Safely Exercising During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

March 10, 2018
  • Sydney Kaiser
    Product Reviewer, Content Writer, Certified Personal Trainer

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Being pregnant, especially entering the third trimester, can be hard on a woman’s body. During the third trimester, the baby is at its largest and is far more active, which can be both magical and incredibly uncomfortable for the mother. However, if the pregnant mother hasn’t been consistently exercising during the first and second trimester, there can be a good deal of physical discomfort.

For your safety, Treadmill Guru does recommend you talk to your doctor about any course of exercise you are considering during your third trimester. To give you ideas of what exercises you may want to discuss, below are some safe exercises for the third trimester of your pregnancy.

What Is The Third Trimester And Why Exercise?

The third trimester consists of the last 3 months, which lead to the baby growing fully and is almost ready to come out of the mother’s womb. This period is considered as the most important period in the pregnancy as it is when the woman can gain a lot of weight.

This weight gain and change in how the baby is being carried, which puts a lot of pressure on the lower back, joints, and can leave the pregnant mother constantly sore and tired. Engaging in the right exercises can help alleviate these problems as well as boost overall energy level throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

Exercises For The Third Trimester

Having a little exercise during the third trimester will be helpful and essential in boosting what is already a healthy baby. Here are some of the ways you can exercise in a safe manner and make your last trimester easier.

  • Walking

Walking is considered one of the easiest exercises that one can do as it requires minimal effort and is low impact. This type of exercise can be done easily at home on a treadmill with good cushioning, making it easy on a pregnant woman to access the exercise and stay safe, rather than going to a crowded, germ-filled gym.

  • Jogging & Running

Women in their third trimester should approach jogging and running with caution. If you have been jogging and running during the rest of your pregnancy, you may be in the right condition to push your body that way. However, it is best that you consult with your doctor, as there may be complications during your pregnancy that prevents you from engaging in this higher impact exercise.

If you are able to keep jogging and running, you can keep your legs and lower core stronger, which can assist with your balance and help release positive neurochemicals to keep your spirits up.

  • Swimming & Water Aerobics

Swimming is another popular activity women can enjoy during their third trimester as it can assist in reducing aches and pains in the body as the water takes the pressure off of tired joints. Also, swimming can help prevent overheating, which many women struggle with during the last three months of pregnancy.

But if paddling around or lap swimming isn’t what you are interested in, water aerobics is a good option.

  • Yoga, Pilates, and Barre

There are various exercises which have a low impact measure on the body such as yoga, pilates, and barre, they help to target certain muscle groups in the body, helping one to feel fit and strong when they are getting ready for birth.

Also, these classes are customizable meaning that one is able to attend these classes based on their routine. They also help in easing certain symptoms such as anxiety and depression, which are encountered usually during the end of the pregnancy period. In many cases, taking these classes can help pregnant women improve their moods.

  • Toning the body

Doing heavy weight lifting and stressful exercises during this period can affect or impact the body in a very big way, so it is best to focus instead on toning certain areas of the body such as glutes or even the hips and thighs. Doing simple bodyweight exercises is something that you can tailor to your level of comfort and how your baby is positioned, all while toning up and building strength.

  • Eat healthily

Last but not least, pregnant women should continue to focus on eating healthy to supplement the exercise that they are doing to enhance the body so that it helps them to gain that much amount of energy which is required for the pregnancy. Also eating healthy food helps the baby finish their development with the best nutrients and energy.

For your convenience, we have also provided the third trimester infographic below, which contains various points and advice to keep your body healthy during pregnancy.

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Why Perform Exercises During Third Trimester?

Exercise is a must for pregnant women, as is helps pregnant women enjoy the best possible health benefits, which include cardiovascular fitness, weight control, and other benefits. Usually, exercises with moderate intensity are recommended during the third trimester. However, there are women who go for vigorous activities, and that is possible only with the permission of the doctor.

Moreover, the developing baby takes up most of the mom’s energy, especially in the last three months of pregnancy. So, it is vital for the mom to be tough enough to provide energy and nutrients for her baby and still be able to push through the pressure and pain of the rapidly approaching childbirth. Regularly exercising can bring that level of toughness to the delivery room.

Also, during pregnancy, the joints become loose in preparation for the birth of the child, making balancing properly difficult. Exercises keep the connections between the bones stable, which helps to prevent injuries.

Exercise Throughout Your Pregnancy Is Worth It

Though the third and final trimester of pregnancy can be considered as the most exciting time of pregnancy, it can also be the toughest physically. With walking, yoga, swimming, and simple bodyweight exercises, pregnant women can be better prepared for the strain of the last trimester and stress of labor.

However, always check with your doctor before engaging in any course of exercise while pregnant, as they will have advice on how to tailor your workouts to suit you and your developing baby’s needs.