AssaultRower Pro Rower Review – 2024

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Last Updated: October 6, 2023

A new rower to hit Assault Fitness’s lineup is the AssaultRower Pro. This is an affordable alternative to the high-end AssaultRower Elite we’ve been using for a while now. In this review of the AssaultRower Pro, I’ll go over what to expect from this rower to help you decide if it’s the right one for you. For a quick preview, here’s what you can expect. The Rower Pro is an air rower that’s “athlete-powered” just like Assault’s other machines. This means that you control the tension with every stroke and the harder you work, the harder the workout you get. Its all-black rugged design is a staple for garage and commercial gyms, although you can fit this in your home too if the fan noise isn’t a problem. It has one of the comfiest seats we’ve used on rowing machines, comes with a versatile handle, and has a tall monorail to more easily get on and off. Now, let’s dive in further and check out the AssaultRower Pro.

AssaultRower Pro Rower Review 2024

The AssaultRower Pro is a well-constructed air rower for most people.

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Why You Should Trust Our Review Of The AssaultRower Pro

Here at TRG, we review exercise equipment of all types. When it comes to rowing machines, we’ve used several including many air rowers, water rowers, hybrids, and magnetic rowers. We know what makes a great rowing machine. Our team also consists of personal trainers, fitness instructors, garage gym owners, and gym-goers who have all been testing fitness equipment for years. We rely heavily on our backgrounds and experience using equipment to compile reviews.

During our testing process, we also like to try out a new rower next to the ones we have on hand to see how they compare. While reviewing the AssaultRower Pro, we pulled out the AssaultRower Elite, Concept2 RowErg, Aviron Strong Series Rower, and Bells Of Steel Blitz Air Rower, to name a few. You’ll find how some of these models compare to the Pro throughout this review.

Our Assault Rower Pro Review Video

  • The steel frame is durable and commercial-grade quality for use in homes and public gyms while still being affordable.
  • The fan generates unlimited air resistance so this rower is best for people of all skill levels.
  • The console features custom workout goal settings and good metrics tracking.
  • The design is great for most people because of the high rail and 350 lb weight limit.
  • The seat is comfortable and the handle is versatile.
  • It stores upright when you’re done.
  • The air resistance generates noise and isn’t best for some homes.
  • There isn’t a damper on the fan to control the amount of air that goes into the fan.

  • Battery-Powered Digital Console
  • Onboard Training Programs
  • Program Modes: Tabatas, Reverse Tabatas, Custom Intervals, Targeted Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate
  • Bluetooth and ANT Connectivity
  • Tracks: Time, Distance, RPMs, Watts, Heart Rate, and Calories
  • No Electricity Required
  • Collapsible Console
  • Seat Pin Locking System
  • 2 Front Transportation Wheels
  • Built-In Rear Transport Handle
  • Stores Upright
  • Footprint: 92” L x 22” W x 45” H
  • Construction: Commercial-Grade
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Rower Weight: 109 lbs
  • Adjustable Steel Foot Pedals
  • Dual-Stage Chain and Belt Drive System
  • 3-Fan Infinite Resistance
  • No Damper
  • Multi-Grip Handle
  • Sweat-Proof Padded Seat
  • Warranty: 7-year frame and 3-year moving parts
AssaultRower Pro Rower Review 2024

In-depth Review of AssaultRower Pro Rower


One thing about most air rowers is that they don’t require electricity to use. This means that you can use the AssaultRower Pro pretty much anywhere without worrying about being near a wall outlet. The console is battery-powered and it turns on and begins tracking your workout metrics once you start rowing.

AssaultRower Pro Console

The console is like a smaller, square version of the consoles on the AssaultRunner Treadmills and AssaultBikes.

It has the same functionality and layout as the AssaultRower Elite. As far as metrics, this console tracks pretty much everything you need. It records your time, distance, strokes per minute, pace, distance in meters, watts, and estimated calories. It can also track your heart rate with a compatible monitor.

Even though this console is simple, it still includes the option to customize your workouts for structured training. The “Programs” buttons allow you to do interval training, targeted training, and heart rate training. There are preprogrammed Tabata and inverted Tabata settings, as well as a custom setting to create your own intervals. When using one of these settings, the words “Work” and “Rest” pop up on the screen below your time for each interval so you know when to work and when to rest.

The targeted programs allow you to set goals for distance, time, and calories. You can also set a target heart rate to stay at while you use the AssaultRower Pro.

The console is also Bluetooth enabled, that’s how you pair a compatible monitor to it for heart rate tracking. It also connects to the Assault Fitness App to save your workouts, participate in challenges, and join workout programs. The App has options for all of Assault’s equipment.

The app doesn’t offer a lot of options and the console doesn’t have as many features and connectivity as the Concept2’s PM5 monitor, so keep this in mind. There isn’t a place to hold your phone or water anywhere on the rower.

AssaultRower Pro Console Arm

The console is adjustable so you can position it to a good level for your height, and it can collapse back when storing this rower to help keep it tucked out of the way.

Construction Quality/Durability

The AssaultRower Pro is a commercial-grade air rower that’s a great alternative to Assault’s higher-end model. It’s at a lower price point while still being appropriate for home and commercial use. It also handles users up to 350 lbs, so it works for most.

AssaultRower Pro Construction

One aspect that we really like about AssaultRowers, is that they’re rugged in design but comfortable to use.

Assault has done a great job at creating well-built rowing machines and including them with comfortable, thoughtful features that make them great for most people.


The steel frame resembles the AssaultRower Elite. Assault has done a great job with how durable their rowers are. The Pro is also lighter in weight at 109 lbs so it’s fairly light but still hearty. Under the two stabilizers are adjustable leveling feet to prevent any rocking, which we appreciate.

The steel monorail is tall at 17” high, so it’s actually pretty easy to get on and off. If you have mobility issues that limit you from sitting low to the floor, then this rower is one to consider. Water rowers in comparison sit very low and can be more limiting for some people for getting on and off. The seat mounted on the rail is 21” high, so even compared to other rowers that are relatively easy to get on and off of, like the Concept2, the Rower Pro is easier.


  • Footprint: Footprint: 92” L x 22” W x 45” H
  • Pedal Footboards: 12” L
  • Pedal Width: 15” W
  • Monorail: 17” H
  • Seat: 12” W x 10” D x 21” H

Footboard & Pedals

AssaultRower Pro Footboards and Pedals

The footboards are two separate steel plates mounted on either side of the rail for you to push off from in the drive.

They are 12” long to provide a good amount of surface to push off, too. On each is an adjustable plastic pedal to hold your feet in place. These adjust like most rowers with numbered notches so you can get a good fit for your shoe size. The plastic heel clip at the bottom allows for some ankle flexion in the catch position, and these pedals work with athletic shoes. The nylon straps adjust to fit over the tops of your feet to hold them in place. They’re not as easy as velcro straps to adjust, but they work just fine.

The pedals have a nice amount of space between them to help you not feel cramped, especially if you’re a beginner or a larger person. For home rowers for most people, we like to see wider pedals. Narrow pedals, typically found on water rowers, tend to work better for advanced rowers by resembling foot positioning on a rowing shell.

AssaultRower Pro Sydney in Catch

Seeing as I’m currently pregnant with a growing belly, I appreciate and need wider-placed pedals like these.

The brand Aviron has implemented pedals that have adjustable spacing on their Strong Series Rower, which I think makes this rower more inclusive for a wider range of people and abilities. You can also make the pedals a little narrower to work better for advanced users. While this is nit-picky, because ultimately we don’t have any complaints about the AssaultRower Pro’s pedals, it is just a suggestion to Assault and more brands to include.


The handle is very conveniently placed when you’re not using it. It clips into the hook above the pedals, so it doesn’t get in your way while adjusting the pedals like some other rowers do. We really like this handle. It is the same as the Rower Elite. It’s round and versatile. The cut-out in the middle is for single-arm rowing. Other air rowers like the Bells Of Steel Blitz and Concept2 RowErg have individual cut-outs or finger-webbing which does the same job. I think the large cut-out on the Rower Pro is better for those with larger and smaller hands though.

AssaultRower Pro Handle

The texture has a smooth coating that doesn’t feel slippery.

The handle also is wide enough for those with broader shoulders. It feels a little thick, but I can still comfortably wrap my hands around it.


This seat is a favorite of ours. It’s on the Elite as well as the Blitz Rower, so we’re familiar with it already. The combination of contouring for your legs and tailbone, paired with the forgiving cushioning makes it comfortable to use. It’s definitely a step up from the Concept2’s seat and especially the Ergatta and NordicTrack Rowers’ seats.


The flywheel on the AssaultRower Pro Rower is a fan with vents that suck in air as you row. Inside the fan are 3 fan blades that create tension on the handle when you’re rowing.

The drive system that connects the flywheel to the handle to provide resistance is a dual-stage chain and belt system. A chain still connects directly to the handle, but with the belt included in the flywheel, it makes the stroke feel a tad bit smoother than rowers with only chain drives. You still feel the grittiness of the chain, but it isn’t as pronounced as rowers like the Concept2 and Blitz.

AssaultRower Pro Chain Drive

The drive system also provides a good amount of tension throughout the entire stroke so you don’t get any slack like some magnetic rowers with belt drive systems.


What is nice about the fan is that it provides an unlimited amount of resistance. When Assault says that it is “athlete-powered” this isn’t an exaggeration. Air rowers, like the Pro, adapt to your effort. So, when you work harder, more air gets sucked into the flywheel to create more resistance.

AssaultRower Pro Matt Rowing

You can’t out-row this rower!

Something to keep in mind is that the fan doesn’t include a damper to allow you to adjust the amount of air that gets sucked into the flywheel. Dampers, like the one on the Concept2, have numbers that show the damper setting. The lowest number on the C2 means the least amount of air goes into the fan, while the highest level allows the most to be let in. A damper lets you get a little more range with the resistance and changes the feel of the stroke. You can achieve this on the AssaultRower Pro by adjusting your effort level while rowing, but if you like the option to change the settings for the airflow, keep this in mind.

Performance & Functionality

Overall, we’re really impressed with the AssaultRower Pro and think it’s a great addition to Assault’s solid lineup of cardio equipment.

AssaultRower Pro Sydney Single-Arm Rowing

Its durable design is incredibly stable while being comfortable and accessible to more people, due to the tall seat and rail.

As far as who this rower is for, we recommend it to folks who plan on using it at home and in a gym. It is rated for both uses and is certainly capable of handling use by multiple people throughout the day. It’s great for long rowing sessions and interval training. It’s also accommodating to larger and shorter users. Our team members range from 5’1” (me) to 6’5” and we all have plenty of room and find this air rower to be comfortable to use.

It does make noise, being that it is an air rower, so you’ll want to consider this if you plan on using it in your home. It’s a little more appropriate for garage gyms, because of the noise out. The noise is generated from the chain drive and the fan. It also gets louder the harder you row. The belt drive cuts down on sound a tiny bit from the chain, but the fan is still loud like other air rowers. The seat also makes a little bit of noise as it glides over the monorail, but it isn’t much.

AssaultRower Pro Stored Upright

When you’re done using the AssaultRower Pro, it stores upright to rest on the fan and stay in place.

This does require a tall enough ceiling to do this, but this really helps to save some space. The rear-mounted handle lets you tip up the backend to store it, and also engage the front transport wheels to move it. Even though this is a solid rower, it isn’t too hard to move or store.

A really nice feature that we like about the seat is that it has a pin-locking system that locks it into place to keep it from slamming down to the footboards when storing it upright. There are several notches so as soon as you’re done rowing you can set it to the length that works for you when you’re in the finish. So, once you get the rower out, you can just hop on the seat, pull the pin-lock handle, and start rowing.


Assault Fitness includes a 7-year frame warranty and a 3-year non-wear parts warranty. The setup is pretty straightforward, but you might want another person to help give you a hand.

AssaultRower Pro Rower Review 2024

Bottom Line Review: AssaultRower Pro Rower

The AssaultRower Pro is a new and welcome addition to Assault Fitness’s lineup of solid and durable cardio fitness equipment. This is the lower-end, more affordable alternative to the AssaultRower Elite, but it still maintains a well-built design and rugged steel frame. Along with its price point, we really like that this is a powerful, versatile, and comfortable air rower. Its fan creates an unlimited amount of resistance to pull against so even the strongest of athletes will tire themselves out. The seat is well-cushioned to be one of our favorites on rowers and it locks into place to help make storing it a breeze. Speaking of storing, the Rower Pro can be tipped upright to save you a lot of floor space when you’re not using it. The AssaultRower Pro is pretty loud to use, like other air rowers, so keep this in mind but it would make a great addition to a residential or commercial gym.