Sole F65 Treadmill Review – 2023

Kristen Nelson

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Last Updated: January 3, 2023

The Sole F65 is one of the best treadmills under $1500. This treadmill is perfect for walking or jogging. It is a step up from the ever-popular F63 with a few more upgrades including a 3.25hp motor that supports inclines up to 15% and offers a 12mph max speed. The F65 is quiet and well powered, and like all Sole machines, is built to last. The F65 has a slightly larger deck at 22” wide by 60” long. It also comes with a 7.5” LCD backlit display. As with the other F-Series treadmills, the F65 folds up when not in use and locks into place for security. We like the simplicity of the Sole machines as they do not require an internet connection to operate and the F65 has six preloaded programs on the console. Just turn on and go! The F65 also has a fan, speakers, a tablet holder, and button controls on the handrails for convenience. This hearty folding treadmill is a great option for walkers, joggers, and those who want to run intervals or short distances in the convenience of their own home.

Sole F65 treadmill review 2023

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Who It’s For: Runners who want a durable folding treadmill that doesn’t require an internet connection

The SoleF65 is for users looking for:

  • Well-built, durable treadmill with a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame
  • Incline range up to 15%
  • A treadmill that will support up to 350lbs
  • A simple console without extra tech and online subscription options
  • Folding treadmill that is easy to move with more wheels than on comparable models (4 rather than the standard 2)
  • 325lb weight capacity is impressive for a treadmill under $1500
  • Sole machines are well built with sturdy steel frame and a lifetime warranty
  • Incline Range up to 15% provides plenty of training options
  • Chest Strap Included for heart rate training programs on the console (another unusual feature with a treadmill at this price point)
  • Simple LCD Screen does not require a subscription to run the onboard programs
  • Tablet Holder at top of console for your personal device includes a USB port
  • Tactile, raised buttons may get dirty over time
  • Motor hood is large at the front of the deck and could be an issue when running full stride
  • Not as much cushioning as on comparable models

  • Simple Console, Integrated Tablet Holder
    • The Sole F65 has a simple console with 10 preloaded programs that do not require wifi to run. You simply plug in your machine and you’re ready to go! Raised tactile buttons are also useful for those who prefer actual buttons to touchscreen controls.
  • Sturdy Frame
    • The Sole F65 has a reinforced frame with side beams and steel cross beams under the deck. Support rails are also steel. The running deck has a low 8” step up height and minimal vibration, so even when at full speed on an incline, there is very little movement. The handrails on the F65 are epoxy-covered steel, which is more durable than plastic molding.
  • 325lb Weight Capacity
    • The Sole F65 will support up to 325lbs which is more than comparable treadmills in this price range. This is a respectable weight capacity for a treadmill under $1500 and makes it a great option for larger users.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    • The Sole F65 offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor.
  • Incline Range
    • A 15% incline is kind of the gold standard for folding treadmills and we are glad to see Sole offers this incline range on the F65. Incline training provides a greater challenge which kicks up the heart rate to stimulate enhanced calorie burn.
  • 60” Long by 22” Wide Running Surface
    • The F65 is a folding treadmill, but it still has a full sized 60” long by 22” wide running surface. This gives you plenty of lateral width and fore/aft space for a long stride
  • Chest Strap Included
    • The included chest strap provides accurate real-time HR metrics right on the console screen. There are also EKG sensors built into the handrails for convenience as well.
  • Clean, Simple LCD Screen
    • The 7.5” LCD screen is not the largest and for some users, especially those with limited vision, this may be a bit small. However, the numbers are large and the white backlit screen is easy to read.


  • Footprint: 66” H x 82” L x 37” W
  • Item Weight: 262lbs
  • 22” x 60” Running Surface
  • 2.5” Rollers
  • Step Up Height: 8″
  • 3.25 HP, DC Type Motor
  • 2-Ply Belt


  • 7.5” LCD Display
  • Tablet/Phone Holder
  • USB Device Charging
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Chest Strap Included
  • Cooling Fans


  • Speed : .5 – 12 mph
  • Incline: 0 – 15 Levels
  • 6 Standard Programs
  • 2 Custom Programs
  • 2 Heart Programs
  • Easy Assist Folding


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Deck : 3 Years
  • Electronics: 3 Years
  • Parts: 3 Years
  • Labor: 1 Years

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In-depth Review of the Sole F65 Treadmill



The Sole F65 frame is solid and well-built. Sole consistently builds some of the most durable fitness equipment and the F65 treadmill leads the pack with steel support beams, cross rails, uprights and handrails. The F65 treadmill makes very little noise when in use or when inclining due to its hearty construction. The running platform folds up and locks in place when you are finished and the four wheels slide easily along the floor when you need to move it.


  • Cushioning
    • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck is designed to reduce impact by 40%. While certainly an improvement over outdoor surfaces, the cushion in the Sole F65 is not as soft as comparable treadmills. The cushioning is sufficient for walking or jogging but may not provide enough impact regulation for long distances or heavy training. Also, with the 3.25hp motor we recommend light running and jogging on the F65.
  • Length/Width
    • Running Belt 60” long by 22” wide provides plenty of running space. One consistent issue we have with the Sole treadmills is a larger motor hood at the front end of the deck. The F65 motor hood has a high profile and if you run too close to the console it frequently gets in your way. A slightly lower profile cover would help reduce foot impact while running.
  • Belt
    • The 2-ply belt has a gently textured surface and feels supportive underfoot. The belt nestles against the side rails as it moves along. One concern is the side rails are a slick plastic that could become an issue if you drip sweat when running. This could make the side rails slick when you step onto them. Make sure to hold the handrails and find a good foot position when stepping aside onto the side rails.

3.25 HP Motor

The motor is quiet, won’t overheat and provides smooth incline/decline and speed adjustments. Sole motors are consistently quiet and the F65 is expectantly quiet and fluid. There is plenty of power for any incline or speed setting, which can be adjusted simultaneously.


Sole F65 Console


The F65 screen displays Heart Rate, Speed, Pace, Calories burned and other digital metrics. Screen readouts are not adjustable, you can’t change which metric is displayed in the center — it’s always time. But the screen is relatively simple and easy to use. A graph display along the bottom of the screen provides information about the program so you know whether to expect a hill or descent, etc. The large digital numbers provide real time feedback throughout your workout.


Console design is one area where Sole treadmills lag behind the competition. While we love Sole’s reliability and quality control, the console itself can feel a little clunky. There are preset speed and incline buttons for the following settings: Speeds: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12mph. Incline: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15. Manual speed and incline buttons are situated right under the screen; these allow you to toggle at .10 increments, but it’s not an intuitive setup. Similarly, the F65 buttons are raised, so they might be more likely to attract dust or stick with repeated use.
We do love the buttons on the handrails. The right handrail has buttons for speed and the left handrail for incline. Just be careful when holding the handrail to not accidentally hit a button.

Tablet Holder

Sole F65 tablet holder
The Sole F65 has a tablet holder attached to the top of the console. The tablet holder has an adjustable clip that slides up and down to hold your device securely. This enables users to watch their own personal device while using the F65. A tablet is not included, so you must provide your own. If you have other fitness subscriptions that you already use, the tablet holder is a great way to add training options/programs via your personal device.
There is also a USB port on the side of the console so you can charge a device while it is in the tablet holder.
Sole F65 USB port


There are two fans in the console, but these are not very powerful. It is nice to have a bit of a breeze, but these aren’t as powerful as those found on other treadmills.


There are two large pockets on either side of the console, and an additional storage tray spans the width of the deck under the console. This provides another three large pockets for additional storage.



The Sole F65 is very sturdy and quiet. It is good for mid-range training such as running 5-8 miles per day or for a household of two users. If you plan to run more than 8 miles per day, or you have multiple users in your home, we may recommend an upgrade to the F80. The F65 deck is not as cushioned as some, but we were still able to use it for intervals, sprints and longer runs without an issue. We’d love to see Sole upgrade the console with a more intuitive interface and layout, but this is a minor issue compared to overall performance.

Incline / Decline range

The Sole F65 offers a 15% incline max. Incline training is beneficial since it helps strengthen glutes and hamstrings to offset quad dominance and facilitate muscular balance in the lower body. Also, adding incline variability to a training regimen helps prevent overuse injuries and ensure muscular balance. The F65 does not decline, so you can’t drop below a flat road for downhill training. However, this allows the deck to sit closer to the floor for an easy step up. At a 0% grade, the F65 has an 8” deck height, which makes it easy to get on and off. The solid build on the F65, combined with impressive incline and speed range, creates a powerful and well-rounded piece of exercise equipment.

Pre-programmed workouts

The Sole F65 has six workout programs for:

  • Manual
  • Hill
  • Fatburn
  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • HIIT

There are also two custom programs and two heart rate training programs with buttons for each just below the screen. The programs do not change, it is the same routine each time you choose that program. You can also play your music through the speakers via an input jack in the console.

Subscription Options

The Sole F65 treadmill does not feature subscription videos or content delivered via an app. A Sole App can be downloaded to your phone to keep track of your workout stats, including calorie burn, heart rates and duration, but this does not correspond to an online subscription database of programs you can run via WiFi on the treadmill. The F65 is perfect for those who don’t want to worry about ongoing subscription costs or downloaded content.

Noise Level

The Sole F65 has a smooth motor, soft belt, and sleek engineering. It is very quiet and the F65 runs as smooth as any treadmill we’ve used. Additionally, the fact that it sits closer to the ground seems to help with noise absorption.

Storage / Folding

The Sole F65 folds up easily. There is a steel bar at the base of the deck you hold and lift to fold the deck vertically. Once folded, it latches securely in place to clear floor space. The F65 has four wheels, two under the front legs and two at the base of the deck. The machine can be gently rolled out of the way when locked. We find the F65 to be easier to roll than comparable machines since it has four wheels and most only have two. To unlock the deck, grab the yellow release lever on the right underside, and pull the lever gently. The hydraulic system will release the deck down to the floor, you do not have to hold or guide it.

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Bottom Line:

Sole consistently builds durable treadmills that rank high for overall quality, impressive engineering, and a quiet noise output. We love the nearly silent incline feature on the Sole F65. The deck inclines smoothly which makes it so you can keep running or walking without having to balance yourself during adjustments. While the console is a little dated, the F65 is a good option for those who just want to get on and go! It does not require an internet connection, you don’t have to toggle through hundreds of videos to find the workout you want, and there’s no extra monthly subscription charge to manage. Sole designs treadmills that are streamlined, hearty, and simple to use. The F65 inclines to 15% grade provide plenty of uphill training. Working an incline allows users to stay low impact but crank up your heart rate to burn calories, build muscular endurance, and enhance your overall cardiovascular conditioning. You also have a 12mph max speed, 6 preloaded workouts and 2 custom workouts. The F65 includes a fan, speakers, and tablet holder so you can use/watch your personal device while on the treadmill. You can watch Netflix, read, or use a training program of your choice on your tablet which sits securely above the console. There is also a USB port so you can charge your device while using it. We are impressed with the F65 and recommend it as a great option for users who want a simple folding treadmill that is sturdy and well built and doesn’t require an additional subscription.