NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Review

Sydney Kaiser

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Last Updated: April 26, 2023

The NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill is a new version of a previously discontinued model of the same name. The 1250 is the most affordable model in NordicTrack’s popular Commercial Series of home treadmills. Being in this series, the NordicTrack 1250 has a lot of similarities with the popular NordicTrack 2450 and 1750 Treadmills. The 1250 has the same design and features that we love on these other models but it’s available at a cheaper price. This treadmill has a 3.0 CHP motor, a folding deck, incline, and decline, as well as a 10” touch screen for streaming iFit. In our NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill review, I’ll take a deep dive into what this model is all about to help you determine if it’s right for you. We’ve put it through our testing, so now let’s jump in with how it works.

NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Review

The NordicTrack Commercial 1250 has the same sleek, functional design as the 1750 and 2450.

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Why You Should Trust Our Review Of The NordicTrack 1250

We’ve tasked ourselves with the goal of testing all kinds of treadmills on the market. We try out ones from different brands, and different models of the same brand, whenever we can. We work really hard to bring you up-to-date reviews with the latest models available to buy, so you can purchase a treadmill that you’ll not only love, but actually use, and enjoy using. We are passionate about fitness and are experienced in the fitness industry, so we love to share that passion with you through these reviews.

In addition to putting time into each model that comes into our studio, we also like to compare models to each other to help give you an idea of how a new machine performs. When testing the NordicTrack 1250, we compared it to the 1750, 2450, Sole F80, Bowflex Treadmill 10, and the ProForm Pro 2000, to name a few. I’ll compare certain aspects of these models to the 1250 throughout this review.

Our NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Video Review

  • The 10” touch screen works with iFit to offer trainer-led classes on and off the treadmill, plus automatic adjustability throughout your workouts.
  • This is the most affordable model in the Commercial Series lineup.
  • The 3.0 CHP motor is pretty quiet and great for light to moderate running.
  • The deck folds up and this treadmill can be moved around or pushed against a wall out of the way when you’re not using it.
  • The incline and decline range offers a lot of versatility for your walks and runs.
  • The cushioning in the deck is just as comfortable and soft as higher-end models from NordicTrack.
  • The console and screen shake a little when running at higher speeds.
  • It is priced a little higher than other models in its class.
  • The deck only inclines up to 12%, which is a lower range compared to other models.

  • 10” Tilt & Pivot HD Touchscreen
  • iFit Enabled With Free 30-day Trial Included
  • Bluetooth Headphone & Heart Rate Connectivity
  • ActivePulse Technology (ArmBand Sold Separately)
  • AutoAdjust Technology With iFit Subscription
  • Premium Audio Speakers
  • AutoBreeze Fan
  • 2 Water Bottle Holders
  • Quick-Touch Buttons
  • Folding Deck
  • 2 Transportation Wheels
  • Footprint: 78.5” L x 35.6” W x 64.7” H
  • Motor: 3.0 CHP
  • Running Surface: 20” W x 60” L
  • Treadmill Weight: 281.6 lbs (in box)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • 1.9” Precision Balanced Non-Flex Rollers
  • Incline: 12%
  • Decline: -3%
  • Max Speed: 12 mph
  • Warranty: 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor
NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Review

In-depth Review of NordicTrack Commercial 1250

iFit Overview

iFit is an interactive training program that comes enabled on equipment from NordicTrack. It’s one of the best online training platforms on the market, in our opinion. I’m going to give you a little overview of what to expect with an iFit subscription, but you can check out our full review to learn more. Here are some things we like and what we think can be improved.

Something to be aware of is that iFit requires a monthly subscription to access the full library of content. It’s an additional price on top of the treadmill. Considering the amount of content iFit offers and that it is a complete training program, it’s worth it. But if you’re not interested in taking fitness classes, you can still use the 1250. I’ll get into this in a moment. Here’s what you get with a subscription to iFit.

NordicTrack 1250 Treadmill iFit Class

iFit has over 16,000 trainer-led classes that are available on-demand to take whenever you want.

On the 1250, it’s programmed on the screen so once you log into your membership you can scroll through the library and take your pick.

The classes are filmed in professional studios where an instructor guides you through a workout. These are designed to resemble in-person spin classes, however, they’re available on treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers, and ellipticals. There are also mat classes for strength training with free weights, as well as yoga and guided meditations available.

My favorite part of iFit is the outdoor classes. These are available for all the different types of activities I mentioned, and they’re filmed in locations all around the world. The instructor guides you through locations like Egypt and Thailand. Often throughout the workout, the instructor will tell you about the location and act as a tour guide. Trust me, you’ll never feel bored on a treadmill again with iFit.

The Google Map feature in iFit is also a great way to explore areas all over the world on your own. You can literally draw a route on a Google map and then Google images of the area will appear as you follow the route.

There is music available to listen to as well as the instructor’s voice. You can mute one or both, too. The music plays in the background and consists of preselected playlists of different genres to choose from. You can change the station at any time during your workout. This is the main area in which we would like to see some improvement. I think music should be incorporated into some of the classes, mainly the indoor studio classes. Music helps add energy to workouts, so it would be nice to hear music the instructor has selected for the class to listen to. This way, when we’re running through a sprint interval, it could be during an intense part of a song to help get us pumped to finish.

Overall though, we highly recommend checking out iFit. It comes free for the first month when you purchase the NordicTrack 1250.

OnBoard Workouts

For those who aren’t interested in paying an additional monthly fee for training content, don’t worry, there are onboard workouts available for free. When you bypass the login page, you’ll see workouts with preselected speeds and grades to follow along with. You can also access manual mode which is available with an iFit subscription, too. Usually, a featured iFit class (or a few) is available to take for free as well. The onboard workouts and iFit require connecting wifi to use, but the manual mode does not.


The NordicTrack Commercial 1250 features a 10” touch screen. This is where you access iFit’s classes and the onboard workouts. It’s also where you get a lot of the functionality of the treadmill and where you see things like your speed, pace, and time. Obviously, the screen isn’t as large as the NordicTrack 2450’s 22” screen, but it’s a good size to be able to see everything you need.

NordicTrack 1250 Full Concole

Navigation on the console is straightforward and easy, too.

The piece that the screen is mounted into is very adjustable. It can be tilted up and down and pivoted to either side. This way, if you’re taking a treadmill boot camp class or a mat class after your run, you can see the screen from off the treadmill’s deck.

NordicTrack 1250 Screen Pivoted

With this feature, you get even more out of iFit and the 1250’s screen.

NordicTrack’s treadmills have some of our favorite console layouts and adjustment buttons. On either side of the 10” screen, there are numbered quick-touch buttons for adjusting the treadmill. The numbers on the left reflect the incline and decline range, while the numbers on the right reflect the speed in mph. What’s nice about these adjustment buttons is that you can press a number and the speed/grade will change to whichever level you selected. For instance, if I press 6 on the right side the belt will adjust to 6 mph.

NordicTrack 1250 MPH

If I press 6 and then 7 back-to-back, the speed will adjust to 6.7 mph.

I use these buttons by far the most when I’m using treadmills that have them. Other brands like Sole, Bowflex, ProForm, and Horizon, include them on their machines, too. The layout of them on NordicTrack’s machines is one of our favorites though. It makes sense and it’s easy to use.

There are other adjustment buttons below the screen. These include the start/stop buttons, arrow buttons for speed and incline, and buttons to adjust the fan’s airflow and the speaker’s sound.

The speaker is a soundbar mounted below the screen. It points at you and is plenty loud and clear. What’s nice about its positioning is that when you want to swivel the screen to face the side of the 1250, the speaker is mounted to the piece that moves. So, if you’re streaming an iFit class from your mat, the speaker faces you to be heard well. The speaker is loud and clear, too.

The fan is pretty effective. It points at my face and neck. I’m about 5’1”. Taller users like Matt, who is 6’5”, should point at your chest. It has multiple settings for the airflow.

There isn’t much storage on the 1250, however, there are 2 places to put your water and/or phone. There isn’t a place to put your phone or tablet so you can stream content from it, though.
This keeps you locked into using the screen and iFit if you choose to subscribe. Keep in mind, streaming Netflix or watching TV isn’t an option with iFit or available on the 1250’s screen.

Construction Quality & Durability

Being in the Commercial Series lineup from NordicTrack, we have certain expectations for the 1250. High-quality construction and well-designed functionality as well as quiet performance are the big aspects we expect.

NordicTrack 1250 Sydney Running Back View

To give you a quick preview, the 1250 has a nice build and checks a lot of boxes.

As far as weight limit, the NordicTrack 1250 has a 300 lb capacity that we see on other models from NordicTrack. This isn’t the lightest or heaviest limit, but it’s good for folks up to that weight. If you need a heavier weight capacity I recommend checking out the Sole F80 and Bowflex Treadmill 10.


The frame is made out of steel and supports the base of the treadmill. The frame makes the treadmill feel sturdy and solid. Fastened into the frame are steel uprights that extend on either side of the deck to hold the console and screen in place. This is the same as the other treadmills in this series. It’s also similar to the new design of the Sole F80, as well as the Peloton Tread.

NordicTrack 1250 Frame Screen Angled

The 1250 looks sleek but is still functional and stable.

It folds up, but I’ll get into this in the functionality section below.

The side handles are coated in textured plastic. They don’t feel exactly high-end, but they’re appropriate for balance and don’t get slippery when you’re sweaty which is most important.


The NordicTrack 1250 has a 3.0 CHP motor. In our testing, we’ve found that this is typically the smallest motor size we recommend for running. It handles use really well though and performs comparably to the 1750. For longevity, we recommend using the 1250 for lighter to moderate amounts of work like casual running, and distances of up to around 5-7 miles a day. For heavier use, check out the 1750 and 2450 models in the Commercial Series.

Overall, the motor is fairly quiet, and responsive, and adjusts evenly and consistently. The incline/decline is especially quiet and only makes a slight noise on top of the drive motor when the deck is adjusting the grade.

NordicTrack 1250 Matthew Walking Full Incline

The belt moves up to 12 mph, inclines up to 12%, and declines to -3%.

This speed is pretty standard and is usually the fastest we see home treadmills go up to, so it works for most. We love that it inclines and declines. The decline might not seem like much but it really helps add variety to your training by giving you the option to work downhill. The 12% incline range is nice and definitely gets my posterior muscles activated and burning within a few minutes, but it is lower than other models like the Sole F80 and the Bowflex T10. We would like to see it increased in future models.


NordicTrack 1250 Deck Angled

This is my favorite-sized deck.

The deck is 20” wide and 60” long. The length accommodates most running strides and fitness levels. You should have enough room for hiking on an incline and sprinting. This isn’t the widest running surface out there, but all of our reviewers feel like we have plenty of room. If you like more room to move on, then check out other models like the F80 and T10. However, know that the 1250 takes up a little less space because of the narrower deck. I think this makes the 1250 even more friendly for home use since most people probably don’t have a ton of room to designate for their treadmill. So, it’s great to see that it’s functional and a little space-saving.

The cushioning is soft and helps lessen the impact that running involves. It feels comfortable and for that, treadmills from NordicTrack are some of my favorites to run on. I get discomfort when I run outside on concrete, and even on other treadmills with firm cushioning, but I don’t when I run on a NordicTrack. The 1250 has the same shock absorption as the other models in the Commercial Series, and we’re thankful for that. So, if you have joint issues, this is a model to check out.

The step-up height is pretty slim at about 9” off the ground. This is when the deck is measured from the floor to the top of the side rails at a 0% grade. This means it can work in some spaces with lower ceiling heights, however, it’s important to factor in the step-up height, as well as your height, when determining an appropriate ceiling height to use your treadmill.


Overall, the NordicTrack Commercial 1250 is a great addition to an already solid lineup of treadmills. The 1750 and 2450 are consistently among the top models that we recommend to users because they’re quiet, comfortable, functional, interactive, and easy to use. The 1250 is all of this at a more affordable price, so what’s not to like? If you’re looking for a treadmill with really thoughtful features and innovation that makes it as enjoyable as it is convenient to use, then we recommend looking into this model.

One thing we don’t talk about often in our reviews is price because prices often change. At the time of writing this review, the 1250 is priced slightly more than other models in its class like the ProForm Pro 2000 and the Sole F80. The price is worth it though for how comfortable, storable, and functional the NordicTrack 1250 is.

NordicTrack 1250 Matthew Running

The 1250 handled everything we put it through with our testing.

The 10” screen is centered and easy to see, even though it isn’t overly large. The console and screen do slightly shake when you’re running at higher speeds. It isn’t distracting, but something we wanted to point out. Considering how adjustable the screen is, it is understandable to have a little bit of movement. We’ve tested plenty of models with shaky screens, and the 1250 isn’t at the top of the screen shake list of severity by any means.

When walking on the belt, I noticed a small seam that could be felt very slightly underfoot. When I ran my hand over it, it felt a little raised compared to the rest of the belt. Our thought is that this is probably just on the model we have. We haven’t experienced this on other treadmills, so it probably is a fluke. After a few minutes, I didn’t notice it anymore and didn’t notice it when running. The belt has smoothened out after a few uses and is no longer raised in this spot.

NordicTrack 1250 Moving

As far as moving and storage, the 1250 is pretty easy to maneuver around.

The deck folds up and locks into place with a hydraulic assist mechanism so you don’t have to physically lift a lot of weight. The deck slowly unfolds once unlocked, too. Like many other folding treadmills, it does require you to tilt it back to engage the transportation wheels on the front part of the machine, but it’s easy to do so. It’s definitely easier to move around than Bowflex treadmills.


When you purchase the NordicTrack 1250 it comes with the brand’s standard warranty: 10 years for the frame, 2 years for parts, and 1 year for labor. Assembling is pretty straightforward but having at least 2 people for set up is a good idea.

NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Review

Bottom Line Review: NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill Review

The NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill is a new addition to the Commercial Series lineup of treadmills that we love. It comes with all of the same features, and functionality, and is just as comfortable to use as the NordicTrack 1750 and 2450. It is a little more affordable though, which makes it a huge plus if you’re looking to save on a treadmill without sacrificing quality. The 10” touch screen is centered and plenty large to see and navigate the onboard workouts and iFit, if you subscribe. iFit offers thousands of workouts that are filmed all over the world. We highly recommend checking it out. The 1250 will automatically adjust throughout your workout with iFit, too. The 3.0 CHP motor is hearty, quiet, and great for light to moderate amounts of running. The deck features soft cushioning so if you have joint issues, this is a good model to consider. It’s also a good contender if you’re in the market for a foldable, fairly compact treadmill that’s enjoyable to use in more ways than one!