NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review – Pros & Cons (2023)

Sydney Kaiser

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Last Updated: September 19, 2023

The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill is one of our favorites for a number of reasons. It has a hearty motor, engaging content, incline as well as decline abilities, and a comfortable, large deck to run on. The new 2022 model also has a new streamlined look that is still highly functional as the previous 2021 version. In this review of the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill, I’ll highlight all of the new upgrades and everything you need to know. You can expect to get in a lot of running, walking, jogging, and even hiking on the 2450. We love this treadmill for all types of use, but it is excellent for running, HIIT, and speed work.

NordicTrack 2450 Treadmill Review 2023

The NordicTrack 2450 has a streamlined design that’s functional and comfortable to use.

Homes with multiple users or those who need more intense training will appreciate this efficient, well-performing motor. The 2450 also folds up when you are finished to clear floor space in your home. The large 22” touch screen makes viewing and navigating iFit’s expansive library of classes extremely interactive and easy to use. It also swivels from side to side for training on and off the deck. This feature lets you get more out of iFit and your training.

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2023 Treadmill Awards: Best Treadmill For Running

The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill continues to impress us with the new model for 2023. Our team has awarded the 2450 as the Best Treadmill For Running and given it a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. The 3.6 CHP motor is a workhorse that’s ready to handle miles and miles of running. Your joints will appreciate the softly cushioned deck that absorbs impact to help keep you comfortable. Plus, with the quick-touch adjustment buttons, you’ll be able to do all the interval training your body can take!

Why You Should Trust Our Review Of The NordicTrack 2450

Our process of reviewing consists of testing out treadmills to see how every aspect performs. We know how nerve-racking it can be to have to order a treadmill online without knowing how it works, and if it’s right for you. That’s where we come in. Our reviewers create these reviews for you, that way you’ll know what to expect from your new treadmill.

A big factor that helps us analyze a treadmill’s performance is comparing it to other treadmills on the market. In our studio, we hop from treadmill to treadmill to access every component. During our testing of the NordicTrack 2450 we compared it to the 2021 model, the NordicTrack 1750, Sole F85, Bowflex Treadmill 22 and the ProForm Pro 9000.

Our NordicTrack 2450 Treadmill Video Review

  • The large 22” touchscreen is lovely and plenty large to make iFit’s workouts feel extremely interactive. It tilts and pivots for working out off the treadmill, too.
  • The 3.6 CHP motor is quiet, and responsive, yet hearty, making it perfect for runners.
  • The overall design is streamlined to look sleek yet it’s practical and easy to use.
  • We’re impressed with how much use you can get out of this treadmill, plus it folds up and has transportation wheels for moving when needed.
  • The belt size is ideal for most running strides, yet it is compact to fit well in your home space.
  • The cushioning is forgiving on your joints and very comfortable to run on.
  • The extra adjustment buttons on the console make this treadmill ideal for interval training.
  • The incline range is lower than the previous model.
  • There isn’t any place to put your device to stream content.
  • The deck is 2” narrower than other models in its class, but this helps make the treadmill feel more sturdy for running.

  • 22” Tilt & Pivot HD Touchscreen
  • iFit Enabled With Free 30-day Trial Included
  • Bluetooth Headphone & Heart Rate Connectivity
  • ActivePulse Technology (ArmBand Sold Separately)
  • AutoAdjust Technology With iFit Subscription
  • Premium Audio Speakers
  • AutoBreeze Fan
  • 2 Water Bottle Holders
  • Quick-Touch Buttons
  • Folding Deck
  • 2 Transportation Wheels
  • Footprint: 78.5” L x 35.6” W x 65” H
  • Motor: 3.6 CHP
  • Running Surface: 20” W x 60” L
  • Treadmill Weight: 303 lbs (in box)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • 1.9” Precision Balanced Non-Flex Rollers
  • Incline: 12%
  • Decline: -3%
  • Max Speed: 12 mph
  • Warranty: 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor
NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review Star Rating

In-depth Review of NordicTrack Commercial 2450

iFit Overview

iFit is a fitness training platform that’s available to stream on the touchscreen when you’re using the NordicTrack 2450 Treadmill. iFit’s library of classes consists of thousands of trainer-led workouts. These are filmed indoors and outdoors.

The outdoor classes are engaging and each trainer serves as your own personal tour guide. I prefer them and have found iFit’s library to be the most expansive when it comes to outdoor classes than other fitness apps, like Peloton.

iFit has several classes that are a part of different training series. A series of workouts are multiple classes that are filmed in the same location and/or feature the same instructor. The goal of a series is to focus on a specific training goal and then as you take each class throughout the series, the workouts are programmed to help you reach that goal.

NordicTrack 2450  iFit Road To Recovery Series

Part 3 of the Road To Recovery Series explores all of Northern Italy.

One of our team’s favorite instructors, Tommy Rivers Puzey, aka Tommy Rivs, guides you through a series worth checking out: Road To Recovery. Tommy Rivs is a professional ultra-runner who was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer a few years ago. This series highlights Rivs’ recovery journey. Although all of his classes and the other 2 parts of the series are inspiring and motivating to take, part 3 is really special. Not only do you get to explore beautiful areas of Northern Italy and learn about the landscape and cities, but in each workout, you get to more learn about Rivs himself. He has an amazing on-screen presence that makes your workout feel intimate and captivating.

If you love taking trainer-led content, and even if you don’t, we implore you to try this iFit series. It’s not your typical “come on, one more rep” type of workout (although iFit has those too). Instead, the Road To Recovery series is unlike much of anything we consume on our screens nowadays – it’s good for the body and soul. Tommy Rivs has a very inspiring story and it is a treat to learn more about him. Every workout is a guided walk that’s around 15-20 minutes, so it’s perfect if you’re new to fitness, getting back into it, or need to incorporate more walking throughout your day – which let’s face it, most of us do. Plus, with over 16,000 workouts and several different trainers to choose from, you have plenty of choices.

The indoor classes are filmed in professional studios. These feel like taking in-person studio fitness classes. iFit offers on-demand workout classes that you can schedule ahead of time to take. In addition to listening to the instructor, you can listen to music in the background of each workout. The radio-like music experience lets you choose between different genre stations. The music isn’t built into the classes, so you can change the music station throughout the class. We would like to see music incorporated into the studio classes. Unfortunately, you cannot listen to your own music through the speakers, so for that, you’ll need to use your own speaker. You can choose to balance or mute the music and/or the instructor to listen to more of one or neither.

In addition to treadmill classes, there are also classes like strength training, yoga, cycling, rowing, and meditation. Some classes require equipment, while others just require a mat. If you already have another piece of equipment from NordicTrack, like an exercise bike, your iFit subscription is available to use on both machines. iFit has a mobile and tv app for on-the-go training, too.

One thing we get asked a lot about is if you can use the screen for streaming from apps like Netflix or watching TV. No, you cannot.

NordicTrack 2450  Console Close

You’re locked into iFit with a subscription and the class library is only available on the screen.

iFit is a complete training program for your entire body and mind. With a monthly subscription, you’ll have full access to the library and with the number of classes offered, you’re sure to add a lot of variety and value to your fitness journey with iFit. I highly recommend checking it out, it comes free for the first month when you purchase the NordicTrack 2450.

OnBoard Workouts

If following along with an instructor isn’t for you, manual mode is available with and without a subscription to iFit. Without a membership, you can access onboard workouts that have preselected speed and incline/decline levels. There are some iFit trainer-led classes available to take too. Just know, that you won’t get full access to iFit’s selection of classes and features without paying for a monthly subscription. Also, wifi is required for iFit and the onboard workouts. Manual mode can be used without wifi.


A lot of the functionality of the 2450 is built into the large 22” touch screen. The screen is a major component of the console as well as the treadmill. The screen has a lot of adjustability options. It tilts up and down and swivels to either side for you to train on and off the treadmill. So, you can take a trail run on the 2450 through parts of Montana and then turn the screen and take a yoga class on a beach in the Bahamas.

NordicTrack 2450  Screen Pivoted

This feature lets you get the most out of iFit’s content.

The screen is a large 22” touch screen. I find that I prefer this size on most equipment, like NordicTrack’s Incline Trainers, as well as on the S22i Studio Bike. 22” is the perfect size to see everything on the screen well. It also helps with navigating iFit because the numbers and letters are larger than on the 14” screen found on the NordicTrack 1750. So, when I tap manual mode in the top right corner, I have a bit more space to select it on the 22” screen.

Typically, with screens of this size on fitness equipment, you can expect some screen wobble. On the previous model of the 2450 there was some shaking, however, the screen now is much more stable and has minimal shaking. This is a great upgrade!

We appreciate the quick-touch buttons on both sides of the screen, too. On the right, the numbers can be selected to change your resistance, and the buttons on the left control the incline/decline. These make the NordicTrack 2450 perfect for interval training because you can quickly change your resistance and grade, and switch back and forth between high and low levels. I can also use these buttons to get to specific levels like 3.3 if I press the number 3 on the right side twice.

NordicTrack 2450  Console

This layout makes NordicTrack’s treadmills some of the easiest to use, at least in my opinion.

There are adjustment buttons below the screen to change the incline/decline by 0.5% and the resistance by 0.1. When you’re taking an iFit class the 2450 will adjust as you go to match the terrain and the instructor’s cues. This is convenient for eliminating having to constantly change the speed and grade yourself, although you can bypass it anytime and manually adjust the 2450 whenever you want to.

The soundbar below the screen provides a wide volume range and sounds clear even at the highest setting. The volume can be adjusted in iFit to balance the sound levels between the trainer’s voice and iFit’s music or you can choose to mute one or the other. You can turn the volume up and down on the console, too. Below the speakers, is a fan that provides a pretty strong breeze. With four power settings, you can select a suitable airflow for your workout. It is nicely situated and hits my neck and face when I use it. I’m 5’1” for reference. The fan does make some noise, but it’s not excessive or distracting.

NordicTrack 2450  button overview

The new design for 2023 is streamlined like the previous model. Everything is well within reach.

The only storage available is two cupholders for your water bottle and a personal item like a phone. The cupholders are small but hold my water bottle and iPhone just fine. They are no longer removable like on the 2022 model, but we don’t miss this feature, personally.

Construction Quality & Durability

In addition to some impressive features and functionality, the NordicTrack 2450 feels solid and continually has impressive construction through every upgraded version of the model.

NordicTrack 2450 Entire Treadmill

We liked the previous design and we’re glad to see NordicTrack has stuck with the overall design while making some changes, which I’ll get into below.

The 2450 has a 300 lb weight capacity so it’s suitable for folks up to this limit. 400 lb weight limits are typically the largest we see on motorized treadmills, so if you’re looking for a treadmill closer to this, then check out the Sole F85.


Built on an all-steel frame, the 2450 treadmill has a sturdy feel and a sleek design. With a 10-year frame warranty, NordicTrack helps to instill confidence in the construction. I know when we’re using the 2450, we can feel the innovation and quality that has gone into this treadmill. The NordicTrack 2450 can handle a lot of use and then folds up when you’re done using it. This is a huge plus for most homes.

NordicTrack 2450  Moving

The deck feels fairly light to lift when folding, and it’s easier for me to tip back for moving compared to other models.

From the steel frame, steel stabilizers connect and extend up to support the console and side handles. The coating is textured plastic on the side handles. I did like the previous model’s luxurious-feeling coating, but this works just the same. Between the side handles and continuous front horizontal handle, the NordicTrack 2450 offers plenty of balance assistance. The side handles are less wide on this model, so they’re actually within better reach.

The overall footprint is a little more compact both length and width-wise, so if you have a limited amount of space for a treadmill, the 2450 is more accommodating for that now. Don’t get me wrong- this is still a 300 lb treadmill, so it’s substantial, but there’s a slight difference in size compared to the last one. It’s also a little more compact than treadmills in its class, like the Sole F85 and Bowflex Treadmill 22.


The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 has a 3.6 CHP motor. This is an ideal size that we look for in treadmills for running and heavy use. So, if you’re looking for a treadmill for long-distance running, the 2450 is one of our top picks. It’s also quiet, consistent, and responsive.

We appreciate that the 2450 inclines and declines. Most treadmills only offer an incline function, but the deck declines to -3%. This helps to add versatility to your training and engages your anterior leg muscles.

NordicTrack 2450 - Decline Running

It looks subtle, but the -3% decline is noticeable as you’re walking and running on the NordicTrack 2450.

A change from the 2022 model to the 2023 model is the incline range. Previously, the deck inclined up to 15%, now it goes up to 12%. This is disappointing, but I assure you, walking at a 12% incline is still challenging. Plus, you’re all set for the 12-3-30 treadmill workout you’ve probably seen on TikTok.

NordicTrack 2450  Matt Incline Feet

Training at this 12% is effective for working your posterior muscles.

The incline and decline function is quieter than the previous model, which is a nice upgrade. The incline and decline can barely be heard over the drive motor. With a 12 mph max speed, 12% incline, and a -3% decline, you have plenty of variables to work with to vary your training. Users should be able to do a lot of working out on the 2450, without disrupting their neighbors or housemates.


In addition to the hearty motor, the deck is an ideal length to do some serious training on. It’s 60” long which we’ve found to be perfect for most users to have plenty of room to run/sprint on. We’ve found in our testing that most stride lengths have enough space for running at higher speeds.

The deck is now 20” wide, from the previous 22” wide running surface. Visually this change is apparent. This change contributes to the footprint being more compact. When you’re using the 2450 though, it isn’t very noticeable. It might be to larger users, and if extra width is something you’re concerned about, the Sole F85, Bowflex Treadmill 22, or either NordicTrack’s Incline Trainers, are other models I recommend looking into. Matt who is 6’5” doesn’t notice much of a difference in the width, and he can still use the 2450 without feeling constricted.

NordicTrack 2450 deck

There is plenty of room to run, yet it takes up less space in your home.

Treadmills from NordicTrack have some of the softest cushioning we’ve run on. The 2450 feels soft and has nice shock absorption to help prevent discomfort in your legs. We notice a significant difference in running on the 2450 as opposed to outside on asphalt, and even running on the Peloton Tread, Sole F85, and Bowflex Treadmill 22 which all have firm cushioning. The cushioning feels comfortable and what we’ve grown accustomed to feeling underfoot when using NordicTrack treadmills. It isn’t as soft as the Incline Trainers, but it doesn’t feel bouncy at higher speeds like those tend to.

Previous versions of the NordicTrack 2450 featured adjustable cushioning. That is no longer the case. The cushioning now remains on at all times. Our team doesn’t miss the adjustable cushioning, and we doubt you will either.


Running on the 2450 feels comfortable and frankly – enjoyable. No dreadmill here! The features and streamlined design work cohesively to provide a solid, cushioned, quiet experience. The motor and incline function works to handle all levels of training while providing a pretty low sound output. The motor does get louder with higher speeds, but so do most treadmills. The thudding that comes from when your feet land on the deck as you run, is pretty quiet, too.

During our testing, the NordicTrack 2450 handled everything our reviewers put it through. When picking a model to run a lot of miles on, the 2450 is always one of my top choices. It’s engaging to use with iFit and has an intuitive design that makes this treadmill a favorite of mine. We highly recommend the 2450 for running, sprinting, jogging, hiking, and walking. Whether you’re a serious runner, a casual walker, or an interval junkie, this treadmill can accommodate a wide range of training levels. Users of most sizes should get a lot of use out of it as well.

NordicTrack 2450  Matt Running

Overall, the 2450 performed very similarly to the previous model. It’s a workhorse of a machine and that’s why we love it.

Here are a couple of other small changes that were made to the construction, and how they worked for us.

The rollers, which are at the top and bottom of the deck, pull the belt along the running surface and then underneath the deck. When the roller diameter is large, less belt tension is necessary because there is additional surface area to grab the belt and move it along. In machines with smaller rollers, the belt must be strung very tight which wears out the belt and increases foot drag. The previous 2.5” rollers moved the belt along smoothly and even though they’re slightly smaller at 1.9”, the belt still moves along smoothly, and consistently. The belt isn’t excessively tight either so you shouldn’t have to worry about it wearing out quickly. This small change isn’t noticeable.

I’ll admit as much as I liked that the sides of the belt were tucked under the side rails on the 2022 model, it didn’t make lubricating the belt as easy as others. I’m a little sad to see this design go, but having the edges of the belt out from under the side rails is more practical for maintenance.

As far as the profile of the deck, it is about 9” from the floor to the top of the side rails when the deck is at a flat grade. It’s pretty slim, making it more friendly for lower ceilings. The 2450 overall is suitable for most home spaces when it comes to size, storage, maneuverability, and noise.


We recommend having at least two people assemble the 2450, to ensure a smoother process. NordicTrack backs up the 2450 with a standard 10-year warranty for the frame, a 2-year warranty for parts, and a 1-year warranty for labor.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review Star Rating

Bottom Line Review: NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Review

Even through multiple upgrades and changes over the years, the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 continues to be one of our top-recommended treadmills on the market. This is because of the high-quality construction, easy-to-use design, forgiving cushioning, foldable deck, and engaging content that it has to offer. The 2450 is our best pick for running because it’s comfortable, hearty, stable, and has a great 60” long belt that works for most running strides. The new 2023 model is a little more compact so if you’re short on space, it’s also a good option, however, it is still a substantial treadmill, with a workhorse of a motor! The 22” touch screen is sturdy and adjustable so you’ll get a lot of value in iFit’s training content with a monthly subscription. The NordicTrack 2450 is a well-built machine and we highly recommend it as a great option for any in-home user.