Sole ST90 Treadmill Review – 2023

Sydney Kaiser

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Last Updated: January 3, 2023

We are really anxious to test out Sole’s new slat-belt treadmill. Until we can get our hands, well actually our feet on it, here’s our full spec review of the Sole ST90 Treadmill. We’ll go over what we expect from the ST90 based on our extensive experience with Sole’s other treadmills, and from the features and specs provided.

Sole ST90 Treadmill Review 2023

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We are highly impressed that Sole has managed to include an AC motor in the ST90. We typically see AC motors in commercial treadmills at local gyms, in the ST90, while still keeping it at a fair price. Commercial treadmills can be $10,000+ dollars, so it’s nice to see the Sole ST90 going for a fraction of that. We really love Sole’s treadmills and know them to be extremely solid durable machines. Even though it looks strikingly similar to Peloton’s first treadmill, the Tread+ that was recalled, we’re sure Sole has done their homework to ensure the ST90 is safe considering the brand is well-versed in making such capable home treadmills.

Why You Should Trust Our Review Of The Sole ST90 Slat Belt Treadmill

We spend a lot of time on treadmills. A big chunk of the treadmills we’ve tested are from Sole. We’re very familiar with how they feel, perform, and function overall. We’re excited to see that Sole has branched out in their lineup to include a flat, slat-belt treadmill. In dissecting the ST90, we plan to use our arsenal of knowledge of Sole’s treadmills as well as other slat-belt treadmills we’ve used to give you an idea of what to expect out of this one.

  • This treadmill is built for running. The slat-belt is designed to put less impact on the joints and recruit proper muscles and form when running.
  • The powerful AC motor type is usually seen on commercial treadmills, so it should handle a lot of use.
  • The console has enough built-in tech to not feel dated, yet it doesn’t require a monthly subscription to access the preprogrammed workouts.
  • It’s motorized and goes up to 12.5 mph and has 15 levels of incline.
  • You can train using the STUDIO app or watch shows from your own device from the device rack.
  • The incline and speed buttons are placed nearby on the inside of each side handle, for convenient adjusting.
  • The warranty for the frame and motor is only 5-years, while Sole offers lifetime warranties on other models.
  • The running surface is 20” wide. This should work for most, but some users might want a bit more space to run on.
  • Although the console looks sleek, it is missing numerical quick adjustment buttons convenient for interval training.
  • 10 Preset Workout Programs, 12 Custom Programs, and 7 Military Programs
  • Screen-mirroring to mirror content from your device on the screen
  • Built-in Pulse Grips
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Speakers to listen from your own device
  • Tablet Holder
  • 2 Cupholders
  • USB Charging Port
  • No Fan
  • Non-Folding Frame
  • 10.1” Touch Screen
  • Footprint: 70” L x 33.5” W x 65” H
  • Motor: 2 HP AC Motor
  • Treadmill Weight: 376 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Running Surface: 20” x 60”
  • Flat Slat Belt Design
  • Free Mode Switch
  • Step Up Height: 10”
  • 12.5 mph max speed
  • 15 incline levels
  • Quick Handlebar Controls
  • Warranty: 5-years for the frame and motor, 3-years for the deck and electronics, and 1-year for labor and parts

Sole ST90 Treadmill Spec Review

In-depth Review of the Sole ST90 Treadmill

Preprogrammed Workouts

By the looks of it, the Sole ST90 Treadmill gives you lots of options when it comes to entertainment and how you want to use the treadmill. I love it when I can just plug in a treadmill, turn it on, press start, and go. With the ST90 you can do just that. It comes with 10 preset workout programs, 12 custom programs, and 7 military programs.

We’re excited to see what these “military programs” consist of. The U.S. Military Fitness Test is pre-installed on the console, too.

Consistent with Sole’s other selection of treadmills, the ST90 doesn’t require a monthly subscription to access these workouts.


If you like having the option to follow along with trainers though, the Sole ST90 slat belt treadmill comes with the opportunity to use the STUDIO app. You can choose between a free yearly or free monthly trial to STUDIO, as well as the option to not subscribe to the training app entirely.

STUDIO has over 3,000 on-demand workout classes to choose from in a multitude of disciplines. So, when you’re on the ST90, you can stream treadmill classes from the STUDIO app on your device. These classes feature an instructor on a treadmill in an indoor studio. The trainer offers guidance throughout the class and helps you set your pace. All of the classes are in a studio setting and have music integrated into them, curated by the instructor. I prefer taking studio classes this way because often the music helps bring a bit more energy to the class.

STUDIO adds classes daily and currently has just under 20 instructors. The Sole ST90 is enabled with Bluetooth so you should see your metrics on the treadmill reflected in the app. A separate heart rate monitor will show your heart rate in the app and let you compete on a leaderboard, too. STUDIO’s library isn’t quite as extensive as other apps we’ve tested, but it’s being updated regularly to include more features. We’re curious to see what it expands to in the future.


One thing we love about Sole’s treadmills is that they have simple interfaces and included programming. With so many treadmills on the market that have what look like televisions attached, we appreciate Sole’s being more straightforward.

I am surprised to see a 10.1” touch screen on the ST90. This screen has a mirroring feature to allow you to cast content from your device on the screen. It doesn’t include preloaded apps such as Netflix found on the Sole F85, but using a touch screen on a treadmill is typically easier than LCD consoles. This is true for me at least because I’m so accustomed to using the touch screen on my iPhone. Considering it’s the same size as the screen on the F85, and it appears to be centered on the console, we anticipate that it will be easy to see and reach.

Overall, the console appears to have a very minimal, streamlined look. Instead of a panel that consists of cupholders and storage on either side of the screen, as well as below the console, the ST90 seems to have significantly fewer storage options than all of Sole’s other treadmills. For storage, there are two pockets on either side of the screen to drop your water bottle and/or personal items into.

Also, notably missing are numerical quick touch buttons that let you go from 3 mph to 7 mph and from a 1% incline to a 12% incline, fast. I am eager to see how the adjustment buttons on the inner part of both of the side handles, function. They remind me of the roller adjustments on Peloton’s Tread.

With how few adjustment buttons there are on the Sole ST90, I’m assuming (hoping) there will be additional adjustment options on the touch screen. There isn’t a fan built into the console, but I don’t think we’ll miss it. Some of Sole’s fans are weaker than other brands we’ve tested, anyway.

What is consistent with Sole, however, is the included holder at the top of the screen to secure your device. It appears to be like the ones on the other treadmills, so it should hold your tablet or phone in place. I’m glad Sole included this on the ST90 because having a device holder allows you to watch whatever you want while you work out. This is also where you’ll place your device to use the STUDIO app. A tablet will probably be easier to stream from, judging from my previous experience in using the other Sole treadmills’ device holders.

Construction Quality / Durability

We know Sole treadmills to be very sturdy and stable. They really feel like tanks to use because of their heavy weight capacities and overall very solid construction. The Sole ST90 slat belt treadmill has a 330 lb weight limit, so we anticipate users up to that limit should get a lot of use out of this treadmill. It also weighs a whopping 376 lbs, so it might be like an actual tank. Either way, it’s probably not the most ideal for an upstairs apartment.


The frame is where we are getting some flashbacks of the now recalled, Peloton Tread+. The deck, uprights, and handles on the Sole ST90 have a similar look that’s really minimalistic compared to their other models. We’ve become accustomed to Sole’s treadmills having a steel crossbar below the console to help hold it still while running. The ST90 doesn’t have this. The frame is made of steel, so we’re assuming it will feel stable to use like their other treadmills, however.


I’m really excited about the 2.0 HP AC motor. AC motors are known to perform better than DC motors. They are also great for handling a lot of use. Since they’re commonly found on treadmills in public gyms that get used by several people every day, the ST90 should work well for multi-user households as well as long-distance runners.

The Sole ST90 Treadmill goes up to 12.5 mph and has 15 levels of incline. In our experience, this should be plenty of speed and incline for most users to train with.

The ST90 also has a free mode feature where you can disengage the motor and use the treadmill similarly to a manual treadmill, where the belt is controlled by the speed of your feet. There are power inclines in free mode that let you have 8 different levels for extra challenge. We are excited to test out this feature.

Treadmill Deck

Another factor that is unique to Sole is the slat-belt deck. It’s flat and motorized like the Peloton Tread+, which was recalled due to safety issues. There is a panel on the ST90 that is mounted below the deck at the rear. We are curious if this is an added component for safety. The slats in the belt are said to have less of an impact on your joints when running than regular belts.

Along with a softer landing, as each foot hits the deck, the slats are also supposed to help promote better running form. We’ve found this to be true when we run on curved-belt, manual treadmills that have rubber slats. Meaning, that this deck should be ideal for runners of all abilities.

The deck is 60” long, making it perfect for all-sized users to run comfortably on. It does just have a 20” wide deck. For all of our reviewers, this width offers plenty of space. Some users might want a 22” wide deck that provides a bit more room, though.

Warranty & Customer Service

The warranties that Sole includes with the ST90 are less extensive than what they normally offer. The frame and motor have 5-year warranties, the deck and electronics have 3-year warranties, and there’s a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. We would like to see Sole extend the length of the warranty for the frame and motor.

Sole ST90 Treadmill Spec Review

Bottom Line Review: Sole ST90 Treadmill

There are a lot of features on the ST90 Treadmill that are different than other treadmills from Sole that we’ve tested. The AC motor, flat-slat belt, and sleek design have us really anxious to see how the Sole ST90 Treadmill performs. Runners of all abilities should be able to log a lot of miles while improving their form on this treadmill.

The 10.1” touch screen should make the ST90 easy to use. We also like that you have the choice of using the ST90 with a subscription to the STUDIO app or just accessing the onboard workouts. It allows you to just hop on and run, but it comes with more options for entertainment, too. We anticipate that the Sole ST90 will be a hearty, stable treadmill like their other models and that runners especially will enjoy this new design from Sole.