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Are you still searching for the best treadmill which will make your fitness plans a reality? Now getting fit and being more active can be a lot easier with the Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 treadmill, which is a cut above the others of its kind. While reading this, you may find yourself a bit uncertain related to buying or not this treadmill. But not to worry! Treadmill Guru is here to help you see if the price is justifiable as compared to numerous perks offered by this home treadmill.

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Horizon Elite T7-02 is equipped with a good 3.0 CHP motor, which together with the frame, comes with a lifetime warranty. This treadmill has 42 built-in workout programs and is designed for both walkers as well as runners as it provides its users with a speed range that goes from 0.5 to 12 MPH. The Elite T7-02 treadmill also offers an incline range that goes from 0 to 15%, giving this treadmill’s users the opportunity to enhance their metabolic rate and to build up their muscles as the extra resistance from added incline kicks in.

Now to quench your curiosity about the overall size of this treadmill, this machine’s dimensions are 77” long, 35” wide, and 60” tall. With these dimensions, this treadmill has a good-sized running belt that measures 60″ long and 20″ wide, with built-in Variable Response Cushioning to absorb harmful impact shock with every step for a more powerful toe-off and to avoid possible injuries.

The Elite T7-02 treadmill also does fold up to help you save on space. When in the folded position, this machine measures 44” long, 35” wide, and 69” tall. It is also equipped with FeatherLight folding, which allows you to easily fold up the treadmill deck and unfold it.

One of the best parts—if you are looking for a treadmill with a high engagement factor—comes with the fact that its designers of the Elite T7-02 treadmill have really paid attention and importance to entertaining and technological features.

For one thing, let’s mention the ViaFit Connect, which you can use to connect your smartphone to treadmill’s console in order to track your workout data. Then, there is the Passport system, which provides you with the ability to virtually experience beautiful scenery and feel like you are actually running outside in the displayed places. Lastly, this treadmill has an adequate entertainment system comprising of two large speakers and an auxiliary port where you can connect your audio entertainment.

There are far more features and other aspects of the Horizon Elite T7-02 treadmill to discuss, so we invite you to continue to read this review so that you can see if this treadmill is the right one for you.

  • This treadmill can easily be folded & stored after use with the help of FeatherLight folding technology.
  • Wide variety of built-in workout programs.
  • Polar wireless chest strap included, which you can use to monitor your heart rate accurately.
  • Variable Response Cushioning is in the deck to offer you a more comfortable and soft walking, jogging, or running experience.
  • It is Passport Ready, which means that you can experience an enjoyable virtual training by watching videos of different places around the world.
  • You can listen to music while working out with the help of the built-in sound system.
  • Plenty of running track with an area of 60″ long and 20 wide running belt.
  • An energy-saving feature which makes it go into power saving mode 15 minutes after you stop using it.
  • Additional features like two beverage holders and a fan to keep you cool while you are working out on the treadmill are included.
  • The Elite T7 treadmill can accommodate a maximum user weight of 350 lbs or 158.75 kg, which is more than many treadmills even at this price point offer.

  • Learning the button controls can take time to adjust to how they are laid out compared to your standard treadmill.
  • Horizon Fitness has told us that they have drastically improved their customer service from the recent issues that were reported by customers, but we still would like to make note that it historically wasn’t the best.
  • More plastic parts than we like to see in a treadmill at this price point.

  • Effortless Hydraulic Folding System

One of the standout characteristics of Elite T7-02 is the ease it offers in the folding process. And the best of this folding ability is that it really reduces this treadmill’s dimensions, making it appropriate for smaller spaces and homes. After folding, its length goes to 44”, which is a much more manageable length to work around.

  • Good 3.0 CHP Motor

With a 3.0 CHP motor, users ranging from walkers to runners can feel confident using the Elite T7-02 treadmill. Also, the motor is equipped with low RPM, which helps to control the noise produced by this treadmill, making it a quieter treadmill. With this lower RPM, it also adds the benefit of enhanced durability, which is one of the reasons Horizon have covered the motor with a lifetime warranty.

  • Variety of Programs

The Elite T7-02 treadmill contains 42 built-in programs, accessible from the treadmill console. These programs can help you reach your fitness goals as you use this machine. Forty of the built-in programs are targeted specifically towards calorie burning, distance, interval, performance, step goals, and there are 2 programs can be customized by the user.

The calorie category includes programs which will help you burn 100-900 calories depending on your aim. The distance programs provide a variety of distance targets starting from 1 mile and 12 other distances up to a half marathon. Performance programs include 3 incline levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In this category, you can walk, run, and do hill training.

Steps group program, as the name says, has to do with the number of steps you aim to take for the day and you can choose between 1000-10000 steps. Interval workouts are great for burning calories and test your endurance. Finally, there are 2 custom workout programs which allow the user to design a program by him/herself choosing the wanted speed and incline settings. Also, to help track your workouts, the Elite T7-02 provides 2 user profiles.

  • Display Screen

Another prominent feature included in the treadmill’s structure is the 8.5″ blue backlit LCD screen which displays your workout data in terms of speed, calorie burned, the time elapsed, pulse rate, incline, and distance covered.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

This Elite T7 treadmill by Horizon comes with a free add-on Polar wireless chest strap, which is one of the leading heart rate monitoring systems. Using it, you can monitor your heart rate accurately and is a far better option than using the hand grip sensors on cheaper treadmills.

  • Variable Response Cushioning

The Variable Response Cushioning system reduces the impact on your knees, back, and joints for a more powerful toe-off and comfortable workout. This cushioning provides three firmness levels beneath the track to give different amounts of flex for different points in your stride, providing a smart balance of firmness and impact absorption.

  • Wide Wide Running Belt

The running area is relatively generous with a 60” length and 20” width, though other treadmills in this price range measure 22” wide. Moreover, there is no need to wax the running track as integrated synthetic hard wax in the belt eliminates the need for routine lubrication.

  • ViaFit Connect

Using ViaFit Connect, you can keep track of your daily workout progress by connecting your smartphone to treadmill’s console through WiFi. You can also send your workout data to your favorite fitness apps and can share your progress with your friends.

  • Passport Videos

Through Passport videos, you get the ability to enjoy videos by connecting your treadmill to a TV over WiFi. The Passport videos are programmed in such a way that they change according to your running, walking, or jogging pace to provide you with the feeling like you are actually running out in those places.

You can run all over the world such as in Europe, North America, Death Valley in California, Rocky Mountains, Italy and many other places which will turn your running into fun and motivate you to exercise even more. However, the Passport system is an add-on and is not included with your purchase of the Elite T7-02 treadmill.

  • Sound System

This running machine gives you the possibility to enjoy your favorite tunes during workout with the help of the built-in sound system. You can connect through the aux port.

  • Warranty

When it comes to the price, the Elite T7-02 can be a piece of pricey fitness equipment, but Horizon does provide a lifetime warranty for the motor and the frame. Also, Elite T7-02 treadmill includes a 5-year warranty on parts and cushioning, as well as one year warranty on labor.

  • Motor: 3.0 CHP
  • Incline: 0% to 15%
  • Speed: 0.5-12 MPH
  • Dimensions: 77″ L x 35″ W x 60″ H
  • Folding: Yes
  • Running Area: 20″ W x 60″ L
  • Max. User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Treadmill Weight: 236 lbs


Now you must be thinking, “What do I benefit by spending my hard earned cash to buy this Elite T7-02 treadmill?” This is the question which concerns most of the people interested in purchasing a treadmill. As we all know, a treadmill was created to help people get away from their sedentary lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals as fast and easy as possible, which this treadmill works to provide.

First of all, Horizon Fitness Elite T7 treadmill offers numerous benefits which are worth the price. Its advanced features like energy saving mode which can help you save on your bills. This treadmill also comes with things like a good incline range of 0% to 15%, FeatherLight folding system, bright, backlit display screen, and much more.

Also, with Elite T7-02, you increase your likelihood of finding the workout which most suits your needs. Also, with the Passport virtual videos and your favorite workout music, you get the best of both worlds.

Final Verdict: Horizon Elite T7-02 Treadmill

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Even after reading this review, if you are still in two minds and hesitating in making the decision. We suggest reading this final verdict.

After looking at this treadmill, all we would say is that Horizon Elite T7-02 treadmill is a good treadmill that can be a great addition to your home gym. Since it comes with numerous built-in workout programs to help you in achieving your fitness goals, has a high speed range and a good amount of incline levels as well as a good running belt that makes it suitable for almost everyone.

Moreover, it comes with other advanced features which make this treadmill a good choice for many fitness enthusiasts. These features include; FeatherLight folding system, Variable Response Cushioning, Passport Video, ViaFit connect, Polar wireless chest strap, and a good sound system.

What We Like?

  • FFolding treadmill with FeatherLight technology.
  • Quiet and powerful motor.
  • Wide variety of built-in programs.
  • Higher speed limit & incline power.
  • Heart rate monitoring with 99.9% accuracy.
  • Variable response cushioning.
  • Passport video.
  • ViaFit Connect.
  • Spacious running belt.
  • Sound system provided.
  • Low maintenance.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Long warranty.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Customer Service
  • Many plastic parts
  • Controls learning curve


The Horizon Elite T7-02 treadmill was built to serve one for years to come. It’s a solid machine for anyone who wants to undertake consistent daily cardio at home, build stamina, tone muscles, or lose weight.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill Detailed Review (2020)
  • Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill


Horizon Elite T7 is equipped with a 2.75 CHP heavy duty motor which together with the frame comes with a lifetime warranty. This treadmill has 42 Built-in workout programs and is designed for both walkers as well as runners as it provides consumers with a speed range from 0.5 to 12 mph. It offers incline range from 0 to 15% giving consumers the opportunity to enhance their metabolic rate and to build up the muscles. Elite T7 by Horizon Fitness is build to serve one for decades to come. It’s a perfect machine for anyone who wants to undertake a consistent daily cardio at home, build stamina, tone muscles or lose weight. Believe me!, Just try it and you won’t be disappointed.

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