Sole E95s Elliptical Review – 2023

Kristen Nelson

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Last Updated: May 1, 2023
The E95S is a quality elliptical with adjustable stride length, a 38mm steel frame, and weight capacity of 400 pounds. This elliptical is a step up from the E95 with a slightly higher price tag, but you get a lot of added functionality.

Sole E95s elliptical review 2023

The E95S is a front-drive trainer which means the 30-pound flywheel is at the front of the machine. The E95S is designed for heavier, more frequent use than the E95 and features an impressive lifetime warranty on the frame. The many adjustable features help support various size users. You get power adjustable stride length from 18” to 24”, and multi-position handles. 10 onboard programs come standard on the E95S, and the included chest strap syncs directly to the console to support the two customizable heart rate programs for zone or heart rate training. The 10” LCD display has large, easy to read numbers and there are both stationary handles with heart rate sensors and motiving handles with several grip options. We are impressed with the design and solid frame on the E95S.

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Who it’s For: Users looking for a quality elliptical with adjustable foot stride and 20 levels of incline

The Sole E95s is good for users who are looking for:

  • Excellent low impact training on a smooth elliptical with upgrades throughout
  • Multi-position, moving handlebars allow users to train upper body muscles as well
  • Multi-function screen with several preloaded workouts
  • A dedicated workout space — this is a large machine that does not fold up
  • A quiet elliptical with a front-mounted flywheel which reduces the overall footprint
  • This machine has several adjustable settings so it works well for users of all sizes
  • This is an upgraded model from the ever-popular E95 with a few added features for both comfort and quality.
  • The 400lb weight capacity is impressive and should suit the needs of most users
  • The 24” max stride length provides more motion for tall users
  • We love the 30 pound front-mounted flywheel! This provides a smooth motion throughout the pedal stroke.
  • Easy step up height of just 14”
  • Upgrades do add a bit to the cost
  • Does not fold up

  • 30lb flywheel
    • This 30 pound flywheel is impressive! The front-mounted flywheel is heavy enough to support a fluid motion with no heaviness on the back end of the stroke.
  • Forward and reverse functionality
    • The foot pedals rotate both forward and backwards so you can activate different muscle groups and mix up your routine.
  • Max user weight: 400lbs
    • This is another exceptional feature on the E95S. Users of all weights and sizes can enjoy the E95S with its impressive weight capacity!
  • Workout Display: 10″ LCD White Back-lit
    • The workout display is backlit so you can still see it in low light. This isn’t a touchscreen, but raised tactile buttons on the console are easy to see and use.
  • 24” Max stride length
    • Again, this is an impressive stride length, especially since this is a hybrid machine. A full 24” should give plenty of space for that foot motion throughout the pedal stroke.
  • Chest Strap Included
    • The chest strap will sync with the display to run calibrated HR programs. Heart rate sensors on the handlebars also pair with the display.
  • Lifetime Frame
    • The lifetime warranty on the E95S frame reinforces the fact that this is a quality machine. You also get a 5 year warranty on electronics and parts.


  • Footprint: 70” H x 84” L x 32” W
  • Step-up height: 14”
  • Pedal size: 15”
  • 30lb flywheel
  • Whisper Quiet Front Drive System
  • Forward and reverse functionality
  • Steel frame
  • Cushioned Foot pedals with 3 pedal positions
  • Max user weight: 400lbs


  • Cooling Fans
  • Workout Display: 10″ LCD White Back-lit
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers
  • USB Port
  • Integrated Tablet Holder


  • 24” Max stride length
  • ECB resistance
  • Standard Programs: 6
  • Custom Programs: 2
  • Heart Programs: 2
  • Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible
  • Chest Strap Included


  • Lifetime Frame
  • 5 Years Electronics
  • 5 Years Parts
  • 2 Years Labor


The Sole E95 has many impressive features that make it an excellent elliptical machine. The adjustable stride length allows users of all sizes and gaits to exercise comfortably on the E95S. Increased weight capacity and a heavier flywheel round out the package to give you some impressive features. The E95s has a higher price tag than other ellipticals, but we feel you get a lot for your money here. The stability of the frame makes a big difference since we find many of the lower priced ellipticals have a tendency to rock when in use.

Sole E95s Elliptical

In-depth Review of Sole E95s Elliptical


Sole E95s elliptical frame


The E95s frame has a few upgraded features you can see just by looking at it. For example, this elliptical has an upright design with a front-mounted flywheel. The front position keeps the footprint of the E95s a bit smaller with all the weight localized on the front end which enhances stability. The frame does not fold up, but there are wheels on the front stabilizer so you can lift and roll it if needed (be aware though, this is a heavy machine and not easy to lift). The frame is grounded on three stabilizers, with one at the front, center and rear of the machine. Each stabilizer beam has leveling feet beneath it to keep the E95s balanced and centered on your floor which prevents rocking and wobble side to side.

There is also a double track system under the pedals. Most ellipticals have a single track system, but the double bars add more stability, strength, and allow for a higher weight capacity on the E95s.

The frame is a heavy gauge steel that is reinforced throughout with smooth welding and seamless joints. You can see the handlebars connect directly to the foot pedals for a fluid synchronized motion between hands and feet. The multi position handlebars also allow for several different grip positions.


The foot pedals have several upgraded features as well. As you can see, the surface of the pedal is gently textured with a contoured edge to hold your foot on without slipping off the side or front. The pedals are oversized and should support any size athletic shoe.

Another unique feature on the E95s is each pedal has a two-degree inward slope which reduces ankle and knee stress common on elliptical machines. There is also an adjustable leveling feature that allows you to find the right angle for your stride. The pedals can be adjusted to articulate as necessary which reduces the incidence of numb toes and sore Achilles tendons that may result from improper foot alignment in the pedal.

Stride Length: 18” – 24”
Sole E95s stride length

In addition to the articulation adjustment, the E95s pedals also can be lengthened or shortened to match your stride length. These pedals will extend to match a stride length from 18” up to 24” and can be adjusted via a power button so each user can find the right setting. Different lengths will also target different muscle groups, so you can engage hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads with different settings. The adjustable stride length is nice, and being able to adjust it via a power button is extremely helpful.


SOle E95s handlebars
The E95s has both static handlebars with heart rate sensors and multi-position moving handlebars that move in line with the pedals. The static handlebars sit below the console and are attached to the main frame. These are stationary and do not move. They provide a nice hand-hold for getting on and off the machine. We’ve used other ellipticals that do not have stationary handlebars, and it can be difficult to get on and off the machine safely when there aren’t any solid handlebars to grab onto. We like the fact that Sole includes both these stationary handles as well as moving ones.

The multi-position handlebars that move in line with the pedals have several grip positions. These bars form an elongated semi-circle that provides two vertical and two horizontal positions. There are also buttons on these handlebars for adjusting the stride length on the pedals. The moving handles are angled up to provide a vertical grip so you can keep your wrists, elbows and shoulders in alignment while in use. A spongy grip material adds a bit of cushion to the steel beam bars.


The E95s uses magnetic resistance to increase the challenge as you work. Magnetic resistance is quiet and smooth. Magnets adjacent to the flywheel oppose the wheel’s rotation to create resistance. There is no friction which reduces both noise and wear on the flywheel.



Sole E95s console
10” Screen
The color LCD screen sits in the center of the console for easy visibility. There is a tablet ledge just below the screen where you can set a phone or tablet, however, setting a large device here will block the screen. At the top of the console there are two speakers and a fan. The fan isn’t super powerful and doesn’t provide much air flow, but it’s better than nothing.

Below the main console the button panel allows users to select a program and input user data. Two large buttons on either side adjust incline and resistance levels. There is also an AUX input port so you can plug your phone in and play your music through the console speakers if desired. A headphone jack is present for outgoing volume.

The screen is backlit and easy to see in both bright light and low light conditions. It is intuitive and relatively easy to use. We’ve seen equipment with more tech in the console but one nice thing about the Sole E95s is it doesn’t require or rely on the internet. You can simply plug in your machine and begin to exercise. If you place this in a garage or attic where internet reception is spotty, it won’t affect the functionality of the machine. Some users love all the updated tech, but for those who want simple quality, the E95s is a good option.

Console Features

As mentioned, there is a fan at the top of the console. We wouldn’t recommend relying on this for much air flow though.

Tablet Holder
There is a lip beneath the screen that will hold a tablet or phone, but the Sole E95s also comes with an adjustable tablet holder that lifts out of the top of the console. This is especially helpful since the console itself doesn’t use WiFi. You can watch your favorite show or read a book on your personal device while you workout without having to navigate a touchscreen console.

The E95s is Bluetooth enabled so you can sync your phone with the machine and play music through the speakers.

Bluetooth functionality also allows users to transfer workout data from the E95s to their personal smart device. Sole offers a free Sole App, or you can upload your data to any number of fitness apps, such as: Fitbit, Record, Mapmyrun, and Apple Health.

USB Port
A USB port on the side of the console allows you to charge your personal device while using it on the E95s.

Noise Level

Since it uses magnetic resistance, the E95smakes very little noise. The pedals glide smoothly and the handles are attached in such a way that you can exercise without disturbing those around you. The motor makes a bit of noise when inclining or declining, but this is subtle and limited to those times when you are adjusting the tilt.

Storage / Folding

The E95s does not fold. It has a rather compact footprint for an elliptical thanks to the front drive design. Wheels on the front stabilizer allow it to be lifted and rolled when needed. We do recommend having two people or at least one strong person lift and roll the machine. It is large and difficult to lift, so we don’t recommend moving it often. The E95s will work fine on an upper floor. If you plan to use it upstairs, we also recommend assembling it in the room you plan to use it. It’s easier to move in the original box than once it’s all assembled.

10 Preloaded workouts

Pre-programmed workouts

There are 6 pre programmed workouts on the machine that will guide you through various intensities and resistance. These include:

  • 6 Standard Programs
  • 2 Custom Programs
  • 2 Heart Programs

No Subscription Content

While Sole does have the Sole App, this is simply a way to store your workouts and information, but the app does not provide any online or streaming content. The E95s is designed to be fully inclusive so it does not rely on internet or an ongoing subscription model for classes and videos. The screen is relatively simple compared to other fitness equipment. If you are interested in high-tech options with all the bells and whistles, the E95s is not going to fulfill your expectations. However, if you like a machine that is easy to use, with simple, understandable programs that don’t require internet, then this is a good option for you.

Sole E95s Elliptical

Bottom Line:

The Sole E95s is one of Sole’s top of the line ellipticals. This hearty machine has a front mounted flywheel, compact footprint, adjustable pedals and stride length, and magnetic resistance. The multi-position handlebars move with the pedals for a fluid full-body workout. We love the power adjustable pedals that allow users to both find the right stride length and accentuate different muscle groups as desired. The dual track system under the pedals is also a useful upgrade. The flywheel weighs 30 pounds which provides both stability and enables a smooth elliptical stroke. Users can push, pull and use their legs to develop both cardio and strength training. The console has a backlit LCD screen that is easy to use and see. We love the addition of an adjustable tablet holder that lifts out of the top of the console as well. Bluetooth functionality also allows users to upload data to their personal fitness app for storage. The stationary handlebars have heart rate sensors that will display your heart rate on the console screen. We find the E95s to be a durable, stable, and fun piece of equipment that provides a full body workout in the comfort of your own home.