NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review – Pros & Cons (2020)

Last Updated: March 22, 2020

The NordicTrack 2450 is one of our Best Treadmills for 2020. It is also consistently one of the Best Treadmills for Running. The 2450 features a 14” full-color LCD touchscreen, which is an upgrade on the 2020 model. A 4CHP self-cooling motor and extensive tech features bring a real-world feel to your run. Because it can be folded when not in use, the 2450 allows you to train at home and not lose floor-space. You can’t go wrong with this machine!

NordicTrack 2450 Treadmill - Best Treadmill for Runners 2020 Award

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Treadmill Awards: 2020 Best Treadmill for Runners

Best Treadmill for Running 2020

We ranked the NordicTrack 2450 Commercial Treadmill as the ‘Best Treadmill for Running’ for 2020. With a strong, durable frame, excellent onboard training programs, iFit capability built in, and 14” touchscreen, the 2450 is the perfect treadmill for runners looking to get a great workout at home.

Who It’s For: Hardcore Runners Who Want Power And Tech

The NordicTrack 2450 is designed for athletes looking for:

  • Solid, cushioned running surface
  • Impressive incline range
  • Free 1-year membership to iFit — with over 16,000 trainer-led workouts
  • 14″ eye-catching console
  • Hearty motor to support heavy use
  • 50 onboard workouts
  • 14” full-color LCD Touchscreen
  • Well-designed console that is easy to navigate
  • 4 Continuous Horsepower DurX motor
  • Runners Flex Cushioned deck with extra long belt
  • 15% Incline to -3% Decline range
  • 50 Pre-programmed workouts
  • iFit subscription, free for one-year
  • Dual 3” fans in the console
  • Bluetooth Audio transmits in from your phone to the 2450 speakers
  • Quiet when in use
  • More shelves and pockets than comparable treadmills
  • Easy Lift Assist to fold up when not in use
  • Large, loose cupholders don’t hold water bottles snugly
  • No separate tablet holder at top of console
  • No longer includes a heart rate chest strap (must now be purchased separately)
  • Bluetooth does not sync with wireless headphones

Our Video Review

    • Runners Flex™ Cushioning
      This cushioning feature reduces foot strike impact by 30% compared to road running — which is a huge benefit. Joint impact and overuse injuries are common in runners as the downward force from each step can be more than double a runner’s weight. The cushioned feel on the 2450 is impressive and noticeable. As a dedicated runner, I’ve spent years running on outdoor surfaces. Even in the best shoes, concrete and asphalt do not make for cushioned running surfaces. The 2450 provides a comfortable running experience. Gentle flexibility in the deck mitigates foot impact while a stable surface provides a solid toe-off for each step. The cushioning feature can be turned “ON” or “OFF” via a lever on the side of the deck. If you are training for a race and want to simulate outdoor surfaces, you can turn the cushioning off when desired. However, it is such an added benefit for users my default would be to leave the cushioning on.


    • 14” Smart HD TouchscreenThe 2450 has been updated from a 10” to 14” touchscreen and it makes all the difference! With bright graphics and finger touch interactivity, the screen not only helps you navigate the system, it is also engaging as you run. From the touchscreen, you can choose your workout and peruse iFit; as well as adjust speed, incline and display while using a program. Graphics are bright and easy to see and I was impressed by the touchscreen capabilities. Even with sweaty hands, the screen is responsive to a light touch.


    • 1-Year NordicTrack iFit® membershipiFit is valuable and engaging with more than 16,000 workouts.
      • Studio-based classes include: bootcamp, interval training, and combo routines that alternate strength training with running segments. The trainer provides direction as he/she works alongside you and other participants in the studio. iFit automatically adjusts the speed and incline for you at the direction of the trainer. (You can override this at any point — just hit any QuickControl speed or incline button to adjust as needed.)
      • iFit also offers outdoor runs in any number of exotic places. I joined the program: Hannah Eden takes Iceland which includes ten runs of varying lengths through the Icelandic Mountains. You follow along on the treadmill as she navigates the real terrain just ahead of you. The treadmill automatically inclines and declines to match the actual grade as you run. The scenery is breathtaking and Eden does a good job of keeping it interesting (while also managing to run and breathe).
      • Off-the-treadmill classes are also available. Log into iFit from any tablet or computer and from the Main Menu bar, select the “Daily Workout” tab. It will bring up class options like: kickboxing, yoga, HIIT, dumbbells or Fit in 15 (for when you only have 15minutes). You do not need to be by your treadmill to access these classes, which means you can use iFit even while travelling.
      • Be advised, you need WiFi to run iFit programs. When you first set up your treadmill, the screen will prompt you to log in and connect to your personal network. It will then automatically reconnect whenever you turn on the machine. Without WiFi you will not be able to run iFit.


    • 15% Incline to -3% DeclineSeriously, the 15% incline provides plenty of grade to engage glutes and hamstrings as you hammer out steep hill training. I moderated the incline several times to mimic rolling hills and the adjustment between settings is smooth and steady. The 15% to -3% incline/decline range also provides multiple training variables at different inclines so you don’t get bored training on a flat road.
      A -3% decline is an unusual feature on a home treadmill, especially one that folds up. This allows you to strengthen quads and knees for gentle conditioning. It also adds variability to any routine and provides a nice downhill active recovery after a heavy run.


    • 0 – 12 MPH Speed12mph is impressive speed and probably faster than most of us need. However, a wide speed range matters when running intervals, doing sprints, or training for those fast downhills at the -3% decline. Both the QuickTouch and manual speed adjustments are smooth so there’s no jerkiness when increasing or decreasing speed.


    • 50 On-Board Workout ProgramsThe 50 on-board workout options feature various training options. You can select any number of world-wide routes which display full-color photos of the terrain. These update as you run along. The deck will also automatically incline and decline to match the grade. Simple preset workout modes such as Fat-Burn, Hills, Intervals, etc., are also available. These also have speed and incline automation if desired.


    • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ AssistThe 2450 folds easily using a handlebar at the base of the deck. I can lift it with one hand. The deck will lock in place in a vertical position and stays locked when not in use. Unlocking is also easy using a foot-release on the underside of the deck. A hydraulic release system gently brings the deck back down to the floor so you don’t have to worry about it dropping too fast.


    • 4 CHP commercial grade motor:The 2450 is built on a commercial-grade frame that houses a 4 CHP self-cooling motor. CHP stands for “continuous horsepower,” which means the motor can sustain and maintain power over a long workout. (Basically, you will get fatigued before it does) The self-cooling feature allows it to support back-to-back workouts by multiple users without overheating.


  • Bluetooth® Audio and Chest Strap CompatibleBluetooth Audio allows you to pair your phone with the treadmill so you can listen to your music or podcast on the speakers. However, you cannot transmit Bluetooth out from the machine to personal wireless headphones.


  • 4 CHP commercial grade motor
  • 2.5 precision balanced rollers
  • 2-Ply treadmill belt
  • Runners Flex™ Cushioning
  • 22” wide x 60” long commercial tread belt


  • 14” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth® Audio Capabilities from your phone to the speakers
  • Two 3” Digitally Amplified Speakers
  • Dual AutoBreeze™ Workout Fans
  • Two water bottle pockets on either side of the console
  • Integrated Tray for additional storage


  • 0 to +15% Incline
  • 0 to -3% Decline
  • 0 – 12 MPH Speed
  • OneTouch® Controls
  • 300 Lb. User Capacity
  • EKG Grip Pulse
  • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist
  • 50 On-Board Workout Programs
  • 1-Year NordicTrack iFit® membership


  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty

In-depth Review of NordicTrack Commercial 2450


The 2450 is built to be strong and durable. A few things stand out on the construction:


  • Built on an all-steel frame, the 2450 has a sturdy feel. With a 10-year frame warranty, NordicTrack is confident
    in the design and durability of this machine.

Runners Flex Cushion with extra long deck

    • Runners Flex Cushioning: This is one of the best features on the 2450. It reduces foot impact by 30% as opposed to outdoor surfaces, which means running doesn’t have to be painful! The engineering behind this is actually quite simple. Using a lever on the side of the deck, users can select “ON” for cushioning or “OFF” for road conditions. In the “OFF” position, a bar underneath the deck is turned upwards, bracing the deck to prevent flex, thereby simulating road or asphalt running. In the “ON” position, the bar is turned down, away from the deck, allowing for more flex as you run. I find I can run longer and get more out of my workout on the 2450. After completing a workout, I noticed less leg soreness and fatigue than I would normally experience outdoors.

    • Deck Size: The 22×60” belt provides added length at both the top and sides of the track. For tall runners or those with a long stride, the length is a must-have. Every runner will enjoy the added lateral and linear space which gives you a bit more wiggle-room to wander on the deck without hitting the hood or side rails.


    • Balanced 2.5″ Rollers: The rollers are situated at the front of the deck to pull the belt along the running surface and then underneath the deck. When the roller diameter is large, less belt tension is necessary because there is additional surface area to grab the belt and move it along. In machines with smaller rollers, the belt must be strung very tight. This wears out the belt sooner and increases foot drag. The 2.5” rollers on the 2450 move the belt along smoothly to extend belt life and reduce foot resistance.


  • 2-Ply Belt: Nice and thick, the belt moves smoothly along the deck. It doesn’t flip up or rattle against the deck surface even at high speeds.

4 CHP DurX self-cooling motor

  • When buying a car, we know engine size matters. Similarly with a treadmill, the motor is the engine that drives the machine — and the 4CHP motor in the 2450 does not disappoint. The 4HP on the 2450 enables the machine to ramp up speed and hold a constant, steady pace. It also easily jumps between speeds for interval training. The self-cooling feature is designed to keep the motor from overheating during heavy training or multiple users. The motor performed well when I challenged it with multiple speed and incline adjustments. I didn’t lag during speed segments or slow down when adjusting incline.


The console on the 2450 is my favorite feature! It is well-designed and functional for easy use. A few highlights:

14″ full-color LCD Touchscreen

    • I seriously love this 14″ full color HD touchscreen! One of the reasons running on a treadmill can seem monotonous is because — unlike outside where you interact with the world around you — on a treadmill, it’s just step after step on the track. The 2450 provides the perfect solution with a great screen and impressive graphics. By comparison, the NordicTrack 1750, ProForm 9000 and Sole F85 all only have a 10” screen. I ran on the 1750 to compare and let me tell you, those four inches make a big difference!


  • The screen is perfectly lit — not too bright not too dim. I honestly felt like I was on the road as I ran along. An easy-to-read display bar at the top keeps track of calories, distance, incline, etc. You can toggle through several different display options on the bar and select those most important to you. In all, I found the screen to be one of my favorite components on this treadmill.

Console Layout

  • With Quick Controls for both incline and speed, the console is easy to navigate. Additionally, manual buttons and +,- are located just beneath the fans at thumb height. A safety key is also well-positioned at the base of the console. Two large cup holders flank the screen on both sides. Console layout has an impact on the overall functionality of any treadmill. If quick buttons or other controls are hard to find or hard to read, it can limit how well you are able to use your machine. I found the design of the 2450 console to be intuitive and easy to navigate.


  • Dual 3” fans situated below the screen provide a nice breeze. With four power settings, you can select a suitable air flow for your workout. I found the fans to not only be properly situated, they were not overly noisy even when run on high.

Extra Storage Capacity

  • An integrated storage tray sits just below the console that features another five pockets. This is a handy and unusual feature on a treadmill — I didn’t find extra storage on any of the comp models. While it hovers just below the console and above the deck, the positioning was not a problem — it didn’t get in the way of my stride even when at an incline or full speed. The compartments are nice to hold phone, keys, a snack, or any other necessity during your workout.


Overall Performance

  • Running on the 2450 feels smooth and sleek! The features work cohesively to provide a solid, cushioned run. Whether climbing a steep grade, doing intervals, or wandering along the French coast via an iFit route, I enjoyed every minute on the 2450.

+15% Incline to -3% Decline range

    • We found the incline/decline settings on the 2450 to be steady and responsive. Seriously, that 15% grade is steep! Trying running there for a full minute! When moving from a 5% grade to a 15% grade, the deck lifts at just the right speed — you don’t have to wait either. We tested incline and decline adjustments with manual controls and also used the automated settings in iFit — both were equally smooth and steady.


    • There are several benefits to a wide incline/decline range. Varying the height of the track allows runners to engage different muscle groups. When working on an incline, you engage glute and hamstring muscles to offset quad dominance. Working a gentle decline is great for downhill training, strengthening the knees and quads, and active recovery after a hard workout.


    • The Incline options support varied training. If you are training for a hilly marathon course, you need a treadmill that can help you train in real-world conditions. The 2450 does this nicely with smooth adjustments and lots of variability.


  • Positioning: Be aware, when level at 0%, the treadmill deck sits 10” off the ground. When declined below 0%, it drops below that (so keep toys and stuff out from under the treadmill). When fully inclined at 15%, the top of the deck pivots to 17” off the ground. You will need an extra two-feet of overhead space to provide room for yourself while running on an incline. If you plan to put your treadmill in a small room or garage, check for low ceilings. I’d recommend 8’ ceiling clearance to be safe.

Subscription Options: iFit free for 1st year

    • In addition to the treadmill, iFit compatible apps can be downloaded to your tablet, phone or mobile device. You can access off-the-treadmill classes anytime. You can also log in via any computer or compatible device and look at workout options to schedule for later. If a route looks interesting, just hit “join” and it will appear in your calendar when you get on the treadmill. The diversity of options is useful to varying your training.


    • I was impressed with the classes and instructors on iFit. They have selected motivating, interesting trainers to help you in your workout.


    • Classes are filmed with actual participants so you feel like you are part of a group. Recently, I did was a 30-minute interval class (I like to go hard and fast). The time flew by! The treadmill automatically adjusts incline and speed so you can run hands-free. I also enjoyed an outdoor Sedonia run through the red hills of Arizona. I followed virtually as a trainer navigated the route, guiding with helpful tips and pointers as we went along.


  • Added variability: One of the benefits of having so many training options (16,000 different workouts is a lot), is that you can integrate variability into your training without having to go to a gym. You can easily incorporate drills such as rolling hills, intervals, speed, steep grades, etc. Additionally, with added strength training options, you can strengthen antagonist muscles to offset muscular imbalances inherent to running. Yoga and stretching help keep you flexible and strong to avoid that dreaded tight IT band. In my opinion, iFit is definitely worth the investment.

Quiet when in use

    • When running a fast pace: (8mph+) there is more impact on the deck and a bit more noise than when walking. However, I didn’t find the noise to be distracting. I could still easily hear the trainer and didn’t have to increase the volume of the speakers at any time. Other people in the room couldn’t detect a noise difference between any running speed (they could tell a slight difference between running and walking).


    • Running with the fan on high: There are three fan speeds so I set it to high and ran hard for five minutes. Once again, even with the fan running and a quick pace, I didn’t find the noise to be annoying. I didn’t have to increase the speaker volume, so even on high, the fans are useful and not too loud.


    • Running with Cushion On/Cushion Off: The cushioning feature on the tread deck allows for more flex (on) and less flex (off). I wanted to see if there is a noise difference between settings. I could feel more impact when the cushioning was turned off — so it felt like I was generating more noise — however, other people in the room couldn’t tell a difference in volume when the cushioning was on or off.


  • Difference in impact noise at incline/decline: I tilted the deck all the way up to a 15% grade and ran (as fast as I could). There was little to no impact noise. When I dropped it to -3% grade there was a bit more impact noise simply because my feet had further to go, but the difference was minimal.

50 Pre-programmed workouts

    • I was impressed with the onboard programs. If you select a pre-loaded route, actual pictures of the landscape move as you run along and the incline adjusts for you. You can also select graph-based Calorie Burn / Incline / Interval / Fat Burn workouts.


    • A white display bar at the top of the screen provides a readout of incline, speed, time, distance and calories burned. You can adjust these options to show the stats that matter to you.


    • Manual option: For the minimalists out there who just want to set a speed and run — you can easily skip the preset programs. When in manual mode, the screen displays a white track to give you an idea of lap speed and distance. The white display bar stays at the top of the screen. This simple mode doesn’t have accompanying audio, so it works great to keep track of your stats while you listen to a podcast or music.


  • Onboard Programs are beneficial: While iFit is a definite perk, if you don’t extend your membership past that first year, rest assured that the onboard training programs are useful and interesting with helpful stats to motivate your training.

Storage/Folding with EasyLift Assist

    • The 2450 folds up and locks securely. A huge plus!


    • Folding it is simple: Just grab the bar at the base of the deck and lift. I easily managed with one hand. Once locked in place, the treadmill is stable so it won’t easily tip over and shouldn’t accidentally come unlatched.


    • How to unlock: The locking bar on the underside of the deck has to be pressed with some force to get it to unlatch, so children or pets should not be able to accidentally unlock it or knock it over. When ready to use, unlocking it is easy, you just grab the bar at the base of the deck, press the release bar with your foot, and it will gently unfold on its own using a built-in hydraulic system.


  • Note: the treadmill must be fully declined to 0% to fold up.

Items of Note

The 2450 folds up easily and has wheels on the bottom, so you can roll it if needed. However, if you are a small person, moving it can be a bit of a challenge because you have to hold the bar at the top of the deck and pivot the machine towards you so it rests back on its wheels. Once I moved it around a bit I knew what to expect — but check first to make sure your floors are clear and watch for long-nap carpet that could snag. Also, make sure to measure for both lateral space and overhead clearance when deciding on the 2450.

The 2450 does not include a heart-rate chest strap but you can purchase one from NordicTrack. There are EKG heart rate sensors on the front bar that are easy to grab.

Bottom Line: Best Buy for 2020

The 2020 NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is a Best Buy Treadmill. It is solid, stable, interactive, and the cushioned deck makes running enjoyable. It folds up and locks in place when not in use which is a benefit for a treadmill this size. Like comparable NordicTrack treadmills, the accompanying feature of iFit enhances the value and interactivity. The 14” display screen is definitely a plus. The 2450 is a well-built machine and we highly recommend it as a great option for any in-home user.