And Just Like That, Peloton Is In The News For “Sex and the City” Reboot Death

December 15, 2021
  • Sydney Kaiser
    Product Reviewer, Content Writer, Certified Personal Trainer

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Sex and the City reboot “And Just Like That”.

Chances are if you’re a fan of the show Sex and the City, or an avid Peloton member, you probably heard about the show and brand colliding over the past few days.

In the first episode of the “Sex and the City” reboot, “And Just Like That”, the main character Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest, Big, suffered a heart attack and died after taking a class on his Peloton Bike.

Fans of “Sex and the City” were shocked by his death, and Peloton was just as surprised apparently. Aware that the major fitness brand would be featured in the HBO Max show, Peloton didn’t know that they would be blamed for killing a major character.

Peloton’s Response

After the episode premiered on Thursday, December 9th, Suzanne Steinbaum, a member of Peloton’s Health and Wellness Advisory Council, released a statement to news outlets, including Buzzfeed News, in the company’s defense.

“I’m sure SATC fans, like me, are saddened by the news that Mr. Big dies of a heart attack. Mr. Big lived what many would call an extravagant lifestyle — including cocktails, cigars, and big steaks — and was at serious risk as he had a previous cardiac event in Season 6. These lifestyle choices and perhaps even his family history, which often is a significant factor, were the likely cause of his death. Riding his Peloton Bike may have even helped delay his cardiac event.”

By Sunday, December 12th, Peloton flipped the script and aired an ad of their own in response to the “And Just Like That” episode. The episode featured Chris Noth, the actor who portrays Big on “Sex and the City” and “And Just Like That”, as well as Peloton instructor, Jess King. Jess King played a fictional Peloton instructor named Allegra in the show’s episode.

Enter Ryan Reynolds

Peloton teamed up with Ryan Reynolds’ marketing company, Maximum Effort, to make the ad happen very quickly. The clip, which you can watch here, also features Reynolds’ voiceover which states: “And just like that, the world was reminded that regular cycling stimulates and improves your heart, lungs, and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cycling strengthens your heart muscles, lowers resting pulse, and reduces blood fat levels. He’s alive.”

Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to share the ad which now has been viewed over 1.1 million times and covered by several news outlets. Peloton’s brilliant response is definitely drowning out the negativity that originally surrounded them after the “And Just Like That” episode aired, and shifting the narrative to their favor.