deep and 12” wide so it provides a good base of support underneath you. It has contouring for your legs and tailbone for added comfort, too.

Ergatta Rower Lite  seat

This is one of the most comfortable seats that I’ve used on water rowers.

The seat sits lower to the floor, as I mentioned, so just keep this in mind. The seat sits on 4 wheels that glide smoothly and quietly over the dual rails.


The flywheel is a water tank. The water is used as resistance against paddles in the tank. This makes the Ergatta Lite feel more similar to rowing outdoors on the water than other rowing machines.

Ergatta Rower Lite action water tank

The Ergatta Lite has a belt drive system.

A nylon belt connects the flywheel to the handle. This spins the paddles when you pull the handle. Belt drives cut down on overall noise and make the strokes feel smooth. They also don’t need maintenance like the chain drive that the Concept2 has.

You will need to clean the water in the tank occasionally though. Ergatta sells water purification tablets to put in the water to keep it clean.

The water in the tank also makes the Ergatta Lite quiet and appropriate for most homes and apartments. Some people, including us, think the water sloshing sounds soothing while rowing. I really like using water rowers for this reason. That, and the way the water feels as resistance.


Because the water is the resistance, there aren’t any set resistance levels. If you like to be able to adjust the resistance as you do on an indoor cycling bike, then keep this in mind. Like air rowers, there isn’t a max resistance. The harder you row, the more tension you’ll feel. You can add more water to the tank for more resistance and less to less resistance, but overall the tension isn’t quantifiable, like magnetic rowers.

Ergatta Rower Lite Sydney Rowing

Overall, the Ergatta Lite is comfortable and quiet for most people.


Ergatta includes a 5-year warranty with the Ergatta Lite. This isn’t the best warranty coverage we’ve seen. It would be nice if Ergatta increased this to 10 years, at least. The full warranty is 5 years for the wooden structural frame, 3 years for components such as the handle, strap, and cables, and 1 year for the touch screen.

Should You Buy The Ergatta Lite Rower?

The Ergatta Lite Rower is an excellent option if you want to change up your rowing workouts. The gaming content is what sets this rower apart. Even though you’re playing games, the majority of the games are structured as complete workouts that have you focus on pacing and strokes per minute.

Although there aren’t any trainer-led workouts, Ergatta still manages to provide helpful ways to correct your form through training videos and the Coach AI feature. The games themselves are extremely engaging, motivating, and just plain fun, so if you want some extra motivation to work out, then I would consider this cardio machine.

The Ergatta Lite is a well-built rower on its own, separate from the content, too. It is a WaterRower with a stable oak wood frame that sits low to the floor. Folks with mobility issues that limit them from sitting on or close to the floor, might not be able to comfortably use this rower, but it’s a great option for most people. It’s also quiet to use in most homes and apartments.

Although it doesn’t have as high of weight and height limits as the original Ergatta Rower, the Lite is lower in price. If these limits are a concern for you, then check out the premium Ergatta, but if you want to save a little bit, I highly recommend the Ergatta Lite.

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Ergatta Lite Rower Review FAQs / Q&As

What is the difference between Ergatta Lite and the original?

The Ergatta Lite is the lighter and more compact version of the original Ergatta Rower. It is made out of oak rather than cherry wood and it weighs 72 lbs with water versus 105 lbs. The Lite has a 320 lb weight limit compared to the 500 lb weight limit of the original. The original is also more accommodating for taller folks up to 6’8” and 40” inseams versus the 6’4” height limit and 38” inseam length that the Lite has.

The Ergatta Lite is also priced around $500 less than the original Ergatta.

Can I use the Ergatta Rower without a subscription?

Yes, you can use both Ergatta Rowers without a subscription to Ergatta’s membership. Without the membership, you can use the Just Row feature and connect your Bluetooth headphones and heart rate monitor. You can also utilize the music feature on the touch screen.

Can you adjust the resistance on the Ergatta Rower?

The Ergatta Rower and Ergatta Lite use water as resistance. It isn’t quantifiable with resistance levels like magnetic rowers. There also isn’t a damper on the flywheel water tank. The harder you row, the more resistance you get. This is how air rowers work, too. You adjust the resistance by your intensity. You can also add more water to the tank for more resistance and include less for less resistance.

Is our Ergatta Lite Rower review a paid review?

We did not get paid to write this Ergatta Lite review. Ergatta sent us the Lite Rower to test, but they did not pay us to create this. We work with various rower brands to test all kinds of rowing machines on the market. This way when we recommend the best rowers, we have compiled our list based on our experience and we know that the models we’ve awarded as best are deserving.

We get paid through affiliate links. If you purchase a rower through one of our links, we receive a commission. This allows us to test all kinds of rowers and to create unbiased reviews.

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