Best Quietest Treadmills 2023 – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

Kristen Nelson

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Last Updated: January 19, 2023

Part of what drives people to workout at home is to escape the noise of a commercial gym, full of people chatting, answering phone calls, and the normal sounds of exercising. Rather than try and work out in this environment, it makes sense to enjoy running at home.

As most runners have experienced, there is a peaceful, almost meditative state that can be achieved while running. But if you choose a home treadmill that clanks or is loud, it can be tough to release your stress enough to reach that happy running place.

Also, if you have a noisy treadmill, it is almost guaranteed that your workouts will disturb other family members. Plenty of our readers are parents who are looking for ways to exercise at home so that they don’t have to find childcare for their young children and don’t want to disrupt naptime. Well, Treadmill Guru is here to tell you that it is entirely possible to find the best quiet treadmill.

While there are hundreds—if not thousands—of treadmills available, we have sorted through these treadmills and have a list of ten of 2023’s quietest treadmills for you to choose from.

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Quietest Treadmills – Our Top Recommendations For 2023

Why You Should Trust Us

At Treadmill Review Guru, we’re here to test out treadmills and provide you with our experience using them. We know that noise is a huge factor to consider when buying a treadmill for your home whether you’re in a shared space or not. A treadmill that makes an excessive amount of noise can interrupt your workout and even ruin it entirely.

When you’re ready to order your new treadmill, we want you to feel confident that your treadmill will be high in quality as well as quiet. You can trust that we’ve taken each of these treadmills through our in-depth process above and determined that these are the quietest treadmills that we’ve tested.

Sneak Peak Of Quietest Treadmills:

Quiet Treadmills – Our Top Recommendations

1. NordicTrack X22i Incline Treadmill

Best Quietest Treadmill Overall - Nordictrack X22i Incline Treadmill

The NordicTrack x22i incline trainer is the quietest treadmill on our list. It has a steel frame, solid uprights and a very shock absorbent deck which reduces overall noise output. The x22i has a 4.0 horsepower motor which is both powerful and quiet and will support intense running as well as walking.

The NordicTrack X22i is also at the top of our list of best treadmills overall.

We measured the following decibel levels on the NordicTrack x22:

  • 66 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 67 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 71 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 73 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

Incline trainers lift higher than standard treadmills, so the x22i inclines to a 40% grade and declines to a -6%. Incline training is more challenging and allows users to either run or walk on an incline for a higher calorie burn with more posterior engagement. We love that the incline training feature allows users to stay low impact. If you are a person who has mobility limitations or joint issues, you don’t have to run to get a good workout on the NordicTrack x22i.

I absolutely love the 22” touchscreen on the x22i! NordicTrack’s subscription program, iFit, is included free for the first month so you can try it out without having to pay at first. iFit has over 16,000 classes both indoor and outdoor with routes all over the world. Since the x22i has extended cushioning in the deck, it gently descends with each step.

The NordicTrack x22i does not fold, so it has a firmer frame and is heavier than a folding treadmill. This increases stability and reduces noise output. However, this machine is large and doesn’t fold up — so if size is also a consideration, make sure to look at the folding treadmills listed below.

  • Extensive Reflex Cushioning in the deck helps absorb much of the impact noise
  • Belt and motor are nearly silent
  • Large rollers and 2-ply belt make the surface feel comfortable underfoot
  • Impressive 22” touchscreen is easy to see and use
  • Has multiple handlebars to target different muscles as you run/walk
  • Large, easy to use buttons for speed and incline
  • 4.0HP Commercial Motor
  • Has a large 22’ wide and 60” long belt
  • Will sync with Bluetooth headphones

  • Has a large footprint and is heavy
  • Doesn’t fold up – requires a dedicated space

For more information, read our“full review of the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer.”

2. NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill


The 1750 is one of NordicTrack’s most popular treadmills. It has the right balance of features like a 14” touchscreen, cushioned folding deck, full library of iFit content, and a great price. This treadmill is also impressively quiet when in use. While all treadmills create just a bit of noise, the 1750 has the same general construction as the 2450, so it rivals these high-ranking treads as another quiet option that is slightly less expensive.

We measured the following decibel levels on the NordicTrack 1750:

  • 69 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 73 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 80 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 84 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

We were impressed with the fact that the noise output on the NordicTrack 1750 was very consistent. We only detected a 4 decibel increase at each level when we cranked up the speed. Unlike other treadmills that are very quiet as long as no one is on them, we didn’t notice a huge increase in noise output when we walked on the 1750. The 3.5 horsepower motor operates smoothly and the belt and rollers also help absorb much of the noise when you are on the treadmill.

Like its sister machines, the 1750 also inclines to 15% and declines to a -3% grade. This adds training options to your workout regimen. Your purchase of a 1750 treadmill also includes iFit free for the first month.

  • Deck cushioning is soft underfoot and helps absorb noise
  • Has a 3.5 hp motor that is smooth and quiet
  • Comes with iFit free for the first 30 days
  • Folds up and locks into place when not in use
  • Has a nicely powered fan with four settings
  • Inclines to 15% and declines to -3%

  • Slightly noisier than the 2450, but also more affordable
  • 14” touchscreen is not the largest

To learn more, click here for our full review of the “NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill.”

3. Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill


For the first time, the Horizon 7.8 AT has made our Quietest List and we are super impressed with the nearly silent motor. This treadmill is built with quality materials, from the heavy-duty steel frame to the thicker plastic that doesn’t vibrate and carry sound the way that other treadmills would.

We measured the following decibel levels on the Horizon 7.8 AT:

  • 65 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 71 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 73 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 76 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

Even at the highest speeds that the Horizon 7.8 AT treadmill can reach—ranging from 0.5 to 12 MPH—this treadmill won’t bother the neighbors or family members who are in the next room. The Horizon 7.8 AT has extensive deck cushioning, which assists in dampening sounds while protecting your joints from injuries due to the motions of walking and running.

The motor in the Horizon 7.8 AT is both powerful and quiet when operating. This commercial 4.0 CHP motor will power you through your workouts. The 7.8 AT also has preloaded programs that include hill work, calorie burn and even the Sprint 8 HIIT training program.

Also, as you shift between programs, use the speed and incline buttons, and select things on the touchscreen, you are giving an audible beep to help notify you that the Horizon 7.8 AT has received input from you.

  • Provides a wide variety of features for its price.
  • Exercise programs are built into the console.
  • The strong motor provides smooth workouts for users of all fitness levels.
  • Can support a user who weighs up to 350 lbs.
  • There is room to move on the 60” long by 22” wide treadmill belt.
  • Does not require a subscription

  • Fan isn’t super powerful
  • Console not as tech enhanced as the NordicTrack treadmills

Learn more by reading our “full review of the Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill.”

4. Sole F80 Treadmill


With a large weight limit, the Sole F80 treadmill is already impressive in its ability to accommodate users who weigh up to 375 lbs. Users who are around this weight and lower can enjoy the fact that the durable F80 remains quiet even when operating under a high load.

We measured the following decibel levels on the Sole F80:

  • 67 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 72 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 75 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 80 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

A hallmark of Sole treadmills helps to reduce the sound produced by the F80. As Sole treadmills are welded together, there are fewer parts that need connecting with bolts. With fewer bolted sections, the F80 is able to stay quieter and not vibrate noisy bits of metal.

Along with the solid frame that comes with the Sole F80, you have a solid 3.5 CHP motor under the hood of this treadmill. While some of the budget Sole models can acquire a whine when ran at the higher speeds, the F80’s powerful motor runs evenly without any annoying sounds to break into the even hum of the running motor.

With the rest of these sound-dampening treadmill features, the F80 also comes with Cushion Flex Whisper Deck cushioning built into it, bringing both quietness and cushioning to your home. While it is not as soft as a deck where you can adjust the cushioning, with the cushioning on the Sole F80, you can reduce the impact your body takes up to 40% according to Sole.

There is also no extra noise when you change speeds or inclines on the F80, which is great since you have an incline range of 0% to 15% and a speed range of 0.5 to 12 MPH. The console does beep when you press buttons to choose one of the 10 built-in programs or changing the speed or incline. You may want to turn down the volume on the buttons so that you don’t get startled by a loud beep.

  • Chest strap included with F80 for heart rate monitoring.
  • A strong motor that operates quietly.
  • EasyAssist folding comes with the F80 to make it simpler to fold up this machine and save on space.
  • Has a wide treadmill belt of 22” in width and 60” in length.
  • The F80 has a top user weight of 375 lbs, far more generous than many treadmills.
  • Bluetooth speakers are built into the console of the F80.
  • Incline range goes from 0% to 15%.
  • The F80 has excellent warranty coverage.

  • Very heavy machine that can be tough to move.
  • Arm rails can be a bit on the short side.
  • Assembling the the F80 can be difficult.

For more about the Sole F80 treadmill, click here for our full review of the “Sole F80 treadmill.”

5. NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill


The NordicTrack 2450 treadmill is very close in specs to the 1750 treadmill only this one is slightly more expensive since it has a 22” touchscreen rather than a 14” touchscreen. The NordicTrack 2450 also has a 3.6 HP motor which is very smooth and quiet.

We registered the following decibel readings on the 2450 treadmill:

  • 69 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 73 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 77 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 82 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

Generally, you should hear nothing but your footsteps and the gentle hum of the motor when you workout on the NordicTrack 2450. This treadmill is ideal for indoor training as it provides both Runner’sFlex cushioning and a solid motor. The 2450 will fold up when you are finished using it making it an ideal option for serious runners with limited space.

This treadmill also comes with a commercial tread belt that measures 22” wide by 60” long. It also inclines to 15% and declines to -3% so you can train for both uphill and gentle downhill events. iFit is included free for the first month and this has an automation feature where the treadmill will automatically adjust as you move through the program. There is no need to manually adjust speed or incline yourself (unless you want to).

The NordicTrack 2450 is consistently one of our best treadmills for running because it offers great features at an affordable price and folds up when you are finished. This machine is also quieter and more cushioned than comparable models.

  • Affordable pricing for a quality machine.
  • Excellent for runners
  • Quiet 3.6 HP motor is powerful enough for long distances or multiple users
  • Has a 22” touchscreen and includes iFit free for the first month
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Has a full 22” wide by 60” long belt
  • One of the most popular treadmills due to balance of features, cushion, tech and price

  • Cushioning is not quite as extensive as the NordicTrack x22i.

For more information check out our “full review of the NordicTrack 2450 treadmill.”

6. Horizon T101 Treadmill


An entry-level treadmill that also operates quietly, the Horizon T101 treadmill is a great choice if you are on a budget but still want a quality treadmill. This treadmill is sturdy, which helps to reduce the sound the treadmill would make with vibrations when you workout. You may want to monthly tighten up the bolts on the T101 treadmill to ensure that they don’t work loose to make a bunch of noise as you exercise.

We measured the following decibel levels on the Horizon T101:

  • 68 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 71 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 78 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 83 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

Powering your workout, you have a 2.5 CHP motor that runs quietly. This compact motor is plenty strong enough to take you smoothly through the various incline levels on this treadmill, which range from 0% to 10%. You have a lot of variety when it comes to speed on the T101, as it can go up to 10 MPH, all without making much noise.

This treadmill also comes with cushioning, which helps protect you and dampen noise. As with all Horizon treadmills, the T101 treadmill comes with 3-Zone Variable Response cushioning. With this cushioning, there are three different zones of cushioning that are designed to provide the right amount of cushioning and rigidity depending where in your stride you strike the deck.

Funny enough, the fan on the T101 can be a bit louder than the motor, especially if you are walking. However, the sound isn’t enough to disturb anyone. And for when you aren’t worried about your treadmill noise levels, you can make use of the Bluetooth speakers.

Also, as you make your choices on the Horizon T101, whether you are choosing one of the many exercise programs or using the one-touch keys to switch speeds or inclines, be sure to turn down the button volume. The default setting is pretty loud, but you can turn it down so that the sound doesn’t bother you or anyone else.

  • Affordable pricing for a good quality machine.
  • The T101 has a decent motor that works well for walkers and joggers.
  • Has a max user weight of 300 lbs.
  • Can be easily folded up and moved since the T101 is a light treadmill.
  • Good warranty coverage comes with this machine.
  • There is a USB port available.
  • Bluetooth speakers provide easy connectivity and sound quality.

  • The Horizon T101 is not meant for serious runners and intense workouts.
  • The built-in fan is fairly weak.

Check out our “full review of the Horizon T101 treadmill.” to learn more.

7. Sole F63 Treadmill


The Sole F63 is one of the quietest treadmills under $1000. This sturdy treadmill supports running, jogging and walking. Sole treadmills are consistently impressive with both their low noise output and quality build. We like the Sole F63 and find it to be a great option for those with limited space who still want something durable with a simple console that doesn’t require a subscription.

We measured the following decibel levels on the Sole F63:

  • 70 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 72 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 76 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 84 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

The Sole F63 has an impressively quiet belt and motor. There is a bit more foot noise on this machine which raises the decibels just a bit, but you won’t hear clunky thudding or rough motor noise on this machine.

The console on the Sole F63 is simpler than on other models, there is no touchscreen and the programs don’t have any music background, so you won’t generate any superficial noise from the program itself on the F63. The buttons make a quick beep when you tap them, but otherwise there’s no noise on this machine unless you decide to play your music through the treadmill speakers.

  • Silent belt and motor
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
  • Incline and decline is practically silent
  • No noise on console from video content or music

  • Buttons make a quick beep when you tap them
  • Foot noise is a bit more noticeable on this treadmill but not much

For more information read our “full review of the Sole F63 treadmill.”

8. LifeSpan 5500i Treadmill

Most Powerful Compact Treadmill - LifeSpan TR5500i Treadmill

The LifeSpan 5500i is an ultra-quiet treadmill that is ideal for seniors or those who want something that is easy to get on and off, runs quietly in the background, and doesn’t have a lot of extra tech on the console.

We measured the following decibel levels on the LifeSpan 5500i:

  • 68 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 72 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 80 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 83 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

We are impressed with the quiet 5500i especially since this treadmill has the fastest top speed of any we’ve tested. You can go a whopping 13.5mph on this hearty treadmill! It also inclines and has several different dashboard displays. Users can choose not only the program but also the display screen that works best for them.

The LifeSpan 5500i has a 4.0 horsepower motor which functions silently as you walk or run on the belt. While it came in just a few decibels above some of the other machines on our list, when listening in a quiet place, you won’t be able to tell the difference between 3 or 4 decibels.

For those who enjoy walking on an incline, the 5500i inclines to 13% so you can walk or jog lightly and stay low impact. The cushioned deck also helps absorb some of the impact shock and noise.

If you are looking for a quiet treadmill that has a very clean, streamlined console that doesn’t require internet or a subscription, take a look at the LifeSpan 5500i folding treadmill.

  • Silent but powerful 4.0 horsepower motor
  • Large 2.5” rollers and 2-ply belt move quietly underfoot
  • 8 Compression shocks help absorb impact and noise
  • Supports up to 350 pounds of user weight
  • Folds up easily and locks into place
  • Has a 10” color display with several different screen options

  • Doesn’t have a touchscreen
  • Won’t show videos or 3rd party apps

Learn more about this treadmill by reading our “full review of the LifeSpan 5500i treadmill.”

9. LifeSpan TR2000e Treadmill

Best Treadmill For Seniors - LifeSpan TR2000e Treadmill

The LifeSpan TR2000e is a compact folding treadmill that’s also super quiet when you walk on it. This treadmill has an electronic folding feature so when you want to fold it up, all you have to do is hit the button and it will collapse on its own. To unfold, hit the same button and it opens again, no help needed from you. We are impressed with the features and motor power on this quiet, compact treadmill.

We measured the following decibel levels on the LifeSpan TR2000e:

  • 70 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 72 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 79 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 84 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

You can tell this treadmill has been carefully engineered. The deck sits low to the ground, so it’s easy to get on and off with a 8” step up height. The 2.5 horsepower motor also powers you smoothly through any walk or light jog. The 20” wide and 56” long belt provides plenty of room for a comfortable walking pace and the 8 compression shocks help absorb both impact and noise as well.

Like other machines, this treadmill inclines to 15% so you can use it for uphill training as well as just vary your walking regimen as desired. This is a particularly well-suited treadmill for seniors since it is small, quiet, and folds up on its own.

A simple console is easy to use. You get 17 preset programs and four custom programs including heart rate training. You’ll be impressed with the features, functions and minimal noise output from the LifeSpan TR2000e folding treadmill.

  • Affordable pricing for a good quality machine.
  • Has a quiet 2.5HP motor that works well for walkers and joggers.
  • eFold system folds up the treadmill with just the push of a button. You don’t have to lift or hold it.
  • Console is simple and easy to use
  • No subscription required
  • Tablet shelf to hold your device while you walk

  • Console may be too simple for some users
  • No subscription option

To learn more, read our “full review of the LifeSpan TR2000e treadmill.”

10. Life Fitness Run CX Treadmill

Best-Non-Folding-Treadmill-Life Fitness Run CX Treadmill)

The Life Fitness Run CX feels like a treadmill that you’d use in a public gym, even though it’s rated for home use. It’s also really quiet. The adaptable 3.0 HP motor has a 6.0 peak to better accommodate faster speeds and heavier use. The Run CX is a great option if you’re looking for a straightforward treadmill that is sturdy like commercial treadmills.

We measured the following decibel levels on the Life Fitness Run CX:

  • 67 Decibels: 3mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 71 Decibels: 3mph, with a person walking (3% grade)
  • 75 Decibels: 6mph, belt on only (3% grade)
  • 82 Decibels: 6mph, with a person running (3% grade)

This heavy, non-folding treadmill has a really low foot noise, so you don’t get so much thudding from your feet hitting the deck with every stride. The motor is really quiet as well. The deck has a low profile for easy on and off, and it goes up to 12 mph. The Run CX has a 15% incline for plenty of training variety. The FlexDeck provides shock absorption for your joints and the 22” by 60” deck gives you room for all kinds of training.

The Run CX has an impressive 400 lb weight capacity and comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and shock absorbers.

The console includes 15 onboard and 12 custom workouts, as well as multiple profiles so everyone in your house can use it. The console is simple and doesn’t require a subscription, making the Life Fitness Run CX perfect for those who want to hop on and get a lot of miles in.

  • This non-folding treadmill feels as hearty as commercial grade treadmills.
  • It has a quiet, adaptable motor and low foot noise when walking and running on the deck.
  • The 400 pound weight capacity is perfect for most users.
  • The deck and motor can handle a lot of use, making it perfect for runners and multi-user households.
  • It doesn’t require a subscription to access the onboard workouts.

  • The console is difficult to input data because of the streamlined design with limited buttons.
  • The console doesn’t have a built-in fan.
  • It’s heavy and hard to move.

Need help deciding what treadmill specs and features are important to you? Check out our treadmill buying guide.


As running and walking continue to be one of the most accessible forms of exercise, more and more people want to bring treadmills into their homes. However, not all treadmills are worth adding to your home gym, especially if they are too noisy for you to use without bothering both your own household and your neighbors.

This review of the Best Quietest Treadmills of 2023 was designed to help you cut through the confusion surrounding the countless treadmills that are currently available and help you make sure you have the right treadmill for your needs.

We have provided a short synopsis of the 10 quietest treadmills, and if you are interested in learning more about these individual treadmills, we highly encourage you to read the full review. That way, you can be sure your chosen treadmill has all the features you are looking for in your next piece of equipment so that you can feel happy with your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix a noisy treadmill?

If your treadmill is making noise, it could mean that something is wrong with it. Check to see if the belt is properly lubricated, free of debris, and properly tightened. You should make sure all the bolts are tight and that the motor is clean as well. Also, check to make sure that it is level by placing it on an even floor and adjusting the leveling feet so it’s anchored to the ground. This will also help if the treadmill is rocking.

We also highly suggest placing a rubber mat under your treadmill to help with noise and to keep your treadmill in place. Without a mat on hard floors, a treadmill can make more noise, and without a mat on the carpet can cause the fabric fibers to get into the motor. You can also use anti-vibration pads under your treadmill to cut down on noise output.

Is it ok to put a treadmill on the second floor?

Considering most treadmills weigh just a few hundred pounds, you should have no problem using it on the second floor in your home. A properly built floor should be able to support thousands of pounds.

The noise from your treadmill when you’re using might affect those below you though, so it’s important to consult with others who might be affected before placing your treadmill on the second floor.

Which treadmill is the quietest?

For the quietest treadmills for home use, we recommend all of these treadmills on this list. The NordicTrack x22i Incline Trainer and NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill are at the top of our list for being the most quiet.

Are treadmills quiet enough for apartments?

Depending on your lease agreement, your landlord might not allow you to use a treadmill in your apartment. If it is allowed, we recommend getting a quiet treadmill, using a rubber mat underneath it, and possibly consulting your neighbors. There are quiet treadmills out there, like the ones on this list, but they do make some noise. The noise will be amplified to neighbors below you if you aren’t on the first floor.

Best Quiet Treadmills Review 2023 By Fitness Experts
  • NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer
  • NordicTrack Commercial 1750
  • Horizon 7.8 AT
  • Sole F80
  • NordicTrack Commercial 2450
  • Horizon T101
  • Sole F63
  • LifeSpan 5500i
  • LifeSpan TR2000e
  • Life Fitness Run CX Treadmill


Finding a quiet treadmill for your home doesn’t have to be difficult when you rely on Treadmill Guru! With our extensive knowledge of treadmills and experience with a wide variety of treadmills, from ones that cost thousands to humble budget treadmills, Treadmill Guru has the insight into the world of treadmills that you need.

To ensure that you find the best, quietest treadmill that you can easily use at home, we have selected six treadmills. These treadmills come at a variety of price points and technology levels to help make sure that one of these treadmills will work for you and your lifestyle. That way, you don’t have to spend the time and money on a treadmill that isn’t right for you.

So, whenever you are looking for a new treadmill for your home, make sure that you come by Treadmill Guru to see what the best treadmills are and what you should be considering.